How to Get Started at Poloniex Online Cryptocoin Bitcoin Exchange

A short video showing the basics of the online Bitcoin cryptocoin exchange Poloniex.

XMR is Monero not Ripple as I stated in the video.


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  • Drake Salas

    I just don't understand the .00000 stuff. It confuses me. Ughhhh

  • mike t

    I enjoyed Poloniex until my account was hacked and cleaned out. Poloniex response? very careful with this site because if you are hacked, there is no recourse, you are shit out of luck.

  • Fast Mover

    Bro i have a question can we directly deposit Into XRP instead of Bitcoin on POlONIEX platform or we should need to 1st deposit into Bitcoin then Exchange into XRP. Kindly guide me

  • Keegan Meijer

    Thanks for the insightful information!

  • Stellamaris Onyeachie

    How do I withdraw coin value into my bank account

  • Sumon Chowdhury

    Hi, I have clicked freeze my account by mistake and now the account is frozen and i cannnot buy or sell in my polonex account although i can login! any advice.

  • patrick leary

    where it says deposit and withdrawels i have ripple in there is that my wallet im not sure if my ripple is safe or not

  • yuri dado

    How long does it take to get a count verified

  • Alex Perez

    Hi @IMineBlocks I´m having problems with poloniex, I can´t see any of the charts of the echange and margin trading... could you tell me what to do

  • Poloniex Bittrex Bot

    A good video .. I just realized how to determine the percentage of growth per day ..😝

  • SunTrib Fashion

    Guys, do not use this exchange. Suppose you buy 3000 amount of any crypto and hold it for a while... They will show you have only 2992 amount of crypto after you hold it for a while. It means they will steal your 8 crypto after few hours you hold them and it means you can earn nothing. So use some other exchange

  • EpicVizion

    old video so youve done well great job mate!

  • Adrian G

    I'm watching this in Dec 2017 and those prices make my cry. :D

  • RICH 852

    Thank you for this video! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Just to confirm?! You've withdrawn funds from this exchange and the funds have arrived in your bank with no problems?

  • Crypto Minority

    Great video man! Thanks.

  • Kyle Grogan

    How do you buy bitcoin with other coins in Poloniex?

  • J Daniel

    It would be nice if you showed how you got some initial coins (BTC, LTC, ETH) into your account in the first place! I have a completely empty account (no funds) and I need to get them to Poloniex before I can buy the XLM I want. You don't even explain how to do this very first step! This is just like the other videos I've seen. PLEASE, don't skip important steps like this.

  • Francis Joval Reyes

    Question sir. Poloniex is working in UAE ?

  • Simon Washington

    what is the trans fee?

  • Dyllon Davidson

    XMR is not Ripple (XRP). It is Monero.

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