Overclocking MSI Radeon RX570 Gaming X 4G

How to overclock an MSI Radeon Gaming X 4G for mining crypto currencies like Etherium, Bitcoin, Siacoin.

Step by step instructions using freely available software for windows 10.

Here are the download links refereed to in the video.



ATI Pixel Clock Patcher


ATI Flash 277


Polaris Bios Editor

  • Antonio Almerida

    Does anyone has the Moded Bios File , cause I Cant modify it gives me another timing, I dont understand

  • jamie qld

    Great Video, I didnt understand about core voltage and how to use it. Now I do, thanks. :-)

  • jmilz08

    Did you install the block chain driver for the card before or after bios mod? If you did . Thanks

  • Jose Castillo

    When i opened the polaris, the number in the TIMING is different, you said i need deferent version, where i get that ?

  • David Hansen

    windows update nuked my miner. It was running smooth with modded bios now MSI afterburner won't work and the cards are running at 15-16 mh/s. I cant even get the ATI flash window to open when running as administrator.

  • Puah Kian Boon

    Hi~~ nice and clear video. what version of amd driver you use?

  • Kašibović Alminko

    Thanks Gru, the greatest villain in the world!

  • Antonio Almerida

    After doing all that I just get 21 mhs... what am I missing? please help

  • AI Guardian

    Driving up the price of gaming cards , sticking it to gamer's.

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