Antminer S9 Profitable in 2018?

So is the Antminer S9 still profitable in 2018. Let's take a look at the numbers.

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Tips appreciated :)
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  • Adi Adiii

    your wrong GPU miners are dinosaurs , soon everything will be asics , carefull when that happens gpu cards will be 100 for that 900$ card

  • oompacabra

    There are other coins to mine.

  • Jason Wilson

    Why the fuck doesn't this guy tell which website he's using for making the mining profitability calculations?

  • Crypto Kotter

    Bitmain is moving to Canada and unloading ALL of the miners they have in China in 2018. 7nm chip miners are coming, but the public won't see them until the big boys building them have made the current S9s unusable entirely.

  • Asiatic Naga

    Your no help idiot!!!!!!

  • farid rohman

    I want to show with you all here how can generate free bitcoin with chrome extensions for bitcoin mining.Tips here:

  • Publishize

    Ok, but Bitmain has just released ant miner S9i, I don't understand why Bitmain is making a new version of same old mineronly 20 watts less according to their site and profitability is the same (as far as it says here: - so I don't understand why they are making a new model S9i? LOL.

  • Bismillah Arif

    Thanks for the video. I have a question. I found Baikal Giant x10 on Alibaba for 3200 dollars while anywhere else it is for 18000 dollars. How is that difference possible? Can I trust it to be that cheap? If you need a link here it is.

  • gotloveforall01

    What is that calculator called?

  • MadavTV

    Current price for an S9 is less than $1300 so you lost your ace on this not just because 1 BTC isn't a million dollars but you lost 60% on your hardware investment. That's worse than a used car!

  • Ralph Erizonie

    Crypto mining the only hobby that costs you big bucks to draw back just enough profit to cover what you spent in the first place but wait there’s more you can now build a new trash can with all the outdated shit you’ve just bought to get your cash back that you just spent lol 😂 the only mining that doesn’t actually ever make you any money ever forever

  • anurag bansal

    In your calculations, BTC to USD rate is ~13k USD. Now the rate has been decreased to ~7000 USD.This is the biggest factor to keep in mind that if exchange market goes down, your mined assets will be down also.


    i found a ebay sall at 1600 dollars 1400€ with alim and i think after 1 year have mining 1 or more BTC it s a good enoth for me. Because all time BTC stay over 2000€ you win or mini you dont loos. And during 1 year imagine a new explosion of the value it s jackpot, in worst condition after 2 years you sale you hardweare for a futur new generation maybe, and you can have more with a new intereset of mining ;-) One thing SUR is BTC is THE 1st Cryptomonnaie and will Stay all time a reference so it s can only grow up ;-)

  • Jason Lasby

    great update, thanks for putting the facts out there!

  • Leocracy

    strange reasoning, hard to follow

  • Auto Buzz

    GPU is better since you can still play game after the cryptography going down

  • dyolf10

    Is the antminer worth the investment?

  • Indonesia Cyber Scurity

    I am trading in forex with a capital of $ 5000. I get a net profit of $ 100- $ 200 per day. without having to pay for electricity and no level of distress.

  • Shane Bolo

    Samsung is on now chips are gonna get cheaper

  • Christopher Garcia

    How's your s9 antminer doing so far ?

  • Milton Irias

    I think your argument is flawed, only because you are focusing on the amount of "BTC" or "BCH" spent, and then comparing to how much of the same you have earned, without even focusing on the dollar value. At the end of the day, it is a dollar value that you attach to it, not a BTC or BCH. I don't plan to hoard BTC and never use it. I plan to make $ out of it, so in the end it is the $ value that I attach to it. I actually did do the math for the S9 and chose not to purchase it, because I rather do ethereum at this time. However, I did purchase the A3, and I did use BCH for a total of $1080. Even if I end up making $10 daily (whattomine says right now people are making about $32 daily), I expect to meet ROI in a few months. The value that counts in the end, is not BCH but $.

  • rehan malik

    Can I earn bitcoins if I simply start trading on day to day basis? For instance, can you make me a profit if I start trading with you?

  • Barking Shark

    At this time..I’ve decided to mine my own business.

  • Jeff Storrs

    Warren says Be fearful when others are Greedy Be GREEDY when others are Fearful...... I am BUYING BTC and Mining!Meanwhile I am marketing my Air Purifying Light Bulbs that Kill germs and diseases! They also keep my LITE coin miners

  • Grace Ren

    I have a new Antminer A3. I can sell it at the price of $1600. Please let me know if you need.

