UASF-BIP148 Bitcoin Mining Adventure - Success & Troubles

@ToneVays Website:
Bitcoin: 1NAxERktkH8FCRJkeaThRJeQ3fzVjBdKEi
Litecoin: LTVXjtfUBVdtDETpcLGXJeUa1ohgzNCQSf

Mining Equipment:
Power Supply:
NOTE: So the above PSU is not powerful enough for USA due to 110V. So the option for me is an additional power supply for 650W more:
Or you have to go with a 1300W one from the start:

The Controller Setup Directions are Here (NOTE: It is a Raspberry Pi 3 so update Firmware accordingly)
NOTE: The Static IP Gave me Lot's of problems. Needed to change the LAN setting on a laptop connect the Controller to Laptop via LAN Line and update the IP setting to Variable. From there it was recognized by the router.

*Mining is being done on Slush Pool signaling BIP148

Scaling TimeLine:
Tone's August 11th, 2017 referenced in a 2014 Article:

Guide to setting up your own node (see below for making it #UASF compatible)

UASF-BIP148 & SegWit2x-BIP91 Support Stats
CoreDev UASF Support:
Informative UASF Video's

UASF - BIP148 Mandatory Reading:

Important Video's

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Tone Vays is available for consulting at the rate of 0.1 btc per hour. Please email for additional info.
  • Fervent Dissent

    You should be able to lower the voltage in the cold of winter time, with high heat you need more voltage to stable and not crash.

  • Yo ski

    Tones character Levels up with electrical experience points of +10 exp !!

  • Richard Chaffer - richards videos -

    Nice job Tone! :) Actions speak louder than words

  • stuntard

    what coins can be mined with this unit?

  • Fervent Dissent

    25 dollar 1300watt psu

  • Fervent Dissent

    "Or, you can do like 2 x 650 where one is for left side and one is for right side."

  • Sonix711

    well done mate !!! I did have to skip some vid parts, but mostly still helpful / useful, so def not a waste of time !!! live recording doing this kind of stuff is very hard !!! cheers for the Slush BIP148 dropdown box "heads-up" - thats new - mine needed updating !!! hope you ddint show too much info that you may not have wanted to show...anyway, again, well done mate !!!cheers !!! :)

  • Ebacherville

    Your so close.. just go get a couple gaming PC power supplies and "hotwire them" to alwasy on.. Green wire to black in the header.. google it.. YOUR SO CLOSE .. heck youd only need one.. just put half on the current PSU and half on the second PSU.

  • Manuel Amilcar

    Hello Tone. I liked the video. I am also running a BIP148 full node. Unfortunately I can't mine. I noticed that you are using your laptop usb port to power the RPi3. The RPi3 need it's own PSU. The power from the usb port will not be enough Another thing when downloading the software node or any other software from the web it's a good thing to check the integrity and authenticity of the file downloaded. Good luck! And let's all suport BIP148.

  • ubinebin

    A typical consumer grade 750+ Watt power supply costs around $100.  On the other hand a Gigampz board paired with a refurbished industrial grade server power supply can cost as little as $60.  The Gigampz also provides some nice additional features like the ability to monitor and control it with a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or similar device.  The bottom line is you get a better power supply for around 50% of the cost.  The savings can be even greater for large deployments.

  • ubinebin

    you will have to consider a separate power supply not integrated into the home it has to be at a constant you're probably dealing with peak surging as to why it keeps shutting down

  • Kevin Heaney

    dealing with a miner issue

  • btc_real

    I love this adventure, I might join you Tone.

  • Catriona Halliday

    Tone... contact the digitalgold guys. They constantly are building and mining and go live on YouTube. Facebook to.

  • Paula Green

    You need 1600w, and all 6 leads. Don't run it as it is you will overload it! However, 3 cables one side and 3 the other is correct. Keep things balanced and load will be balanced.Your PSU too small, will cause voltage drop and current surge, so soon regulators will burn out as they get hotter each time you try run it. Each time it will run for shorter and shorter times as the regs never get time to cool down. Shorten the power leads if you can. They look too long but they would be fine with a big enough PSU. However, 3 cables one side and 3 the other is correct. Always source your PSU local so it complies with local electric laws and tech spec.if it is a European PSU it will be 50Hz when the USA uses 60hzRaspberry Pi needs 2000mA, plug it into a 2Amp 5volt wall-wart PSU not the PC. PC can't deliver good power over time. PC will put the USB ports to sleep over time and Pi will stop.DON'T LOWER YOUR VOLTAGE it could BURN YOUR CABIN DOWN if the PSU is not correct.And don't have it against the wall, you want good air flow. It will be very hot when its runningTony it is all here. I gave you it once.

