4 GH/s Raspberry PI Bitcoin Miner - PiMiner

Raspberry PI Bitcoin Miner with Adafuit LCD

Block Erupter:

PiMiner Project (Includes links to LCD & components)
  • Xakome Ds

    Tu si eres chingon bro!!

  • chris murphy

    can i hook up a gtx 1080 to the pi miner I dont have a computer so i would just be buying exces hardware for no reason

  • Crypto FR

    I would simply advise you hashflare you are 100% sure to get a good ROI. https://hashflare.io/r/F5889326-raspberry

  • Orlando Silva

    Hello from Argentina :). Im just learn about bitcoin, i bought a fraction of it. Still don't understand mining well. 37QjTHREgQJZMpEy3HappUKYaiCxTBqpX3

  • Bike Vids

    But can it make a profit?

  • Senk!

    Please support me!19YxptphWLt26UAMxNEpHNcjUppg4VPeeVI love u all!

  • ZiMRA

    how much did u make b4 it bcame hyped dude? fucking lucky guy

  • zara yaad kar

    I want to buy full setup. How ?????

  • TheBible AsHistory

    Josh Hildebrand, what is the name of your 12 port USB hub? I would like to buy one myself, but can't find it anywhere online.

  • daniel jorgensen

    What size sd card are you using in that pi?

  • phu thanh

    this page give free bitcoin miner.https://cloudminer.asia/?ref=phuthanhyou can try with this.after login, it will work although you shut down the computer.

  • rohit pal

    Lol people are running hi end graphic cards and this man is doing with raspberry

  • Kurtwell

    Back in the days you could mine Bitcoins using these potatoes

  • Pro Moto

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  • Max spielt

    Can you donate me 1000$ please :D

  • Aphiwe juqu

    I comment so that you get paid

  • parker benz

    My oh my if this guy held his coins...

  • Christopher Abellana

    How much do you earn from your mining rig?

  • Pretentious Bear

    SIGH buddy of mine after high school was like Paul, lets go in together and mine bitcoins, I was like fuck that why the fuck would I do that. He is a millionaire now. Jesus. We were both tech nerds I work IT, he does whatever the fuck he wants.

  • sanjay singh

    cost of this machine


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  • Ridha Chowdhury

    This might be a dumb question. Could a setup like this be used to mine alt coins like monero or byte coin.

  • Me Yc


  • ItzRaven

    Watching this in December 2017 when bitcoin is 16k

  • Fanny Laboratory

    4gh/s entuk opo saiki wkakakakakkak

  • John Mondovi

    Fucking miners eating all our electricity and increasing global warming!

  • Yetti Chevrette

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  • steeven turcotte

    Guуs I just fоund this аwеsоmе cash gеnеrаtоr herе is thе link bеlоw : freepplmoney.win/?sER8Mm

  • SilviuRO

    i hope u will die because of mining

  • 2000jago

    Bitcoin value from mtgox!? LOL, who? Oh, you mean those guys who ran off with all our bitcoins! Yes, I remember them.

  • Sujay Goyal Sujay Goyal

    How much price for this set up

  • Vuk Zlatkovic

    first miner i have seen to not use gpus

  • bitcoinATX

    I just purchased USB dual miners and having trouble gettin them config. member of Nanopool & slush pool. running cgminer. but batch file config. is outdated on videos I can find. HELP mE ..??

  • Lyca Lopex

    how to mine bitcoin with 0 hardware https://hashflare.io/r/1245634E

  • Pro Moto

    Here is a extremely interesting reading ! The only TRUTH why bitcoin price is 11.000 $ right now and will NEVER die !https://medium.com/@themillennialcryptotrader/the-only-truth-that-nobody-talks-about-bitcoin-and-why-his-price-is-rising-so-fast-7794a86078a7

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