AntMiner T9 vs. S9 power and temperature comparison

Comparing the brand new antminer T9 and S9 variable frequency and testing them with at the wall power meters and comparing the hash rate and temperature. The Antminer T9 uses a little bit more power and runs cooler.
  • Anshul Amin

    Whats the difference between the noice?


    how u get bitcoins to ur wallet bro..???reply

  • Max Business

    Bro,there is a cooling box easy setup, check out

  • Berkut13

    I see those watt meters on eBay (US plug config) but they all say 110-130v in the specs. Are you running 240v in this video? If so, are those standard meters that actually handle 240v and don't say so or did you order something specific that I can't seem to find?

  • The Bright Pixel

    Question: If I have a solar off-grid home where my batteries are full at midday, but the panels still producing unused power for the rest of the day. Do you think it would make sense to use one of these units as a dump load (ie. burning the unused electricity)? Do they need to run 24/7? Running 24/7 how long until ROI on the miner?

  • Yashwinee Shibchurn

    In Mauritius, the power supply is 220V and 50Hz, which antminer is advisable for me to buy please?

  • farzad moshkelani

    Cheer up,Thank you for your useful videos, I have some question about theTh/s of antminer s9 last model real number on tests , if you test it already please help me, and I also want to know that how much does it cost per a day for each ant miner electricity,I check the numbers on but I wanna know that it's real or not!

  • stikiller21

    Do u think its better to. Go with t9 or s9? Don’t want to build a rig not super computer savvy

  • AimedResearch

    If you ask me, I'd say that the T9 was released as part of an R&D program to track RMA's and mining stats which would give Bitmain vital info to design the next gen miner.  I see on the video that the miners were running for only a few minutes.  Do you have any notes on comparison after a longer run?  I ask because miners have non-typical performance in the initial stage after start-up.  I see that the fans were running slightly faster on the T9 - 3,540(Avg for the 2), S9 - 3,480.  That difference is so minimal.  Have you opened a T9 vs S9 to compare heat sinks/fins?  What is the difference between these miners?  Is it simply in # of chips and clock speed?  I see the S9 has 189 chips - Freq 557, the T9 has 162 chips Freq 591.  Are they running fans with different specs or # of blades?

  • Aleksandrs Komkovs

    Hi mate. I spot chip temperature on S-9 is 86-94 it that will destroy asic in month running 24/7??? Or that normal temperature. if this asic still alive???

  • MrY0jo

    Any knowledge how to get Antminer T9 in Europe?

  • Motovlogic

    So would you recommend the T9 over the S9 temperature wise?

  • Hope4Today9 Now

    Hello Rolf,  I got my fist T9 setup and running.  Had a couple of observations/questions for you, if that's okay?First: When downloading the IP Reporter my Norton anti-viruses deletes it just as soon as I unpack it.  To used it had to disabling Norton for a bit.  There are other software out there that will set the BootP, have you ever use something other than IP Reporter to setup your IP addresses? Second: Microsoft Edge seemed not to want to look at my IP address for the bit miner I ended up using Firefox to view it first after that was successful then Microsoft Edge would connect just fine, pretty sure I was entering the address correctly.  Have you had any issues with MS Edge and the miner? Third: It seems kind-of odd that there is no power down setting on Miner's web page.  I would have thought that I could tell it that I wanted to power down before actually shutting off the supply power, that way the miner could stop hashing and start a controlled cool down.  As both the control board and the hashing boards (??) get power from the same place I'm not able to see how bad the temperature rise is after shut down.... any thoughts?

  • Viviendo Con Pau

    Hello. How did you measured the voltage/watt? I mean. I have been looking forward for the Kill-A-Watt but it seems it only works on 120v and since the S9 is for 220v, what did you use? Thank you.

  • Oscar martinez

    94 celcius or farenheit?

  • eddie eddie

    Do you mind sharing what power cords and outlets you used for the S9? Looks like a good set up power set up you have there.

  • shakester2010

    How'd you get a T9??They started selling them already??Love your farms! :)

  • Cameron Johnson

    What make/model is the watt meter you are using in this video.

  • The Real Deal

    Hey Rolf, why do you think Bitmain is selling such similar solutions? Possible S9 Phase out? Aside from being a little more compact, it appears the differences are negligible? Also, I sense there is a trend toward ASIC miners in other Currencies, IE; Zcash, Monero, Dodge. Is this inevitably going to render GPU obsolete? I'm just starting up and I want to stay as far out on the leading edge in Tech for obvious reasons. I'd rather wait for the release of the new ASIC rigs than spend capital on GPU only to get left in the dust. Thanks in advance!


    Hello, Thanks for the video, does S9 work for thereum?

  • Geebin Inc

    Are those plugged into Tripp-Lite 240V transformers? then plugged into 120V wall outlets? If so, which particular model transformer is that? That's crucial.

  • Fatin Aziz

    can someone send me 1 bitcoin please , i want married ...i need it, may god bless u sir Luno : 1DvGorSpGVDhMUsSbXrzwwi4hjKbT27Z6B

  • Sajjad Ali


  • hafnium 911

    Lucky man, this guy is laughing to the bank now :)

  • CaseyCJL

    which one is louder???? noise is a big limiting factor for me.

  • phatdunny

    Where did you buy yours from?

  • 007mercucio

    Can/will you plz make this video for a s7 miner? TYVM! :)

  • Jake Ruebel

    is the case the same?

  • Turquoise Shoes

    Hey , is there any way , I can ask a few questions?

  • Aleksandrs Komkovs

    I got my T9 for only £649 : P

  • ali sultan khan

    sir what is minimum hashing power of T9

  • super thanks

    Interesting, the t9+ runs in the 90's 95-100, and the s9i runs in the 80"s. 85-90 max. I wonder how long it can last at these temps!

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