ASrock h110 Pro BTC+ 15 GPU build

Asrock H110 pro btc
14 GPU Msi P106-100 + 1 Inno 3D [ for display check ]
1x Power supply HP 2250w with Breakout for 13 GPU
1x HP 1200w for 2x P106-100
On Ethos
  • David Alexis

    Nice!! Which country are u? could you tell me where i could getthe psu and the distribution chip that u uses?

  • Predoiu Ionut

    What GPU you have ? I also see that you use ethOS! Nice rig !!!

  • Ruslan Muslimov

    What CPU do you use? Maybe number of PCIE devices depends on CPU supported number of PCI-E lines

  • Samuel Bro

    i need the Breakout wear i cant fin it?? help plis

  • Daniel Tok

    What was your mobo settings in the bios for this to work?

  • Nathan Parks

    I would give my left nut to figure out how the hell you did this. I have everything you have and it will only boot with 13 GPUs. As soon as I plug in the 14th card bios wont post! I only have the Celeron processor so I'm assuming that's my bottle neck.

  • Gold Brick

    where can I get the PSU's?

  • Joseph Miranda

    How do you do it? My motherboard doesnt boot when i plug 14gpus

  • hari prasad is not working

  • Theodor Ghannam

    This only works because he has P106's, if you do not have Nvidia P106/P104 MINING edition cards 14+ WILL NOT WORK. They have a special BIOs something to do with SMI(Data center Compute) that allows them be read in OS's

  • Bas Elbers

    Hi, I have the same 3 port to usb adapter, but it won't recognize the GPU's. Does have onboard GPU enabled and put it on first PCI-e slot. What BIOS version are you using? Does it work on Ubuntu as well? What about Windows? What am I missing?

  • edu2k11

    did you connect the risers with 6 pin molex straight from the PSU?

  • Krunoslav Vrabec

    I got same board running 13 gpus, i have m2 adapter to pci x - will 14th gpu work?

  • Daniel Tok

    Hey,I`m wondering how you ran 15. The riser multiplier that you are using. Is that the Aliexpress stuff that you have that plugs into the first port? Does it work with the 4 mulitplier?

  • Dusan Kostic

    do you try with 15amd rx400,500 gpu? My MB cant see more than 13 gpu ... :( spliter with 4 work but he se only 13 gpu ..... maybe need combination with AMD and NVIDIA gpu ....

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