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Let's dig into habits, productivity, motivation, thinking, learning, improving, and living, and have some fun doing it!
  • Howardsend88

    brilliant , many thanks and regards from Dublin

  • Open The Box

    No BS - This is perhaps one of the best videos i have watched.It incorporates ideas such as the power of habits and also the law of attraction (which i still find difficult to understand) in a very clear and concise way. Some of these ideas can be expressed in a very 'woo woo' way by others (not hating) but this is a very digestible and understandable way without having too many scary and over the top terms in there.Would recommend to a friend!Thank you , Derek!

  • Iron Mind Video Podcast

    Hi Derek,I believe that many of the most successful and happiest people are those who have habitual tendencies, rituals and daily routines. Whats yours by the way? My channel revolves around self-improvement and personal development - if you have a moment, would you mind providing me with some feedback. Keep up the good work Mr Franklin, I think the world needs more of you.

  • Merrell Swan

    Hey Derek, I was wondering if (The Action Machine) is still available? Dont know what happened to my copy, but its not on my computer. How can I get another copy? It did an excellent job of helppng me stay on top of my business

  • Spirtual Souldier

    great video , can you please explain 7 to me a little better

  • safir peace

    what a great guide to a perfect daily life success start ,unfortunately that i can't afford to buy it...,thank you for your efforts

  • Sanam Budhrani

    A summary of the Daily Launcher :) thanks for sharing this! :)1-Be calm2-Be grateful-express your thanks3-Read something positive 4-Write your discoveries-actions5-Review your target/vision6-Watch something inspirational 7-Think of a motivational phrase to kick off!Next: Do something of significance right away P.S. love step 7 !

  • National Cyber & Computer

    I have spent months researching improving your marriage and discovered a fantastic resource at Pavs Partner Pundit (google it if you're interested)

  • Andrej Rudans

    Thanks for the video derek! I think the little things that we do on the daily basis are the most significant because all of them add up over time. Do I read a book or do I watch TV? Do I eat the greens or the pizza? The healthy decisions that we take on a regular basis will help us transform our lifes.


    Life is about growing and improving and getting better.- Conor McGregor

  • Henry JR

    Hello Derek, I am enjoying you video but stopped it to catch a typo in one of the text notes. I think you mean to say "let's talk about why change is so hard" at the 1:19 mark. I smiled and thought, he didn't mean that. I'll check out you site. I live in Jersey City, moved from Santa Cruz with my Girlfriend. I love talking about topics related to changing your energy to change your life.

  • ZaemElias

    Thank u so so so much . I watched all your video and I heard u so quietly , and like and share for u . Thank u much

  • pbhenderson247

    Hi Derek, newbie here. Is this e book still available? I'm having difficulty finding it. Thank you for sharing your gifts :D

  • Zahid Iqbal Zia

    very good training to self improvement

  • Louis Luzuka

    say hello to your new subscriber subbed


    You are one of my best loved YouTubers and I hunger to make a tribute video to your channel. Please let me know if that is ok with you. My YouTube channel has a lot of motivational and inspirational content because my passion is to share the best personal development hacks. I enjoy your content and would like to give it some extra publicity. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Dilip Matlani

    Set three most important task for the day and only focus all your energy to complete these three task first and as soon as possible. #today #entrepreneur

  • amawalpe

    > 6pm : wakeup> 20 min : gym or 40 min : footing> 15 min : meditation> 20 min : a good healthy breakfast : real orange juce + thea + black bread organics or organic cereal + a bit of milk> 7h45 : go to work> 10-20 minutes : take a cofee and say hello to everybody> if it's Monday : 30 min : make a PLAN for the whole WEEK : 1) what are my pending projects and the next step associated and the priorities, impacts , deadlines, etc. 2) take the plan of last week : are ther something you didn't do ? Reprogramme it ? 3) with part 1) and 2) prepare an week plan detailled at the hour level You may be obliged to work on thing you don't like : plan those uggly things FIRST ( cf "eat the toad" ) THINK STRATEGIC : where you should put ENERGY ? What are the WINNING Stuff ? Work for your enterprise but you also work for your CARRIERE : Think about strategies that can make YOU EMERGE on an other mission you're interested on. The reccurrent tasks : put it as a bloc from 20 min to 1h in the beginning of morning or afternoon This plan is a scafold and may be evolve along the week : just keep allways you're work STRATEGIC : PRODUCE RESULTS AND ACHIEVE IMPORTANT THINGS This STEP is very important : every minute spent create youre weekplan may you economise 20 minutes ! So take you're time to do it consciensciouscly and meticulously >> NOW you've got youre PLAN : THIS A4 SHEET WILL DRIVE YOU you throug the week HOUR AFTER HOUR :D> If It's not Monday : 10 min to Re-arrange the planning Day in function of what's done yesterday and what's new in you're mission. Allways think Strategic and Achievement.> NOW simply Do the Task mentionned on your Planning NOW ! The hardest thing is to begin a task so BEGIN NOW ! And Then STAY FOCUS ! And that's it ! ACHIEVE EACH BLOC. For that you can use a countdown clock alarm to put you under pressure. And all allong the day ; Achieve One Bloc after another : Remember that we go to the summit one Step at a time.> Allow you about 3 breaks of 15 min spread over the day> If youre job allows it : don't be disturb by mail, tel or direct touch : fit some ranges for that like check email at 9 - 11.30 - 13.30 - 15.30 / phone allowed at 11h->12h and 14h>15h DONT LET YOU DISTRUB : STAY FOCUS ! STAY FOCUS ! STAY FOCUS !> At noon : Eat good stuff : white meat or fish / vege / fruits. If you projected to do sport in the evening : pasta allowed :)> If it's Firday at 16h : Do a Week Review ( You have to intelligently create you're own week report system )> Before you Go : Clean you're Desktop Allways : it's good for your mental and for your image. Then Go Home !> Do some Sport : 2 days in the workweek ( i mean on 5 work days )> At evening : Eat good stuff : no meat ( or white meat or fish ) / vege / fruits.> 23pm : Go to sleep

  • Claud Rebille

    trtin to make a bit od money FRANKL How disappointing .. tjaard van der westhuizende aarsouth afrika

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