13 GPU Motherboard By ASRock H110 Review and Setup



I tested out this 13 GPU / 13 PCI motherboard and it works great. Easy to setup and designed for optimizing performance for mining.

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  • King Of Tech


  • Rey Reyna

    Will it matter if you use amd gpus? Also will windows see all 13 gpus?

  • peterz zylstra

    Where you get the Motherboard Plate ?

  • Wounded Warr1or

    This was the main logic board I built my first rig on, and you actually want to avoid using the X16 rail to get it to recognize 12 GPU's first, there maybe other methods to accomplish the same but it was the first method that worked for me. You need to hook up the two molex connectors to stablelize the power to the rails, but it you forget a screen will come up to tell you to connect them, make sure the Molex are from the same PSU, the manual says both ways in two different places, but if you want to see what PSU sounds like when it explodes you can test this out. It is still running fine today, but I would not build another 13 or 19 GPU rig for technical reasons 8 GPU's from a management stand point is perfect, so I have two other 8 GPU rig that is much easier to deal with on series 200 boards, I originally installed all the screws at first but later only did the corners and importantly the two screws, one on each side of the main 24 pin PSU cable to make it stable when plugging or unplugging the connector. I tried an PCIX1 rail adapter the M2 slot and could not get it to recognize, and or a setting to flip it in the bios. Hopefully your USB style works with your RAZOR .. I mean Riser.This board is pretty dam durable and I built 3 tier rig frame out of popular wood, and it looks kind of like a shelf, because I jacked my back up when use to race cars and avoid bending over as much as possible. One thing you will find out, but if I get this to you in time, this board does not like the latest windows build at all, ( 1803 ), if the April update forces you to do the update, be sure to roll it back to build 1709, and it will be a happy camper, I have 13 RX580's on this board and it likes AMD Driver 18.2.1 the best or at least no difference in performance from 18.3.4 which is AMD's latest blockchain driver, and both will run a stable 393 Mh/s single coin and 382 Mh/s dual coin. For Ether, I set the core clock at 1150, mem. Clock at 2150, (RX580 Red Devil Golden has a higher stable mem Clock at 2200). Set fans at 1500 - 3000, and that will run 50,000 shares before a full stop to wipe the cards down.Sounds like your talking about the the GS3900 Celeron cpu, I stepped it up a notch to the newer kaby lake GS3950, the GS3900 is a real dog in this rig.I wish you the best with that MOBO, I have been running that board nearly non-stop since August 2017. Peace.Very Respectfully,WX2

  • emnor koeng

    I buy BTC in big qty, send infor here if you have BTC to sell: levensonderhoud.sb@gmail.com

  • strange loucas

    You didn't cover it all dude . It will boot even if you forget to plug the cpu fan , pci's slots are too close together and you will need to cover the riser cables so they wont short . And you should connect the 2 sata cables to the MB if you are using multiples gpus .

  • Febrian Amzar

    This work to pcie m.2 slot ?

  • Domi Vincze

    you dont have to remove the black cpu socket cover, it will pop up when you insert a cpuautomatically

  • Jeff Pintang

    another awesome lesson :)

  • Airbrushkid

    It's not razor?! It's rISer.

  • Bradz

    $1.80 with +/-$1000 Mining rig, 555 days to ROI,Enjoy guys

  • tegijamees

    niceBCH: qryzd8qte2qd0eph6375w0umh0alwyum8cj7rqsy2d

  • smokydaburr

    The motherboard mounts to those screws, which are called Risers. Second video where you missed it lol hopefully that helps for the future

  • Benny Holgersson

    Why have you not conect two pcie power to your gpu?

  • عرب بتكوين

    nice videoqqd87axfftjzet6t42jgp9g5rkgff4pxtyd34h34hz

  • Schmonkee Shomky

    The black plastic piece just falls off when you close it over and actual cpu. No need to dig it out of there.

  • Bugkiller666

    Where you get the Motherboard Plate ?

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