SimpleMining OS | SMOS | Setup & Configuration For Nvidia

I know a lot of you like that I get to the point of the video faster than others. My goal here was to give you the quickest guide for smos | Simple Mining OS | on youtube to get your mining up and running as fast as possible.

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  • Raylan Librando

    Hi is this the same settings in mining ETN?

  • Youssef Mehni

    How much sumokoin do you have?!

  • The Technicals

    I run smOS on all 10 of my rigs and hate that I didn't do it sooner. Windows is buggy and unstable as hell and was never designed to run 6 or more video cards. Window is made for the business world and not great for our application. Can you tell I hate windows? smOS is stable and combined with Nvidia rigs is fantastic.

  • Jefrey Valencia

    Aww i thought this was qubes part 2 😣

  • laurenparkerva

    When new versions of claymore comes out, should I switch to the newest version of the one your mining on says “not recommended” anymore ? Do I need to restart the rigs if so?

  • Real Hypnosis NLP

    Great video! Thank you :-)

  • Gary Alcorn

    Hi can someone please help me I have 6 x rx 580 Red Devil 8gm Mining on this software I have asrock h1110 mining motherboard psu for that is 850watt and have 2 server hp 1200 psu for graphics cards and risers 3 cards and 3 risers to each when am mining shows all the mining stats runs for 10 min then says gpu 3 0.00 then it stops mining I have tried swapping psu and risers am pulling my hair out the cards are standard no overclocking just plug and play setup. When I unplug the gpu 3 and run it will show another fault with another gpu 0.00 hash rate can someone please help me

  • Rog Rod


  • terran771

    will you make video for amd?thanks

  • dutchgamingvaultNL

    Does using SMOS save a lot of watts compared to Windows mining?

  • timekeeper123

    how do you flash cards in this os?

  • Rog Rod

    It says I NO rig in my list... why?

  • Amoy Bisaya

    my b250 mobo wont detect the flash drive. please help

  • Edwin Rios

    do you need windows 10 pro?

  • Francois Guérin

    Question for you, Can we use our PC with this procedure? I mean I try to boot my desktop with the USB key and crash just before loading windows.

  • M Touhey

    I tried etcher and rufus. When they're done, there's a USB Drive in This Computer, but it says it needs to be formatted, so I can't change the config file. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  • Rudy Garcia

    Hello son :) on amd cards does simple miner change setting from gaming to data? Or do I need to do that first?

  • Eug Ski

    Yes no onw folow you is fast and no well understand we need for help scype sherr monitor or team wiever is much faster so I recording wot you do for nex time

  • Jean-Noel Seneque

    AWESOME! I wonder how this fairs against the top heavy Windows 10...will I get extra hash power :)

  • kevin cleary

    Hey, I'm currently running 3 Gtx 1070's at 60% power and plan to add another 3 for a total of 6. My power limit in simpleminer is set to 90w, does that mean each card is consuming 90w? If so would that be sufficient for a 1000w power supply to handle all 6? Thanks for the reply in advance!

  • roDDin Otz

    Bro, what happened to your voice??

  • laurenparkerva

    Trying to add second rig. I’m getting message “there is no screen attached to matching miner”. What does this mean and what is a fix? Using simple mining and windows.

  • Xellos Metallium

    have you try reddcoin stake?

  • anthony mikhael

    can i mine MUN on SMOS ?

  • Muhammed Ali

    Hi, How do I add my wallet address it’s mining but I haven’t added a wallet address what steps do I take?

  • Ferulloscoasting !

    I need to know for Mac please! Ive tried using virtual box and still can't get it etc...

  • Z

    Great video brother....what kind of keyboard are you using ? Looks awesome

  • Steve McBride

    Yes to Mac terminal please!

  • GodCyba

    What about the gpu drivers? Is this os already optimized?

  • antone rich

    You can use Etcher in MAC OS


    no sock hat... must be warmer in TX today

  • Rushi Brahmbhatt

    please give me 1 btc my wallet id 08a4de64dcea4cfbb19cc999fe94564f,please help me any one

  • Zombie Central

    Sorry if this is a noob question,can i not just download it to the mining rigs hard drive?

