How NOT to unbox AMD Threadripper - It was an accident... I swear

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  • Dugi Devet

    Looks like Rayzen is packed in the maze of failure, that regular consumer will break the processor so he need to buy another one again....

  • Green

    Come on jay loose some skin

  • Nimalan Rajagopalan

    How are you this ham-fisted?

  • Mr Blitzpunk

    I bought a used i5 4690 for 75$ and it literally came wrapped in a tissue paperNo box, no stock fan, no nothingIt works to this day

  • Crypto Rookie

    I didn’t sub to this channel to see tech violence! Kappa

  • conqueso325

    Just don't be lazy and be more careful.

  • follow rallo

    It just fell. I'm dying! Aaaaahaaha!

  • Acecool

    I boycott Thermaltake too - I purchased a new bigwater or whatever water cooling system for my socket 775 when I built it 10 years ago.. After 1 month the pump went out ( and I kept it properly filled without bubbles ) and I tried to RMA and they refused... and I couldn't return it... so Thermaltake screwed me out of $200 so they'll lose all of my future business until they make it right.

  • Bill Davis

    Why the boycott of thermaltake? I Genuinely don't understand

  • David Harkin

    I Think the threadripper cpu are bad becouse they have bad latancy issuse caused by individual cores throttling down and becose there are lots of core this is creating the latacy. also data across the dies is a latancy issue as well . AMD have only managed to bodge this throttling down issue by makeing the CPU run at max clock speed all the time ryzen power manager was introduced to mask this issue also you have to shut down one of the Cpu "die" for gameing. WHAT A COMPLEAT BODGE.

  • devinedragoon

    in the future can always feel free to send thermaltake stuff they send you to me :)

  • Rudi Dower

    Can i have the parts you're not using 😉. I'm just a poor simpleton trying to bring my PC into the present. I'm sure you must sympathize and want to help your fellow man get the PC built that's beyond his dreams. I love a bit of unboxing, all that sexy shiny packaging you can't beat it.

  • NoesisAndNoema

    The center is the only place the heat is at. 60% under the cap is dead-space.

  • bossmanmatt bossman

    Damn man i cringed a few times watching you handle that

  • Quickei

    yo can i get that thermaltake parts tho lmao

  • manicthedeadman

    I'm half tempted to send him a full tower build just so that he can take it out front and spike it off the sidewalk after reading all these comments from people complaining about a couple boxed parts being tossed about.

  • Sabastian Garza

    I feel as if you talk about linus in a lot of your videos.

  • GameKiller00634

    I thought I was watching JazzytowCents Not linus tech tips

  • tsepes andreas

    mast it a water cold? no air cold? liquid and electricity = mess not good for me tell me old fashion

  • Rius Aldregan

    Subbed because of this video, lol

  • Tiến Đức Đinh

    This is the channel where you dropped stuffs like Linus Tech Tips

  • James Hall

    Why does Jay remind me of the Boogie man in Jack Frost? LMFAO.

  • andrewszombie

    3:05 thats what she said 😂😂😂

  • David Jenkins

    You should make more unboxings - I enjoyed it xD

  • tablatronix

    wow you really do suck at unboxing.. lol

  • jp

    This man had Axe hands(destroy everything he touch)

  • NoesisAndNoema

    Package design fail... If they can't design a package, how the hell can they design a CPU that functions...

  • Dave Reeve

    What was the thermaltake issue

  • Catieria Shiblodski

    If it was fake then it will maybe be AMD Opteron

  • calebfagundes

    You just can't get a feel of how big it is, until you experience it in person... LOL

  • Paul T.

    Thanks for the great laugh! I lost track of how many times he dropped stuff.

  • MineSweeper

    When the keyboard has more colors than your monitor... 0:32

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