Bitcoin Fork/Chainsplit #1 - UASF/BIP148 vs SegWit2x (BIP91)

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  • Sensenwerk

    Your thoughts on the real danagers to bitcoin (inflitration vs. open war) were spot on @ 40:00 +. You still are my favourite unsympathetic crypto blogger and this episode showed me again why I value your thoughts on BTX and crypto a lot. Keep it up, your #1 anti-fan signing out.

  • Miles

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Jonathan Carver

    Remember folks, Satoshi's white paper IN THE TITLE says bitcoin is a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. Cash is meant for coffee. Bitcoin MUST scale on chain as it is safe to do so. That was what was originally intended. Hold Blockstream's feet to the fire. They demanded Segwit and they are going to get it. Now let's see the cheap transactions and scale that was promised.

  • CrypticCalamari

    @5:15-ish Keep in mind that startup costs are usually the greatest with the initial unit of whatever for any endeavor, so it's not really quite as difficult for them per miner over thousands of miners as it is for your first miner, as they've gotten past the initial startup friction force.So don't have too much sympathy for the miners.


    If you have coins on bitcoins core wallet is that ok because it has no 12 word phrase

  • Tas Perifimou

    Should we sign our bitcoin addresses stated that we do not agree with bitcoin.coms solution for scaling?

  • Manuel Amilcar

    Tone do you think that running a full node should be a common practice between bitcoin users? It's a way to a user to vote on bitcoin network? Can we regular people and not big business like wallets and exchanges make any difference, if bitcoin full nodes run by regular people are in a significant number? And then we can even increase the power of our vote running a small miner? Is this true on bitcoin network? You would like to have an answer on this matter. Thanks. I'm suporting UASF on my full node.

  • Master: WONG LOO School of Thought's

    check this new mining site men

  • Paula Green

    Good Video Tony, Thanks for the effort you are putting into Segwit. Miners will signal against 2MB block increase when it comes down to it. Chinese Government are putting pressure on their miners to run segwit2X. People cannot support BIP-148 openly. Chinese forums are being censored to make the people tow the line. But when it comes to the crunch, not even the Chinese Government can stop the people running the 1MB code. You got to start mining people if you want to support the network. The latest witty comment on social media and the wearing of hats just don't cut it for me when it comes to running code.

  • Grym Reaper

    Tone, it's very risky to run multiple power supplies to one miner. This can produce uneven supply to the miner, and can cause damage to the ASIC boards in a worst case scenario. For future reference, spend the money on the bigger supply. For what it's worth, and I'm sure this goes against every idealogical bone in your body, but Bitmain sell cheap, relatively efficient, 1600w supplies, when they have stock.

  • Patrik

    How quickly will Bitcoin auto adjust the difficulty to 10min/block if we lose a major portion of the hashing power?

  • TheMrAxe0r

    43:00 tone finally has enough of those damn blinds 😂

  • -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel

    Fight against Bitcoin Core corporate sellouts and all of their advocates.True decentralised Bitcoin can only be without any 3rd party side chains.PS: My guess is that on 11 August, the Core will fork from mainstream Bitcoin... and if they do... good riddance!Tone: You not only don't know how much effort it takes to be a miner, but also you completely disregard that miners the reason why Bitcoin is the way it is... Proof of Work and not STAKE... that the network is super secure from hacking and overtake... and one more thing... your claim that mining is centralised in China is also not correct. Out of the group of miners that were in the NY agreement, majority of them were in the USA (17) the miners that are from China and HK are 13, and some 24 were from Europe and other parts of the world.So this just PROVES that your narrative that somehow China is controlling Bitcoin code, is nothing but your and Bitcoin Core propaganda.... you have to admit, just how much are they paying you to advocate for them, what's in it for you?

  • Becca B

    Clif High said to poke you and ask you about the gumline and new tooth. He's moving and used a whiteboard projecting $2888 by the end of August. He's sending people to you

  • Bryan

    is that an active chess game in the bg?

  • sharperguy

    Wwhen you say that you have a higher change of finding a block if you're a minority mining on the BIP148 chain: The probability of finding a block is exactly the same if the difficulty hasn't been readjusted. It's like saying if less people enter the lottery then the ones who do are more likely to win. The only advantage would be a lower chance of your block becoming stale because another miner found one at the same time. But the chances of that are fairly low to begin with, so it isn't a huge advantage. There's also mining fees to consider, but nobody is really sure how much fees will be around for the first few blocks on the BIP148 chain.

