How to hide secret monero miner at the backround and autostart in Windows

Register on this website:

Download miner:

Download registry, sorry for the link :) If you want to make it yourself go to google and search for hide programs in uninstall.
  • Martin Latvian

    You damn criminal! Shame on You! I would love to smash your head with my overheated dead laptop. With these sh*t viruses You overheat and damage others peoples devices and it is a crime illegal and unmoral. All You idiots who like this video I hope You get a cancer. You and Your computers. LEARN TO MINE IN A LEGAL WAY. This video should be reported to be removed. Because it helps other people to do a crime.

  • Master black army

    Do you have version 32bit

  • Master black army

    You have 32 bit version plzzzz

  • Master black army

    do you have verson 32 bit

  • Gary Johnson

    Playerz hidden XMR miner works better and is updated for the PoW v7 hardfork.


    when i click on it.. minegate admin cant see core number or the currency to mine what do i do?

  • Martin Latvian

    All of You who like this video and want to use these instructions should be punished.

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