How to overclock AMD Ryzen 7 1700 to 4.1GHz

Here's a tutorial on how to overlock your AMD Ryzen 7 1700 cpu to 4.1GHz on all eight cores with SMT enabled. Let me know if you found this guide useful.
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System Specs:
Case: Anidees AI Crystal Cube
Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus GA-AX370 Gaming 5
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700
Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 SE AM4
RAM: HyperX Fury 2x8GB 2133MHz CL14
GPU: Asus Strix GTX970 3.5Gb+0.5Gb :D
SSD: Samsung 840 Evo 256Gb
PSU: Silverstone SX500-LG
Fans: Anidees AI Halo

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  • Hector VonVector

    That cooler îs a Wasser of Monet. Me 1700x haș the retailer cooler and A-T 3.8 i rarely ever go over 60c

  • ProjectHomeProductions

    My r7 1700 runs at 3.8MHz with the stock cooler and i got a cinebench score of 1694. my temps are 34 idle, 65 load. i did not have to change the voltage

  • er ik

    Guys I got a real annoying problem with overclocking my 1700 and I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out; found nothing on the webWhen I increase the multiplier in the BIOS it applies like it should do and in the BIOS overview it displays the value I have overclocked toBut when I open up CPU-Z it shows a wrong CPU speed and a wrong multiplierOn some websites the same problem is discussed and they always suggest to disable any power saving options in the BIOS to solve this problemUnfortunately these power saving options apparently have another name in my BIOS so I never find what I am supposed disableSpecs:Motherboard: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon CPU: Ryzen 7 1700BIOS: American Megatrends 1.90

  • רפאל אלאשוילי

    What's the music? :)

  • Arrell Vargas

    can I leave it at 4.1ghz as my default clock speed? like for everytime I use my pc


    I have nearly the same build but I use a Asus rog crosshair 6 hero. I'm clocking in cpu 4ghz and ram 3200mhz stable

  • Gagan Kumar

    Amazing video sir but i want to ask something please. Can i oc my ryzen 1700 to 3.7 just like you showed? Because i use my pc for photo and video editing and it kind of works 24/7 most of the time. And should i get a aftermarket cooler? Thank youGagan

  • Daniel Gülseren

    3.9 Ghz is like you said for every day. i have an 1600 X and its similar to the R7 except 2 core´s. CB i get 1335 Points

  • Jonnathan MH

    4.0 ghz with thermalthake AIO? Voltage?

  • Christian N

    Please help me...! :( I overclocked my ram to 3200 with the XMP profiles and works fine when rest are on auto.. . Gets a score of 1419..But when i start doing anything on the CPU side i get scores all the way down to 600-700 .. Whats the issue here?Motherboard: Asus C6HCPU: ryzen 7 1700.RAM: TridentZ R4-3200C14-16GTZR

  • M Oczakow

    Nice.I also found this awesome clip of AMD Threadripper 1950X 16 core vs a Xeon 20 core.

  • Kuntal Ghosh

    If you have the latest bios on the gigabyte motherboard plz check your voltage , there is a new bug in the gigabyte bios for gaming k7 and k5 that makes the voltage to 1.7 and it will kill your cpu after some time.... Many people ended up with dead cpu/motherboard! And its not fun (unless you are like linus tech tips who dont care if a cpu die!)

  • BRAVO404 BRAVO404

    Why people use 1.3750 voltage on 3.8ghz?

  • actuallywill

    I run at 4ghz as of now with 1.38v with medium LLC and the voltage maxes out during load at 1.42v. I have been stable for days at a time at speeds as high as 4.15ghz but it always happen, after a few days of stress testing and passing, gaming with no problem, I will try to stream and test performance of gaming while streaming at 4.15ghz, and i crash about an hour or two into the stream, ALWAYS.Cinebench wont crash it, (2 hours)aida64 won't crash it, prime wont crash it(only ever testing 45 minutes of prime at a time).I do notice with my 1070ti that there is a VERY noticeable difference in game smoothness at 4ghz and above. In testing I have found that my minimums in games are significantly better while at 4ghz or above. See at 3.975ghz i drop under 100fps in PUBG (1080p high visuals: 120Screen scale, high textures, medium PP, high shadows, high AA, very low foliage, very low effect(Keeps fps smooth during battle, setting effects to very low), no v sync, no motion blur. Reply system on, death cam off. Where as, with the same settings at 4-4.15ghz on the cpu those drops 90's in fps, as low as mid 80's sometimes, have all gone away, with 4ghz or faster my fps has not dropped below 100 at all after you jump out the plane.