  • gymkhanadog

    Wish I wouldn't have bought EthOS the other day. x.x I don't like the monthly fee, but when you look at it it's just like breaking out EthOS over 20 months.

  • SuperLangqi

    how do u do it on mac?

  • terran771

    can i use wifi with smos???please someone answer.


    How would I set the config file? I add my email then whats next do I have to add in there?

  • GabakUSA Free computer training

    what is the password for ROOT?

  • Manuel Mütze

    really like this os but i must say switched back to windows because of low hashrates. my 12x 1050ti rig was hashing at its best i could optimize with 162mh/s at 700 watts. On windows i can mine with 184mh/s at 620 watts with the newest claymore 11.8 on both os

  • Trinadad Manuela

    Why does EVERYONE spend so much time explaining things like how to register, download, extract, and blah blah blah things that ANYONE can read on the SMOS website or should already know. What is not shown and what you read through at the speed of light is how to setup up the particulars like the mining console (Putty? TV? or what?), mining pools?, AMD vs NVIDIA, what about using Mining Pool Hub which is BTW really popular. I just don't understand the lack of focus on the FUNCTIONALITY of the the tool.

  • Eric Empey

    I would like to mine Electroneum with smos . I do not know which miner to pick or what to put in the algo line? I’m using smos now with nvidea 1070ti (6). Please and thank you.

  • Bud Thats My Real Name

    on the black screen with all the technical logs, what does it mean when it says "invalid http response, wrong number of bytes received"

  • Rohn Derper

    Hey there! love the videos. Just acquired a rig that has an SSD running windows. Just wondering if i could unplug the SSD and put in a usb with the claymoreminer flashed to it and my rig still work? I only ask because from what i can see online the word is the claymore miner is slower when run on windows. Thanks again!

  • Crondar777

    I just watched a video that stated, ETH will become a Proof of Stake rather than a Proof of Work...Is this true?...When might this happen?....I wanted to build a rig and mine, but now I am not sure. Help please

  • terran771

    can i use powerline adapters for smos?im getting often error on clalymore: socket was closed remotely by th epool eth connection lost try in 20 using windows and im on wifi at he im gonna ttry do switch to smos,do i need etherent cable for it or can i use powerline router is in the eliving room my rig in the bedroom.thsnks

  • Son of a Tech

    Overclocking tutorial out now:

  • ben cohen

    Some 1 know how to make 1 mining program(CMD) to mine into 2 wallets in time limits...or every block to change?

  • James Gerlach

    FANTASTIC video is there a spot where i can look at mining fees wutnot on your pool? I just joined your zec pool tonight. hoping to make some good dough. t1LoCJh3f745qB2kyQntpEd1eTFY2mMhMhT

  • Nebojsa Popovic

    Hello Son of a Tech i need help m8,do you have stable rom for RX570 sapphire 8gb Samsung memory and setting for MSI afterburner?Thanks....

  • zeco loco

    great video man. thank you

  • Rajat Thakur

    i am building a rig of 4 rx vega 56 and i am having a lot of issues can you help ?

  • Hassan Khan

    I know you explained faster than others, but its far from simple (not as nice as nice hash!) I moved over to simpleos to mine xmr with nvidia 1080's selected the right group etc yet simpleos simply says : warning backend amd disabled, socket error, servname not supported for ai_socktype - possible driver issues or wrong driver.....wtfand you do not mention how to assign rigs, mine did not show up easily and setting the groups and rig list is not straightforward. I could do a better job than simple os at a user interface and i dont know jack the vids but just like the mining rig war vids your lacking, in this vid its your lack of info, quality over speed is better, i would rather spend 5 min extra watching a video then spend hours being fucked around by a shitty os....just some feedback for you mate.

  • Jose Duarte

    I wanted to know your opinion, which is better Simplemining or Hive Os

  • Przemysław Mądry

    how to open a new console/terminal window on running rig?

  • robert john escobal

    Hi, I have rx 570 gpu's and which RX OS do I flash? The RX OS or the RX OS dagfix? I appreciate your help. Thanks

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