  • Agartha Asgard[HODL]

    145 likes 1 unlike. Power to tone 💪🏼

  • Ebacherville

    good advise at the end, Tone.. the people I mentor, I say the same thing. TO play trades you need volume and have to be ok with total loss..

  • Edward Doyle

    Crap. Couldn't I get a 3 minute summary?

  • -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel

    Tone, honestly, you are so full of shit... but you have to get credit for being so persistent and not giving up......kind of like Hillary.And what was that? Core developers worked on the code for 2 years and no one told them that it going to be controversial? And what do you call miners TELLING Core developers that they do not want to use side chains and that they want Core developers to lift the 1MB block size that they put in? Was that not MINERS TELLING THE CORE DEVELOPERS WHAT NOT TO DO AND WHAT THEY SHOULD DO? Core developers KNEW EXACTLY what they are doing, they are after all doing what Blockstream wants them to do... they work for them remember?

  • Yo ski

    haha trolls are getting angry, we must be doing something good with the UASF push

  • Richard Chaffer - richards videos -

    Quote of the day: "Oh man, good thing I was wearing pants actually.… that doesn't always happen, that almost became a non, ah, an NASF video, ah… alright next...":D (43:52 mins in)

  • Paula Green

    Live Pie Chart of BU vs Segwit vs. BIP91also countdown clock for UASF all here https://www.xbt.euAlso some nodes are showing "Warning: Unknown block versions being mined! It's possible unknown rules are in effect"See....

  • Manuel Amilcar

    Hello. Make sure that RPi3 PSU is a really a PSU for the RPI3. The RPi3 is more power demanding that the previous versions of RPi.

  • Kindred788

    Miners are whores, they will mine whatever is profitable they don't care about the future of Bitcoin only about profit.That's why sites like NiceHash exist, miners just sell their hash rate to the highest bidder. They use the pools that pay the most, not the pool that has Bitcoin's best interest at heart. And there is no problem with this system, they get paid to secure the network, but giving them Veto power was a mistake because now they are abusing their power to keep fees high which is in their interest. I repeat, miners do NOT care about anything but immediate profit. Manufactures should care about long term since they have a stake in the future, but seems Bitmain is interested in power grab not what's best for Bitcoin.

  • Andrew K

    Your vids are too long. Where is the meat at as far as your latest predictions / summary of what is going on? Not everyone has time to regularly watch 1-2 hour long videos, make the core of what you have to say more accessible please.

  • Juan Silva

    The split won't be pretty. Some of us early adopters will make sure you guys get all the bitcoins you want. A couple hundred thousands of them.

  • Ivor Thomas

    Totally agree with your disgust in the so-called Libertarians and 'thought leaders'. Just proves once again that 'TalkCoin' is the shittiest of the shitcoins.

  • Mark Bruce

    Join this telegram Crypto Coins Pumping group to earn 3x-6x profit.

  • Jason S

    I am about a 5 stress level right now, so I am a bit worried but believe the long term future of BTC is bright regardless of what happens. But I do listen to clif high also as I think web content can give some indication on this and his linguistic analysis is very positive. The people on mass have knowledge I think. Clif, if you believe he is genuine, he is not using a crystal ball but is using analysis from terabytes of web page data. Some people call him a joke and I understand why they may think that as there are lots of con people out there, but I am for now keeping an open mind on what he says. Although I think some of his doom predictions to be rather crazy, but on the crypto stuff its been quite good since I have been following it. He predicts 5 fold increase higher for BTC within a year and even better proportional increase for Litecoin. We will see.Also do not quit if there is a split, at the very most only sell 50 percent, do not do a 100 percent sell, that would not be my opinion. Keep in the game. If you get out of the game and BTC does get to a really big house buying kinda sum then you would be so sad to have bailed out.On a funny side McAfee stated he would eat his private sausage if BTC did not get pass 500,000 in 3 years!! So there are people very bullish still. And I know you think he is an idiot, but hey it was funny to hear that.

  • Thomas Paine

    I see emergent consensus is rapidly gaining on bip141 according to is there any concern that this could change the course of 2x miners prior to Aug 1?

