Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 Budget Motherboard - Overview

In this video, Paul does a brief overview of the Gigabyte GA-AB350- Gaming 3 Motherboard. He goes through the different features, price, and accessories of the motherboard.

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  • Valdy Prawhesmara

    NiceWould you please make a video about this board BIOS ?

  • Adam Finn

    You sound like the villain in a kids movie

  • Shantanu Dhumal

    I want to use this with AMD Ryzen 5 1400 , But want to know whether I can use my old NVIDIA GEForce 9600 GT with this Board

  • SoLo Mid

    sorry its come with mounting ??

  • Artshenic Channel

    get CF but not SLI ...hemm

  • NecroVoid

    dont you love when reviews never say how many fans you can put? :D

  • Sonamor

    Was wondering if you have a GFX card over an M.2 SSD would the M.2 device overheat since its right under a hot GFX card (usually 60-70 C)?

  • Magic ***

    how do you change the rgb?

  • Renkai Wulf

    I picked one of these and a ryzen 5 1600 for 210$ from micro center yesterday, great price.

  • Mats

    Will this motherboard work well in combination with Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM @3000Mhz?

  • TriggerStar

    i have a ryzen 5 1600 NOT the x version. I was thinking of going with this motherboard. would the cooler that comes with the 1600 have any issues with this motherboard? as far as the stock bracket? PLEASE RESPOND

  • Suprit Sahai

    How many USB 3.0 internal headers does it have?

  • IKH TV

    helppp...should I choose his or msi b350 pc mate..or msi b350m mortar?

  • Grant Nichelson

    Has anybody tried CPU overclocking with this board? Are there OC options in the BIOS?

  • John W

    I know this review is from March, but I purchased it in July, so there has been a few bios updates since then. My r5 1600 non x oc's to 3.85 very easily on stock cooler, not gonna push it more just now. My G.skill 3000 mhz ram runs at 2999mhz. To get this, i couldn't use the xmp profile settings, as it caused it to not boot naymore. Instead, I upped ram voltage to 1.38, and enteeed timings and speed manually. rock solid ever since.Anyways, I like your review and video style, subscribed.

  • Zsavage1

    with this board, I can already see problems with putting in a larger video card. it blocking Sata ports... hate the design on this board... I love gigabyte .. but this board looks like a cluster fuk...

  • LVnative

    Not bad, maybe next time you can cover all the different ports it has such as USB 3.1, SATA, and so on. People like to see how many there are of those, and where on the MB they are located.

  • Paulius Kentasas

    if i connect a GPU, wont it hit the m.2 SSD thats connected under the GPU?

  • Tri-Tubers

    i found This motherbord NEW on ebay for 65$ and bought it and its lit

  • Robert Johansson

    bought it, 1600 ryzen 3.8ghz stock cooler, 1.,32v good to go

  • Stefan Apostol

    Would Ryzen 1600x be cooled enough by a Cooler Master Hyper 212.EVO ? Somebody recommended me a Scythe Mugen 5 51.2 CFM CPU Cooler but i don't think it comes with the mount and maybe an overkill for double the money( I heard it's really silent tho)

  • quint0nJ

    can i use this with the ryzen 5 2400g?

  • shogenx

    i think a better mic would be great but liked the review

  • country gaming

    I'm that mobo be fine in thermal take he'll fire case a 550watt corsair psu ryzan 1600 ?

  • Harsh Roy

    is it limited to 32 bit os?

  • Suhas Gowda

    Is this MB good for gaming with ryzen 5 1500x....... For 2017 games...?

  • jpthecrew

    Gaming 3 or asus rog strix -f?

  • koltuk a

    Whats the difference of this one GIGABYTE GA-AB350M-GAMING 3 with the one in the video?

  • Oleg Brevus

    Anobodu konws if this board will work with Corsair Dominator Platinum 16gb 2x8 3000Mhz or just with Vengeance LPX 16gb 2x8 3000Mhz ???? What ram should I buy for this board, want to get one with 3000MHz. Thanks!

  • MD Taseen

    what's the current state of ryzen bugs in motherboards and processors ?

  • robert carra

    Get a hold of beta bios F7A with it I can overclock my Crucial sports 2400 to 2933 16 18 18 18 47 stock voltage. with my Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3800 my cine bench score is 1255

  • Westwood

    Thanks for the video. Got a question about mobos + gpus, does it matter which slot i use to place my gpu?

