Tone's MA #75 - Haters Just Let SegWit into Bitcoin

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Time Index:
00:01 - Intro & Travel Schedule
02:20 - Equities
08:45 - Gold
14:15 - Oil
14:45 - FX (EURUSD)
16:00 - Bitcoin Technicals & SegWit/SegWit2x views
23:00 - Litecoin
26:30 - Bitcoin Thoughts (ViaBTC Bullshit & $BCC Hard Fork)
32:15 - Live Q&A

Time Analysis Article (August 11th, 2017 referenced in a 2014 Article):

Latest News that is holding Bitcoin back in price:

Latest Stats on Signaling %

Scaling TimeLine:

August 1st Warnings to be careful in using Bitcoin:;topicseen

Guide to setting up your own node (see below for making it #UASF compatible)

UASF-BIP148 & SegWit2x-BIP91 Support Stats
CoreDev UASF Support:
Informative UASF Video's

UASF - BIP148 Mandatory Reading:

Important Video's

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  • Simon Rodley

    21:48 "Tomorrow starts in a couple of days" - Tone Vays

  • Troy Robins

    Anyone looked at Dent lately? They want to seriously disrupt the mobile data market which is HUGE! Something like $5 trillion per year.

  • Roy Wessbecher

    Enjoy the Cali. Coast If you ever get further north along the coast, stay here for free:

  • Loosecannon Recordings

    QUESTION: can u exsplain how I see x6 confirmations when transferring btc say from coinbase to paper wallet thnjs ✌️

  • martinjamescox

    Oil is done.The Euro is dead.

  • Diablo Knights

    oh my how the tide has turned

  • Jonathan Dee

    Great content, as always!

  • blendedempathy

    Can u please link me to the Chinese government event that you referenced around the 28min mark?

  • Michael Somerville

    @Tone Vays - In the video you mentioned this is for advanced people, would you be willing to do a webinar with our people ( my list ) as an introduction ? They're newbies - so it would be simple. I don't know feel comfortable at this point give tight training, even though I've been profitable in my trades.

  • VoodooD0g

    throwing out 50 speculations a day, beeing right on 5 of them and saying he is good. wow o_O

  • Andre Bastos

    any future prediction for another major Bitcoin event after August 11th?

  • Loosecannon Recordings

    If u interview clif high the hits will be the moon shot in my estimation ! ✌️

  • Bits Mex

    Pumpers have in sight FunFair (FUN) for the next couple of pumps. I'd buy right now.

  • Marius Vaiciulis

    Clif and Tone - lets go!!! up this!!

  • Sonix711

    wicked vid !!! shame it crapped out slightly last 5 mins - dunno if thats a wifi or bandwidth issue...look forward to the next vid - and getting past all this BTC SegWit nitemare....Cheers !!! :)

  • VoodooD0g

    deleting comments as usual this crap little censoring shit


    Interesting analysis. Dollar will probably keep going down (DXY) due to the push for 2% inflation from the Fed.

  • Mick Jos

    blushing at 32:30 :)

  • Yes4Motivation

    @28:00 yeah I think you are on to something, sneakily putting their foot through the door to see if anyone will notice, British Government used the same tactics with enforcing us to adopt the Euro back in the 2000s! Zero tolerance is a must!

  • Ron Knight

    Litecoin on Lightening network . Could that possibly cause the pop up?

  • Gestet Ner

    Tone's panel debate found here:

  • Jason Osorio

    I've already designed the t shirt.. tone vays says, tomorrow starts in a couple of days lol

  • Simi Yuan

    Tone ETH is consolidating nicely right now. Could share a few words with your views on etherium

  • Feed

    I know it wasn't your intention, but thanks for letting us know about Bitcoin Cash. Never heard of them, but in their website they state they'll actually follow the Bitcoin whitepaper. Isn't that a winning plan? (honest question)

  • Luke Brackstone

    possible 100x returns. hello I got a group of people slowly buying up Hmp coin on yo bit once we got enough were gunna pump it and sell small amounts at intervals but keep the majority so we can get to previous all time highs over 100x don't sell large amounts till it gets to previous all time high!

  • Dapper

    Samson Mow says Segwit should lock in on August 11th. What is your next date prediction? Tonestrodamus.

  • bendthebow

    you could time stamp the bitcion part?

  • W C

    @Tone - on the numerical indicators, is there a resource you know of that I could read up further? much appreciated.

  • Sonix711

    gotta laugh when someone asks about an alt coin - don't get me wrong, I think some alt's are great...but Tone's default answer is nearly always the same...don't ask Tone about alts unless its litecoin or monero...but that will probably still get you the same answer...don't ask Tone about alt's... :) cheers !!! :)

  • Victor Lugo

    hahahahahaha! @30:40 "I hope they fork off and stay there"

  • Patrick Young

    Subscribed via Clif High. Im learning lots from this channel. Thankyou

  • Loosecannon Recordings

    QUESTION.. Tone , do u wonder if it's possible that like bitcoin( become the most trusted) u will become the only trusted analyst and speculator as u consistantly stick to your beliefsand skills and not follow the money . Thank you for ur time 😄👍👏👏✌️

  • Scott Calder

    Sometimes the numerical indicator actually over complicates things.

  • Mugen Power

    BTC is dinosaur tech. It took too much time to change..............time to move on

  • WasabiCannon

    can someone point me in the direction for learning how his numbering scheme works. I have decent knowledge on charting and have made successful swing trades in the past but I would really like to know when the numbers reset on the graphs he shows

  • Byron Chadband

    Thank you for your honest interpretation of what you see. I have learnt alot in a short space of time. I would like to send a PM please advise on where to send it. Thanks again for the great sharing is caring keep it up. Oh could you look into Metalpay I believe these guys are also doing good work considering they launched their app before their ICO.

  • -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel

    Tone is a complete sellout. Man has no integrity.SegWit on its own didn't do anything, SegWit2x did.We will get proper scaling with block size increase... and keep Bitcoin decentralised and free from 3rd party corporate control. Granted, he knows trading technical well (which is expected, because he's ex Wall St trader) but that's about it. Everything you hear from Tone, his rants about Bitmain and others that have figured out that Core developers are bought out and against the miners (and miners are the only people that actually protect the network and keep it decentralised and free from hacking) take it with grain of salt. Tone is very biased, does not talk facts only, and talks lot of propaganda to suck you in into thinking that miners want full control over Bitcoin, while in fact miners already have this, which is by design... and reality is that Core developers (all of them are sellouts also) want more control, which they don't have... which is also... by design and for a good reason.Do not trust this man... he is the one that talks like a politician.

  • Dan Von Pache

    Dude, you need to lower your consultation BTC rate to .01...with all this "I don't know" or just plain fluff...what exactly is the value proposition of your consultations please?

  • A G

    Tone, you've earned a strong margarita. Go enjoy Santa Barbara. Go check out Brophy Bros. Restaurant for some incredible eats. When you're in San Francisco, go to 15 Romolo for the best cocktail in town.

  • Brent

    @22:45 A pop of 650 before the 1st? That will be a hell of a call if it happens.

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