  • curlbell

    Thank you! I just put and Antminer S9 and L3 in my cart but havent actually purchased. I am doing a total of about 65TH/s of Bitcoin mining with different websites and wondering if this is worth the hassle...?

  • Philippe Nerin

    Mining $13/day ... cost me $2 elec/day .. mot very profitable. The difficulty going up.every week when the btc going down ... in 3 weeks im making 50% less production.

  • P Ng

    thanks for sharing this video, seems like the days for the easy money is over

  • TurboShane

    What makes you think Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will not equalize it's not like everyone is stupid.

  • Mr. Spock

    Can't wait until this new Tulip Mania craze dies out ... it's a colossal waste of energy which doesn't benefit humanity in any ways. You're creating NOTHING while consuming valuable energy resources.Utility companies worldwide are going to start wising up by charging exhorbitant rates for the useless waste of electricity.Think I'm kidding? ... China is already starting to put severe restrictions on crypto miners.

  • Kurt V

    Price just jumped up to 7000 dollars

  • Graham S

    The transfer of fiat in to crypto will keep the prices going upwards. What we should really think about is what will the buying power be in X number of months/years.

  • nice guy

    I under stand this guys frustrations, at the end of the day it really depends on BTC price. I believe BTC will hit 50k and beyond this year which will be great for miners.

  • Zachary Morris

    I was JUST about to buy one when I saw this video... now maybe he's trying to discourage mining so his reward is bigger? Or maybe he's just trying to warn people and encourage better strategies to invest?  But it's hard to believe that his little video will have much an impact on mining adoption as a whole, so why bother with bullshit? Maybe i'll wait till the Dragon miner is on sale to single purchases.

  • Chris S

    ...which is why gpus win. I only buy 1070s and higher.

  • Tenebrousable

    Just look at the difficulty curve, for the past year alone. I've been looking at that same basic curve form for 4 years now. Doubling every few months. Again and again and again...

  • Brian Cook

    I heard China was bringing their miners offline though. Wouldn't that be helpful?

  • Jay Hogg

    I don't comment on videos much but, I did watch this one and just want to let everyone know; although the difficulty has gone up, these are still profitable. As well as the S7s, Avalon 6 & 7s... If you guys calculate your power costs right, join the right pool, and continue to mine; you'll still make money... Despite the fact that the price of bitcoin and other alt coins has gone down, mining is going to be around for a long time and reward halving is not going to happen for another 2 years... So mine away!!!

  • Crypto Steve

    I would avoid asics mining.

  • arty Berkhoff

    The show is coming to an end.

  • KK SS

    I got my graphic cards and Antminer S9 from

  • Cryptoworld

    Its obvious, more miners , less salary, less miners, more salary, so we are heading when, whole world will start mining lol

  • zodiacfml

    No. These calculations are futile. How much do you actually get/earn? Miners earn from transaction fees right?

  • drzflyest4

    I think im going to sell mine cuz its,just too loud for,my small apt even with the cooler box

  • Stephen Dahlem

    S9s going for $200 each on eBay today...

  • Dino Biordi

    Thanks for the post here bud, you talked me out of it and saved me $$$ - Cheers

  • Dedskin Prodcer/DJ

    Good Job , if all else fails , you can take it apart cough rubish cough

  • 21st Century Prospector

    I got my miners in November as well. I currently miner BCH. What pool are you on?

  • Studio Werk Vier

    god damn! bought many of those boxes

  • Atlanta Hyperbaric Center

    SCAM ALERT: I order from Bitmain on December 12th of last year with the projected delivery date of Jan 28. It is now 3 months latter and no S9. I have sent several emails and Facebook messages requesting deliver dates and no reply. DO NOT BUY THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY.

  • Kevin Aguilar

    i appreciated your honesty, great video, many people out there only show when they are making the money but you keep it real, keep them videos coming, thank you

  • Jeff Storrs

    ANY Chance we could speak?? I mean on a phone for one minute any longer is because you like me after the first minute! 1-315-745-9418

  • Pierre-Marc Bégin

    I really believe that bitcoin mining is now for big guys only, they are now very big companies with thousands of computers calculating 24h/7. We small taxpayers, we can not compete with them anymore.

  • GS TTY

    Thats why you should have hedged your risk and bought/buy the Dash, and Scrypt capable antminers

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