ENVION Crypto Infrastructure

Introducing the future of smart dezentralized blockchain infrastructure
  • Australiano75


  • Igor' Alekseev

    Мне нравится все супер дай бог Вам в развитие самого мощного потока.Спасибо Вам что Вы есть!!!

  • Australiano75

    Wow very real with dramatic music and cgi images. Not. Beware of this company.

  • Golden Era

    So you wanna be a gangster?

  • Bromar Vids

    I have a question, what exchange are you currently on? I heard etherdelta? Are you going on hitbtc?

  • Namik Tunur

    Warning !! Most probably it is a SCAM project, They don't send dividents. They don't inform investors. They lock your tokens. They don't response your emails. They don't publish announcement when they claim etc etc. Too many red flags.

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