  • kitman0804

    Is getting black screen normal when doing stability test? It happens when the test has started for 5-10 mins. I overclock my 1700 to 3.7GHz with ~1.34V

  • Ahmet Topuz

    running my 1700 @ 3.9 with corsair h100i cooler with ML120pro fans. It never hit above room temperature, Max I have seen it is around 34 C. Motherboard is a gigabyte gaming 3 or something I got for 39$ as a bundle with $279 for the 1700. Ryzen is such a good CPU

  • Alessio Susi

    I've set my Ryzen 7 1700 at 3.7GHz and 1.2125 Vcore voltage on a MSI X370 Gaming Plus MoBo.

  • Aragoness

    How much is possible on stock cooler? if even possible.

  • Sanilujin

    And about load line ?Wat did u use?

  • Synthematix

    now try intel burn test the mans oc tool

  • REA Electric

    35 years of Over Clocking and still going strong. Current build Taichi X370 Ryzen 1700 OC 4GHz Corsair 16GB LPX 3000Mhz running 2934Mhz, Samsung 950 Nvme256GB, 2x2TB Seagate RAID 1 in Thermaltake Core P3. Yes I remember my first PC which was also my first overclock when I was 16 yeas old in 1981 Ohio Superboard II 6502 8bit CPU at 1Mhz. Was able to overclock to 2Mhz by unsoldering the 1Mhz Crystal and replacing with a 2Mhz Crystal. Bring tears to my eyes just think about it .. Oh the joy.. This also allowed 300 baud rate to increase to 600 baud rate for cassette tape drive.

  • Jean-Simon Chénard

    The Guy does not have any clues of what it's happening in his chart. His system is really instable

  • Robbie Gordon

    What would you say is the max temp limit? I have a 1700, use it all day, trying to fine non overkill safe OC

  • Captain WeebMaster

    I'm getting black screen from time to time when i try to do 3.7ghz with auto voltage, is anyone else having this problem?

  • Ravi Ragoo

    that intro made me subscribe lol

  • Unicorn Reviews

    It turns out that simply subscribing isn't enough, please click the bell thingy too. Thank you.

  • KGT UserCast

    A Ryzen at 4.1 GHz has same single-threaded performance as a 4th Gen Haswell at 4.4 GHz.That is impressive by many standards, that AMD managed to leap ahead of Intel in their mircoarchitecture. One problem. Ryzen doesnt clock easily past 3.9-4.0 GHz. In comparison Intel CPUs easily exceed 4.7 or even reach 5.0 GHz.

  • Thiago Ferreira

    Which cooler do you recommend to keep cooler at 4GHZ stable for hours, which can lower temperatures as much as possible.

  • Prague 541

    Thank you SO much for testing incrementally and well-documenting your iterations. I REALLY wish more people would take their testing this seriously. Bravo, sir.

  • Jarno Vanruymbeke

    The performance are not free, by increasing the voltage, the TDP will rise to, so your energy bill, I won't give bad comment but its just a detail my friend XD

  • Nano Tv

    i just oced my R5 1600 to 4ghz at 1.37500v and maxing out at 54c with room temp of 24c and H110i extream cooler

  • Jhon Nossa

    What's the maximum safe temp for this processor?I have mine at 3,85GHz and it hits 70 °C in AIDA64 with Corsair H60 push-pull cooler

  • mmafan2223

    Clear, informative, and to the point. Thank you.

  • SSlicey !

    1,3 volt and 4ghz normal?

  • KingBAS666

    hey broi have the same mb as you but the 1800xand if i try to oc it everything runs fine...till the 1700cb score drops to 900.and ryzen master shows me that my cpu runs on 2.2ghz and i cant change anything.i have to reset every thing in the bios to get base stats again and thats it.can you help me pls

  • BalkaniumSyndrom

    yes but that cooler is by my opinino very best, Noctua dont have prities coolers, but price and performance are very best. and Ryzen1700 is by my opinion best CPU buy right now, or Ryzen1600 ofcors. very good video, tanks for that explanation, i will clock it to max 3.8 24/7 work, because i dont se the point to have 10 or more celsius more for 100 or 200 or 300 mhz more. and performance are not that good if you se how much rise temperature for that 100-300mhz more. but that is my opinion, someone like to push to the limits. :)

  • totihu4

    I have a question. How do i reboot after a crash ? even if i press restart nothing happen....

