Cheap £70 Monero Mining Rig GT640 graphics card 68 Hash/S

This is the first mining Rig i built
  • Bona Fide

    I get over 120 H/s on my GT 640... i am using XMR-STAK. 4GB version. EVGA.

  • Oscar Javier Amezquita

    hi where i found the driver TG640 for windows 10 thanks

  • josh the mij

    I get 250 hashes on my cpu ALONE and it's nothing amazing

  • Mad kiss

    68H is kind low most cpus can do that but still better than cloud mining, this back when monero price like 10$ !!

  • IP Nvr

    Mine in nicehash using legacy miner, blakes2s the algo, is around 400 mh/s minergate has no auto exchange.

  • ThanksMia

    Nice but nothing for long term

  • GoddessBlueYozakura

    Wait you can mine with a GT 640? What if it's a Windows 8.1?

  • pawel dziuba

    my phone do 32-34 :)


    I think it is mining from GPU of your CPU...are you on AMD CPU with built in GPU?

  • Omio Hassan

    How much you earn from this monthly?

  • Miguel Aliendres

    What version of drivers do you use to recognize you as a minergate for 10 64x windows?

  • ThanksMia

    my first mining rig was a wood stock with 2 gpus outside MY desktop Pc

  • Pohodacik 007

    my radeon 7850 do 385h/s on xmr... gpu for 35 eur...dont use gt 640 to mining...

  • w4r3zgod

    I subbed and got you to the 100 sub mark!

  • isra kamarullah

    I'm using asus gt640...why i can't use it for mining?

  • Dagobert Duck

    I have a GT 640 too. For mining you need new & efficent hardware (~ an 2000€ Invest mininum... because you need 6 - 7 slot mainboard & 6x or 7x newer generation cards) !!!go to : 20 H/s and a power of about 200W you will lose money... So when you really spended money on this that was a bad deal... But if it's only for testing and study it's ok...

  • WaffleSpace

    youre not making enough money you losing money

  • Ishan Mishra Official

    What software do you use?

  • jimmy millio

    i want to try gt 1030 hash rate better than 730 at 30watts

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