How is it gaming on AMD's Ryzen 2400G with Vega Graphics?

We take a look at an affordable approach to gaming with ASRock's Ryzen APU ready AB350 PRO4 with a complete build and gaming tests.

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  • Wilterotot John

    at least your being honest with your gameplays. nice vid btw!

  • CIBERA 5.0

    muy buena maquina me gusto 😊

  • Safetytrousers

    Another review shows this board suffering badly from CPU voltage droop., which the user has no ability to control because there is no LLC option.

  • DS live

    I want to build pc $1k suggest me plzz

  • Dejan Markovic

    Is this the first Air cooled system on channel? :D

  • IsaRadio

    How is it gaming on AMD's Ryzen 2400G with Vega Graphics?İts like when you always lose...because there is One Who bigger then you....:)

  • Great Teacher Onizuka

    Please do a simple, low watt, budget mini ITX PC build using Ryzen 3 2200G

  • Nathan.

    How'd you get it down to $960? I'm aiming to build a similar build by buying through umart but still my overall cost is like $1,025 (w/o SSD).

  • Leona Khoo

    How's AB350 pro 4 BIOS oc

  • Techmania marko stojanovic


  • zack9912000

    Better then be raped on GPU prices and rewarding those bastard miners

  • Robert

    If the graphics could go that little bit further, up to 3840x2150@60Hz, it would make an ideal box for web design and web development.m-ATX or ITX board, and smaller PC case instead.

  • Setareki Ligaiviu

    i am getting really poor performance compared to others. on overwatch i get 70 fps on 720p 70%resolution low settings. makes me sad :(

  • WeeWoo

    Man I got a decent gaming PC w/ ryzen 5 vega 11 graphics and 4 gigs of RAM...who's generous to give me a GTX 1050ti and a 4 gig ram stick 😅😭

  • The Lazy Editor 101

    is the bios updated on the mobo?

  • zuriel keta

    Is it okay to build ryzen 2400g with asrock taichi x370?


    If i paired a gpu to the 2400g will the vega graphics and the gpu work together?

  • Romick Vieira

    Amazing apu on a budget. If that mobo is 75€ in europe (things are often same price as in america but in euroa, not converted, for example 500 usd and 500€ in europe, no conversion just same number) thats super cheap, i had a 70 or 80€ motherboard and it had brown pcb, that mobo in the video looks like how 200€ motherboards looked at the time. And i did good cheaping on the mobo and on the 8350, were enough for me and didnt gave me problems.

  • ÇĤ Ĥąŕįś

    Why ryzen 5 2400g APU lags in some games?I heard from other youtube channels that ryzen 5 2400g have some issues with drivers that's why its lags in some games.Anyone knows about that?

  • Ben Dover

    I'm Running the same combo ($190 us AR). Very silent indeed. The few games I tried run ok (Insurgency/Ring of Elyssium) but it's not that far ahead of my Phenom II X4 925 w/ Geforce 460 768mb. INsurgency is 100+Fps on both. ROE (pubG clone) has to run at 720 to be smooth enough, but really looks fine...not that much different than 1080 IMO. I probably get 20-50% improvement in FPS, but if I put in a new 1050 the old computer would be fine I think. If you need the upgrade its good. I think I could have waited and just got a new card and SSD though on my 2010 build.

  • Robert

    Every time I see APU, I think of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

  • YW 4 games

    This channel is going to 1M subscribers 😍❤🔥

  • Levy Wilson

    The AsRock manual says it downgrades the PCIe 16 slot to a 8 when an APU is installed. What exactly does this mean for the day I can buy a GTX 1060 at MSRP when all the miners finally give up?

  • Justin Anderson

    I have the same CPU and mobo combo with stock settings. I'm getting nowhere close to this performance. Any suggestions or ideas as how to fix that?

  • funmovieproduction

    I'm pretty happy that u chose the ASRock mobo, because I have it on my own and have never been disappointed by their mobos (used so far 3 different models)

  • LightCore GD

    I actually use this mobo in my personal build 😂 although I bought it in April 2017, so the earlier version... should I update the BIOS?

  • shibli sadik

    Can u do a mid-range water cooled build. With a single 1070ti with i5 8600k !!!! Would love to see some budget friendly water cooled build 😀

  • TheTakoRoko

    Where's the link to the motherboard?

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