  • tigerbalm

    Budget oriental board...Really?

  • Petör Petör

    Is it compatible with a Ryzen 5 1600?

  • Bruno Franciskovic

    What is the difference between AB350 gaming 3 and AB350M gaming 3?

  • Little monster GAMING

    It support ryzen 5 2400g

  • Ashwin Nair

    Can we use intel processors on it?

  • Chrysovalantis Andriotis

    Hi there and thanks for the video.How much time does it take from the point that the motherboard POST, to the login of windows 10?I hear that motherboards have very slow boot like 30 sec after the post.

  • Mun Yee Kong


  • Jorge Carballo

    can i do an overlock to my ryzen 1600, 1050ti and gskill tryden 3000hz on this mobo?

  • Shaikh Ahmed

    Hi, please I request you to make a video on how to install windows 7 on this motherboard, it's kind of tricky. mouse and keyboard won't detect while install win7... Please help people


    i think best motherboard for am4

  • BananaBread Games

    Does it have an onboard graphics/video card?

  • A Tem

    what is the difference between Gigabyte AB350-Gaming and Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 motherboard?

  • Faruk

    would i be able to use an am3+ cooler on this board ?

  • Cody Nickel

    cousin vinny!!!! "im walkin here!!"

  • Dan Cunnington

    I have this board and am running the AMD Wraith Max cooler. Plenty of room for RAM and side 120mm fans. RGB runs good with the Gigabyte APP center RGB control.

  • raizlc

    It would be good if you covered the shortcomings of the board when compared to something more expensive. What am I missing out by getting this board vs higher end stuff?

  • Dan Xie

    Hi proclockers, I'm currently on the ryzen 1600X using the same gigabyte b350 board overclocking the CPU is OK but unable to overclock the RAM. I'm using 2x8GB cosaire vengeance lpx DDR 4-3000. Is it because of incompatible ram that's why the RAM don't go past 2133mhz?

  • Billie Jean

    I have a GeForce GTX 1060 Windoforce OC 6G, can I use it with this motherboard?

  • Larry Le

    Can this board activate bios without a GPU installed ?

  • JaeNeo

    So i was gonna get this as part of a ryzen 1600x combo on newegg but the reviews and ratings for it have been overwhelmingly negative. What do you guys think I should do?

  • Freshly 1kg

    Msi tomahawk or this mobo which one is better please tell me

  • Doc Lex

    after updating bios, every restart change bios version (sometimes it's the 'old' version (f6 for GA-ab350-game 3) and sometimes it's a new bios (f9), i tried several re flash-ings, battery out for an hour, short CMOS... nothing seems to help, my pc worked like a charm for 2 months (stable, even when changing voltages, frequency on both ram and cpu) but after first bios update - puf... i read that lot of people had/have issues with bios update on this particular MoBo...also boot time is quite long every time (2 minutes) Can anyone help, please???Show lessREPLY

  • michael morley

    I have a problem with this motherboard. Using USB keyboard/mouse, it works in the bios but not when I try to load win7 64. I swapped out mouse and keyboard with no luck. I noticed all of the USB inputs say 3.0 and 3.1, dose 3.0/3.1 need another mouse that is not 2.0, or is this one board DOA?Only 1 USB input says USB DAC-UP and that one dont work as well.

  • Bogdan Bacenko

    I have a question.I have this mobo coming in a couple of days. I am going to buy Ryzen 1700 + 32 Gb RAM. I will be using this pc for videoediting + graphic design (photoshop etc), multitasking. I never play games. Should i buy high speed memory (3000, 3200 >) for my work? Or it's enough some 2666 Mhz? Thanx!

  • The NaSTyWoRM

    Hey brother have you tried the 1500X with this board. I have this board coming, 16GBs of Corsair vengeance RAM, and I'll be running the ASUS R9 380x STRIX GPU. let me know how you think my PC will run. thanks!

  • Fui Hawsatitam

    does it work with ryzen 3?

  • nilda jimenez

    which dimm slots should I put in my 2 ram things (dual channel)

  • Chris Cristian

    I have a Barton 6 core processor. Is this compatible with this type of board and socket (Am4?)

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