ASRock B250M PRO4 Unboxing - Decent Inexpensive Motherboard for LGA1151 processors!

Looking for a cheap inexpensive motherboard for your next build? Check out ASRock's B250M PRO4 - an mATX motherboard that costs below $100. This motherboard is for LGA1151 processors from intel.

ASRock Super Alloy
Supports 7th and 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium®/Celeron® Processors (Socket 1151)
Supports DDR4 2400 (Intel® 7th Gen CPUs) / 2133 (Intel® 6th Gen CPUs)
2 PCIe 3.0 x16, 1 PCIe 3.0 x1, 1 PCI
AMD Quad CrossFireX™
Graphics Output Options: HDMI, DVI-D, D-Sub
Supports Triple Monitor
7.1 CH HD Audio (Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec), ELNA Audio Caps
6 SATA3, 2 Ultra M.2 (One supports PCIe Gen3 x4 & SATA3, the other one supports PCIe Gen3 x4 only)
6 USB 3.0 (1 Type-C, 2 Front, 3 Rear)

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  • ElectricJ125

    I have this motherboard, and it is MINDBLOWINGLY excellent. Recommended!

  • jamin carbonell

    boss, okay pa ba asrock b250m pro 4 mo?

  • Robemar Joseph Tabucan

    Sir compatible po ba to sa skylake out of the box ?

  • Charlie Skylar

    Is there inbuilt wifi, sound card and can o overclock a i5 7600k

  • egorea

    It support i3 7100 without any bios updates??

  • Trouser Chanka

    How many fan headers?

  • Jobert Lledo

    Hello, can it support dual GPU?

  • Virus Virus

    Good Day po sir. Ok ba tong setup nato. yan lang po kaya ng budget.Intel Pentium G4560 3.5 ghz 2-core Processor Asrock B250M Pro4Gskill Aegis 2x4GB Single DDR4 2400 CL15 (F4-2400C15S-4GIS)Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB WD10EZEXPalit GT 1030 2gb

  • DaftPug

    Does it support I5-7500? Planning to buy this and what the specs you have in your system?

  • Roller Cinematic

    Did anyone else have trouble installing Windows on this? I can't get it at all! All it says is that the model is not supported. Please help

  • SdawgWolfE

    If I have to ram sticks what slots do i install them into?

  • Soulfire Gaming

    Nice video man I really like seeing a motherboard before I buy it. Very helpful.

  • Freethony Hugstano

    Would this be compatible with gtx 1080? Just wondering for the future when I'd have to upgrade

  • DeuteriumTech

    Support our channel! Check out our other videos and if you haven't done so, hit like and subscribe!

  • Dark Manta

    can this support multiple graphics cards?

  • ken ver

    does it support dual GPU? im going to put my 2pcs gtx 1070's here for mining xD

  • Tyler Crooms

    I just got this motherboard for my first computer build. It looks really awesome and I hope it works great

  • Rens

    How many pins is the ram?

  • Sherm Perry

    Amd crossfire. I was having a bitch time with msi bazooka pci trying to just run amd 390 one card and bad communication on board, even after updating msi bios. Then newegg recommended this board. Thats why you use newegg and youtube, not ebay. Thanks for overview, i bought this board yesterday

  • Mr.G / xLockser

    Pwed ba mag minor CPU OC d2? like 3.5 to 3.8ghz? Kasi ung pro4 hyper pwed, pwed dn aya d2

  • Viral Videos PH

    @Deuterium TechHi sir. I need help for my first gaming rig. Kulang pa po ko sa knowledge about pc. Pacheck naman po kung okay yung set up na binigay sakin ng PC Express. AMD Ryzen 5 1600ASrock AB350M Pro4Gskills Ripjaws 8gb 2xPowercolor axrx 560 Red Dragon2gbWD 1tb HDDBaka may idea po kayo kung may kulang pa or may babaguhin jan.Thanks po. Nag-sub din po ako sa channel niyo.

  • francisdon SMG

    can i overclock my i5 6700k

  • nel oliva

    Hindi ba mahaharangan nung shield yung GPU na dual fan?

  • Hay-Boss

    I have this and i love

  • ElMylhamPlays :D

    Does it support the intel i7 8700k?

  • Ilza Brito

    Is it a good ideia buy it with i7 6700?

  • roi ebuenga

    Bro i just want to know how many fan headers does this mobo have

  • James hickerson

    i am 54 and i got this for my first build with new parts, i have put 3 others together using spare parts from here and there, this one was my first new build for me, i dont game but i liked the looks and even got a case with a clear payne to see it, i got a 750 watt power supply with blue led, 4 sticks of 4 gig each of geil super luce ram and did not know that they light up until i opened the package and read, the case is a rosewill with 3 fans and blue leds, intel 7th gen i3-7100 running at 3.9 ghz i dont overclock I never have , I have heard stories of people letting the smoke out, 1tb of blue WD, and 1 asus dvd drive with light scribe and other goodies and a lg dvd rw, .... I dont play games but I wanted something nice and a great looker, maybe to much for what I do , but hay this is why I worked so hard all those years, i forgot i have 535.00 in the build, i dont know what it would cost from the store but , who cares, i think it was worth it

  • Kyle candelarira

    Is galax gtx 1060 3gb exoc is compatible here?

  • JvG

    how many sata cables does it come with?

  • Elite

    got this board, i5 7600k, with gtx 1070 ROG, 2*8gb Corsair Lpx Vengeance. f@#$in sweet

  • Jon Snow

    How many Fans does it support?

  • Papa Ye

    How many Fan headers are on this motherboard?

  • All Seeing Dorito

    is it compatible with the i5-7400?

  • OudomSambat Chorn

    It support sli or crossfire ?

  • 囸囲囚

    I use the same motherboard :) i use G4560 as my cpu for now but I’m swapping to a i5 7400 really soon


    Wait, so this doesn't support a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card?

  • Sonan Raihing

    can i use i3 processor in this mobo?

  • gnarly maury

    How many SATA cables does it come with ?

  • Kennedy Mal

    Do you have to install the drivers?

  • F.A.I

    Sorry for the really late comment aka question.Wouldn't you have any problems with this board IN crossfire because the PCIE slot is so near to the connectors of the mother board? and does this support Nvidia SLI?

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