[ASRock Classroom] How to build RAID and install Win10 on M.2 SSD?

"[ASRock Classroom] How to build RAID and install Win10 on M.2 SSD?" no description available.
  • mike spikeey

    wow you can see your raid disc,so where is my mouse and key board tryin to install win 10 on ab350m pro4 but when u get to the hard drive bit where u can format in the mouse and keyboard are gone but they was there when i was in the bios

  • Bill Killernic

    For some reason he talks like he is stoned or something :P play the video at 1.5 speed and all sounds normal now :D

  • Nattawat Pisanpeeti

    Will this work with z370 killer sli ac +960 samsung evo 250gbx2 ??

  • César Ferreira

    Does this same setting work for Z270 KILLER SLI/BR?

  • ChrisreggaekeyboardTv

    is the i5 7600k compatibale for an overclock ???

  • Paul Andrew Mitchell

    Many thanks, William: we're planning to purchase an ASRock X399M this summer, and we would love to see a demonstration video installing Windows 10 on the ASRock Ultra Quad M.2 card installed in the ASRock X399M motherboard. We want Windows 10 to be bootable from a RAID-0 array using 4 x NVMe SSDs installed on that Ultra Quad M.2 card. THANKS! p.s. As a stepping stone to that goal, we would also like to see a demonstration video installing Windows 10 to a RAID-0 array using 2 x NVMe SSDs installed in 2 of the on-board M.2 sockets. Keep up the good work!

  • Lex Skillz

    If i have a m2 and sata hdd must to make this UEFI ONLY ?

  • Szymon Szumiło

    Will it also work with non-Intel SSD disks like Samsung 960Pro ?

  • PristineJoe

    I like how there is Corsair ram, and they dont mind, and just show the name in the video!

  • Kingsley Young

    will this work on a asrock a88m-g/3.1 .

  • davk

    When I set this RAID , can I have another 2 SATA drives on Raid too, or only one RAID is allowed ?

  • PCinfo AtHome

    The most NON intuitive raid setup I have ever experienced. You need a better bios programmer!

  • carelessmorning

    Get 1550 mhz when overclocking on this Ryzen shit.

  • Yurandyr Acosta

    Why the background music??? A fuckin 10 year old does your editing? Otherwise great vid

  • Skerrick

    This is the same steps on 2.5 ssd right?

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