  • Oronia Blockchain

    You need a dedicated Circuit, 30 amp number 10 wire from service panel.

  • Fervent Dissent

    Lower your frame capture frame rate 50 to 30 or lower and the video stream will look better.

  • Sonix711

    I love how many people are so blase about power supplies and power consumption - "its only a couple killowatt" !!! if your like that, think yourself lucky - in the UK, electricity costs a small mint, and 1600 watts is frickin hardcore for a home miner !!! hence why home mining is a bit of a joke now... !!! yes - I'm still running 100GH at 100 watts, and thats about as good as its ever gonna be for me... take your kilowatt kit and stick it - thats what I much for decentralizd home mining for the masses...cheers !!! :)

  • Grym Reaper

    First of all, it needs clear access at BOTH ends. The wall is NOT providing the miner with cool air effectively. All you are going to do is constantly vacuum all those cable and behind your desk, and even that doorway, of available dust.You should be able to power a 7amp/1350w miner from a residential supply, depending on where you're living I suppose.Pull it away from the fucking wall dude and buy an appropriate power supply..........................

  • ubinebin

    they make larger power supplies specifically for bitcoin miners

  • Will Power

    I've suddenly had an epiphany for the BTC dilemma, and it seams too easy and simple an idea to have not been thought of yet -- so maybe it has?, and won't work???, but I can't imagine why it wouldn't work, since it's simply expanding what BTC miners are already doing.Here it is: An outside network load estimator or competing estimators will dictate a separate alpha numeric chain assignment for transactions such that A,B,C, etc., then 1A, 1B, 1C, etc., 2A, 2 B, 2C, etc., all the way up to whatever is necessary to scale -- visually it's a fabric, not simply a chain anymore. For example, if Christmas rolls around, and BTC becomes popular, the market transactions per second estimators may see the need, for example, to be up to 101A, 101B, 101C, etc., assigned to transactions going out over the BTC network.a nice little excerpt from : "Decentralized politicsFor all this, bitcoin’s theoretical capacity is terribly limited. At present, each new ‘block’ of transactions that is added to the blockchain, every ten minutes or so, is 1 MB in size. Until this changes, it throttles bitcoin to somewhere in the region of 7 transactions per second (tps). Consider that Visa averages around 2,000 tps, with a peak capacity of perhaps 50,000 tps, and you realize that something has got to give." OK...: Lets say 20,000 divided by 7, that's 2,875.1, now divide the alphabet into that, that's 114.3 -- so.., that's 114 A), 114 B), and so on.... Se how simple it is too scale a blockchain: you turn it into a fabric...! Add exponential computational power...! And, wallah, BTC.., 'AND other block chains will scale just fine!OK.., yes!!, it's going to take quite a bit of computing power, but BTC has that in spades..., right? Just remember; computational power is on an exponential growth pattern! Simply increasing the block size or making it expandable is very risky to security which is everything to the "blockchain" invention -- without security it's meaningless! This gives infinite scalablity to a small secure block! It just makes sense to make a fabric -- a nice tight strong secure fabric!! This will work for any blockchain.

  • Jeffrey Butts

    you need to have 220V for it to work!!

  • TheFundiAU

    Did you try underclocking the by lowering the clock speed? It is my preferred method over undervolting and it works for me during summer when I don't want to push it too hard.

  • Fervent Dissent

    If you use a pc power supple you have to buy a special power on cable, or put a paper clip in the 24 pin connector. Never use a power supple rated equal to your load, they loose efficiency and cost more to operate and could have a short life span.(1150W + up to 15%)/.9= 1470W PSU minimum. Multiple smaller supplies would be ok, I think that's why they put so many 6 pin connector on the miner, so you can easily use many cheap units..

  • Luke Johnson

    Yeah a second power supply should do it. Also check the amperage that is coming out of your cabin to see if it is enough to provide the up to 1600W needed. It's all worth it. As anytime with hardware + software, it's always always frustrating but incredibly rewarding when you get it going. You'll do it.

  • Tone Vays

    So it shut off about 10 minutes after I ended the video. It made it to 6600 GH/s (6.6 TH/s) and then shut off. Unless someone wants to recommend a power Supply that works (assuming that is my problem) I will need to buy this $360 one:

  • Drew Jackson

    i like the bitcoin bandana

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