  • actuallywill

    on my b350 micro ATX at 1.28v I am at 3.875ghz perfectly stable. fuck needing 1.4 for 3.8ghz haha


    very good & clear video.

  • EasyToRemember

    3,8 seems to be the best compromise, thanks for doing this will set mine to 3,8

  • Abraham Lincoln

    step 1: win the silicone lotterymy 1700x, that's with an "X", can't go any higher than 3.9GHz without randomly crashing or failing to POST after a few boots.

  • Timur Vasil'ev

    100MHz do not worth +10 degrees and +0.1 CPU Core Voltage, I think

  • Gaming Palooza Empire

    I don't recommend overclocking the 1700 or any CPU for that matter. Just use it the way it is. When there is a 15 degree Celsius difference between normal and over clocking, its abuse to your computer and your CPU certainly will have a much shorter lifespan, guaranteed. (Both Intel and AMD)

  • Smoke

    my chip runs stable an 3.6ghz,on 3.7 is kinda stable,and on 3.8ghz the system doesnt even post,i have used a wides range of voltages(from 1.3 to 1.375)but my system doesnt even post at 3.8.any ideas?

  • Joe Baker

    I got lucky 1.3v at 4.1Ghz on a 1600

  • pollotuerto

    instead of overclocking the ryzen, try the ram @ high frequencies/ low latencies, you will be amazed

  • Wecky G

    Long story short, between 3,8-4,0 ghz you hit a brick wall. As you can see, you can get a good cooler (like his one) and still not be able to get past 4ghz stable due to silicon lotery... Pretty sad tbh. I'll OC on stock cooler to 3,8ghz (thats free performance, not 90bucks for aftermarket cooler to get 100mhz more) lol

  • Chownzi

    I hit 3.975ghz at 1.4 volts stable so sad I couldn't hit 4 but crashed Everytime when I tried 4 oh well happy with 3.9 and in Windows it shows 3.97ghz so I'll just claim victory and say its 4 I have a huge air cooler on it so it runs cool

  • Emmanuel Gallardo

    i think much safe for oc if you use liquid cooler.

  • PrCa Tut

    What RPM were your fans on the Noctua running at ? Did you use the low noise Adapters ? @Unicorn Reviews

  • Rylo

    Watching this video because I have successfully reaches 4.0ghz at a mere 1.35V. Perhaps due to the fact I have an AIO water cooler? Anyway, even so trying to get to 4.1ghz is impossible no matter what I try. Even if the temp doesn't even go above 70c it still crashes. Due to this I would say that 4ghz is definitly the limit of the ryzen 7 1700.

  • K to the L

    i got the asus prime x370 pro and ryzen 7 1700 combo on primeday for 140+270 respectively. it hits 3.9 ghz with the included spire cooler ( no need to spend additional $ ) and its rgb so it looks cool to. add to that some gskill rgb memory ( i chose 16g of CL 14 ) a case and an samsung evo 250 nvme drive and you have quite a beast and it looks pretty to. nice upgrade fer 900 or less. btw i used the power supply i already have and the same old storage drives to in this upgrading. i game on my stream/game on my samsung tv un55ks8500 in gaming mode ( HDR capable. ) +tax of course ince amazon has a warehouse locally gotta pay it.. on the bright side you can get most stuff same day delivery. thanks fer the video

  • RPM Designs

    I don't want to bash on you but this is an example on how NOT! to overclock ryzen instead of an "how to". 1: You put way to much voltage through your chip than needed.2: NEVER but NEVER use extreme LLC, people that do that have no idea what LLC actually does. Using extreme LLC causes very high voltage overshoots and can kill your vrm's and or your chip in short order.. There are a lot more settings you need to adjust in order to get an good overclock on ryzen. Overclocking is very different on ryzen than on other platforms so you basically need to go from scratch. For people that want to know how to overclock ryzen properly, i would happily give advice or point in the right direction. I can't emphasize enough to people that are new to overclocking, that they not follow this guide as it is the wrong way of overclocking.

  • ori sir

    Would I get better cooling with a kraken liquid cooler?

  • Alessio Susi

    You can use this CPU with BOINC app to help scientists find a cure for cancer or study the data captured from radio telescops. With 16 threads up to 4GHz you can help more then you think.

  • Razatop

    When I try to OC it just gets stuck @ 1.37ghz. Any help?

  • David Boone

    what monitoring software is he using?

  • Jossness

    Lol I get lower temperatures on my ryzen 1700 at 3,9 GHz with my hyper 212 from 2011. 65 C on full load when it's warm in my room lol. Volt at 1,35625

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