  • Dan Von Pache

    Awesome job Tone! ....though the more you(NOT ALL) guys bicker over myopic gains the more the competing market share(alts) will take precedence ultimately....the day DASH risks to trades its anonymity element for marrying any multi-coin wallet card, BTC's balloon goes pssssss....Welcome any criticism.

  • Umbra

    Thank you Tone, very informative as always.

  • epay

    Self Ruined career with mining rig, All crypto market falling down

  • MBaiton

    lol your intensity cracks me up! Love your passion and knowledge, thanks for all that you do and put up with.

  • Garrett Carter

    I know this is heresy, but wouldn't it be better just to sit in fiat or even altcoins right now, and later buy which ever bitcoin chain wins out after the dust settles?

  • Gary Huang

    should I buy before or after fork?

  • TheRealManjix

    Just read the white paper. SegWit essentially makes Bitcoin not-Bitcoin anyway. Its literally stated in line 1 where Bitcoin is a chain of digital signatures. By removing the signatures and putting it elsewhere, you're creating more problems than solving them.Bigger blocks is the only correct way to scale. 20 years ago when Websites get fancier, the correct way to scale the internet wasn't to "design simpler websites that takes less resources to load and run", the concept is the same with Bitcoin.

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    Man I have always liked you -- but your speech about the centralization of power and speaking hard truths about the money/power brokers / agendas etc at the 15-18 min mark really proves you are one of the best independent leaders and minds in this space. Honestly. THANK YOU TONE.

  • Jared

    bitmain also has remember they own that pool as well

  • A B

    I have a feeling Tone can pull off a mean Bernie Sanders impression

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    Totally did a LOL at that burn down a cabinet comment with improper power supply line, -- dying! Tone you are cool dude +1

  • Psychonaut

    1:00:53 This is why Tone is one of the best in this space. He'll never tricking you into doing something for his own vested interest.

  • Flat Zilla

    heya, go watch clif highs video. start watching from minute 15:45 onward. clif asks you for help, regarding bitcoin charts!!!would be great to see your chart ;)

  • Isabel Gomez

    I'm a newbie...and I totally understand the simplicity of the info in this video! Thanks Tone! Keep us the great work!!! Keeping it sincere whether people like it or not...MILLIONS OF $$$ are at stake for many...God help us.....peace! ---Dallas, TX

  • Siaynoq Movement

    Thanks Tone for your diligence regarding this matter.

  • Christopher Groshong

    Looking forward to hanging out this weekend in LA at SODM.

  • Jonathan Carver

    You're pushing propaganda. I hope you know it. Around the 20:00 mark you GO OFF THE RAILS. The "Core" developers are NOT TRUSTED and Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn are FAR from incompetent. Now does Core write less buggy code--absolutely. Why? They are funded by big banks and insurance companies and have a TON OF EYES on their code helping make it bug free. Blockstream, a company with no revenue stream that is only funded by those that want to profit from pushing bitcoin transactions off chain, pushed Gavin and Mike from the bitcoin project with a great deal of bullying tactics. We're talking about the guys that helped create bitcoin in the beginning. Then along came the snake Gregory Maxwell, who, yes is a good developer but is BEYOND EVIL and his lackey Luke Jr. who took a TON of money from special interests groups to fundamentally change bitcoin and that's what's happening. So sure, Core's code has less bugs but it's intent is to cripple the main bitcoin network. If anyone doubts that make sure you know, and several other sources of info have been taken over by Blockstream. You can go to to see the orginal devs opinions. Now Blockstream will claim that Adam Back was mentioned in the white paper and that is true BUT he has written hardly any code and ultimately picked the side of the bankers. Here's a good history.

  • Daniel Furtado

    How did you came to the conclusion that August 11 is the crucial date for Bitcoin?

  • Andrew Dubas

    thanks for hurting my brain

  • Chris Maxwell

    I'm sure most of you already realize that this is the most probable outcome: Segwit2x will be implemented by the end of July making the UASF void. However, the 2x part three months from now will not be implemented.

  • Ebacherville

    mining is easy the issue is your learning it now.. now that you know the details.. its easy to duplicate it 100x.. or 1000x.. minus growing power requirements and more bandwidth etc.. i did it for years when ASICS first came out.. got priced out due to electricity costs. was worth it in the winter.. heated the house.. summer was a loss..

  • Roy Wessbecher

    Great effort - thanks! What a mess! (btw. skip the DeSantis vid.)

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