Noob Tries to build a Bitcoin Mining Rig - £2200 down the pan??

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  • Mixed Content

    you gonna go to hell for doing this,the PCMR Gods gonna make u pay lolafter painfully wasting 20 mins of my life watching this video to the end,i really don't blame this dude,he has no clue what PCs are about,what they can do,his comment on this video says why you bitching about PC part prices since PCs are not for gaming,so if you blame him you are a fool,he clearly doesn't know shit,he heard about this mining thing payed couple thousands to get em,and he started his journey.yes the likes of him are responsible for the shortage of the graphics cards but he is just a sheep going with the flow.

  • quoc

    WOW lots of hate here... kevin some advise use gpu to mine alt coins not bitcoin because as you know now its alot harder and then exchange it to btc on an exchange . sugguestion are monero zcash etc... you will be more sucessful and profitable doing it that way. I like the video as it shows some one that doesnt know anything about mining can do it obvoiusly kevin needs to do abit more research on mining and what to mine depending on difficulty whcih changing everyday for alt coins

  • FuckNewChannelDesing

    Hi 5 :)) !!! and i guess you forgot to put thermal paste on the processors !!! :)) nice video!!!

  • Corvus Hyperion

    Good on you for having a go mate! High five.

  • j3001m

    It will have helped if you had got 1070 with only 1x pci power, you looked to be using a card that takes 2, that bad for power, I.e. the setup you got only needs 1x Psu if you got the Right cards

  • Kevin Talbot

    I see a lot of angry gamers saying I'm driving up graphic card prices...dudes, get an xbox why would you game on a PC anyway? They cost 10x more and xbox and have just as good graphics and are much more simple to set up. Gaming on a PC does not mean you have a bigger willy!

  • Squrtlemaster 3

    Give him some slack it’s obviously his first time


    u should get a better cpu ur cpu is bottle necking ur system get and intel i5 or i7

  • John Anderson

    Did you put a thermo paste afrerwards, or you just skipped it?

  • tyzurial

    What Hashrate are you seeing? Also you forgot a SATA power plug on your board to provide the board enough power for your extra GPUs. May want to plug that in. Just finished building a 12 GPU mining rig with the same mobo. Seeing an $18 (USD) profit per day after electricity. 2 1080 TIs and 10 1070 TIs.

  • Sergio Osuna

    Your partner was useless

  • Roksana Asru

    Ur PC build scared me

  • Glitch Core

    Look at this dude thing

  • Roksana Asru

    Such a amature builder

  • Makavelli Gaming

    carved my eyes out after this one needed my mate to write this .... help ><

  • Anton Mensing

    Try an burnout with one of your racer.

  • Darren Helman

    Did he break it by not grounding himself is that why he wasted money?

  • Navid Abdolmohamadi

    This really painful to watch...🤯🤯🤮🤮🤮

  • MillieIon

    youuuuu suckkkk but hell man keep it lol

  • xConundrumx

    I swear if I see one more yobo build a rig in wood I am going to hurl.

  • Toni Jam

    Someone needs to help this poor guy fix his speech impediment , I mean accent..

  • James Hovey

    The whole thing. Lol

  • Nicola Greene

    Are you from the uk or the USA???

  • M1staGate

    Great vid dude, you should use that pc to run RotorRush!

  • Philipp Dase

    You are a bit of a cunt

  • gimble

    just a big con by hardware companies and electricity suppliers :(

  • Panicky Khan

    The reason you not making too much money a day is bcs you are mining with a bad software or something like that and btw the gpu mining is dying now so good luck

  • James Ball

    Don't mine Bitcoin with gpus, mine altcoins

  • cody johnson

    Yeah dude highest of fives. That was hard to watch cause I don't know what the hell a miningbit is, I don't even wanna Google it. Dang homie, I'd tell your friend to get off his ass & help you out for real. I heard him setting his lazy ass down, he should have warned you bout that crap.

  • ffcuk63

    How's it going Kevin high 5!!!! How's it going for you now any update... or did you stop ?

  • Genzu Qamarul

    Wtf? Im 15 can do that simple shit

  • estaban rockwood

    fuck off free market to do what you want when you want.

  • Glitch Core

    I just got an ad for someone who buys stuff on ebay and sells it for 12 times the price. It's not Kevin in the ad but their brains seem to be extremely similar

  • Ramee REDz

    a complete geek pretending he is a noob..just to get some views....REALLY u want us to believe u r a noob?

  • thefeet

    holy crap what a waste of 4 good gaming cards when ASICs are the way to go for bitcoin mining these days. 2200 pound down the drain? No shit Sherlock! No wonder ppl are pissed at morons like this! I went shopping for a card a few days ago and was horrified to see the price of gaming cards these days because idiots like this are thinking they are getting in on the gold-rush of the 21st century. Unless you are a big company using warehouses full of PCs and ASICs... good luck making money mining Bitcoin. Oh the idiocy of it all. Just Sad.


    Funny,,,, BTW I THINK IT WAS INTENTIONAL..... ;)

  • MillieIon

    ok i was about 2 mins in when i sent that first comment and im back to actually just to say stop mann this hurts to much to watch . you should take the time to study broo

  • Patrick Forsyth

    dead funny looks like a good crack, almost christmas morning, how is it going?

  • Mune Poefoleo

    I think you over egged it a bit with the supposed cluelessness but I'm sure the rigs doing fine. Should be getting 5 -10 a day easy.

  • Mind Uploading

    But wath you do with all that?

  • Tommy Wikstrom

    The cringe 0.0, also the black thingy pops of when you tighten the bracket so you actually didnt do it wrong ;p

  • Joseph Todd

    I traded on several crypto-exchanges and now decided that I’m done with searching for the best conditions. HITBTC turned out to be the most optimal exchange among others.

  • saeed a

    How are you going to show us how 2 make 100k/ a year when you're broadcasting from a warehouse? what did you do with your 100k ?did you spend it all on bubble gum ?

  • Cdogmaximilian

    Epic level troll man. Congrats.

  • Orc Anios

    this is make me cry :')

  • Xtoxin loli-necronomicon

    Sucessful troll is successful.

  • hunter leazer

    I didn't understand why the video says this setup was a waste. That setup should make at lest 10$ a day that's 70$ a week and if u don't understand the software use minergate so simple also simpler to use Linux ubuntu as it will install on a flash drive

  • the truth

    I'm dying at all the comments from gamers who are so triggered over bitcoin miners, prices rising, etc. Get a life, go find a girlfriend & stop playing games losers 😂😂

  • Mohsen Alizada

    Du ediot. Du Arschloch 🖕

  • Vickstar109

    Not bosting or anything but I know how to build a pc and I cringed the whole way through this...

  • Dylan Galicia

    So, is there an update to this video on how much you've made and spent in continuing the operation of this set up? btw High-five.

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