Is Bitcoin Going To Fork? Protect Your Bitcoin!

Is Bitcoin Going To Fork? Protect Your Bitcoin!

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How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency: Cold Storage & Paper Wallet Guide


Will Bitcoin Fork? UASF Summary (Jimmy Song Interview)

What is a UASF?

UASF stands for User Activated Soft Fork. It’s a mechanism where the activation time of a soft fork occurs on a specified date enforced by full nodes, a concept sometimes referred to as the economic majority. A UASF requires a lot of industry support and coordination, which is good practice for eventual hard forks which requires even more industry coordination. In the past, a UASF was successfully carried out to activate the P2SH soft fork (BIP16). The UASF concept was combined with SegWit activation in the BIP148 proposal which can be found here:

My name is Ameer Rosic, and I'm a serial entrepreneur, investor, Marketing Strategist and Blockchain Evangelist

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    I am new to the crypto world .Anyone wants to donate some BTC or Ether to me I would really appreciate it.BTC:  1H7Sr7jArebZBSuui43QafETey1UDEKCEPETH:  0x8f96353a0Bb6216Be52cFe0DEc0Ce2A3351edF9A

  • Rich Silva

    No more FUD tho. Everything is going to be just fine, as always. There will always be people who panic, just relax and don't forget to live your life.

  • Angie Cordeiro

    I have BitCoin on coinbase....


    1sec after fork 12;20 1AUG HUGE drop!! atleast of worth of BCC.

  • Daniel Alvarez

    I have Bitcoin on kraken, how exactly do I take the coins from there to offline?

  • Shen Li

    **Hold on to your bitcoins, don't let the brokers make you broke.**They want quick dirty money, they like to rob you. We want long term investment, we want true value, we want freedom! One life, one wife, one cryptocurrency!**Stay cool, stay true!**

  • Prateek Varma

    ...SO much talk and little information.

  • Oussama Hamdach

    if we have btc in Exchange and we buy some ethereum or other Coin. or even USDT ,So we are safe then?

  • Jean Muhuza

    Will any USB work for a hardware wallet, or do you recommend getting Ledgar Nano S.? Nano S. orders won't ship until September (after doomsday [Aug.1st]): "Estimated shipping date for all new orders processed from our factory: September 4, 2017."

  • Kaleidoskopio Kasa Kultural

    Do you recommend a Cold Wallet like Electrum Wallet to be prepared before the fork?

  • Matthew Lachance

    Fucking bitcoin! I thought it's supposed to stay falling until August 1st! How come it's rising? It's making a lot of people lose money who invested in alt coins!

  • S

    if you don't hold the shinny in your hand you own gold buy silver....

  • Kevin

    Ledger wallet doesn't ship until September. Do yo have another suggestion other than the paper wallet?

  • Steve Stevens

    judging by the comments this guy just said a bunch of bullshit that didn't help anyone

  • Yuen Ching Cheung

    So I have my BTC in JAXX, as I have read, the private keys in JAXX are in the client side, in this case I dont need a paper wallet for the fork right? as long as I my jaxx wallet secured and my private keys secured in my wallet Im going to be as safe and ready has having it in a Paper wallet when the fork happens?

  • Adam Taylor-Coyle

    I have my bitcoin on Exodus and im halfway accross the world and still will be for Aug 1st. Im not very concerned as I havent invested alot in Bitcoin but if I have my private keys will that be enough to get the 2 new bitcoins if it does fork?

  • Brian McLaughlin

    Howdy, Ameer. I am a producer for James Bond Bitcoin Live and we would like to have you as a guest on an upcoming Weds or Sun night show at 8PM EST

  • FREE skillshareMedia

    can i just put my btc to litecoin or usdt

  • Yac ov

    Hi bro, Love your videos - straight to the point short and full of informationCan you make a video about how do i get my free BCC having my BTC on a ledger nano s wallet

  • Tim Miller

    Pillar ICO sale is Live right now

  • oneday341

    In case of split, would be an owner of both coins with my Bitcoin in the Multisig Vault of Coinbase. I have the private key, so is there something else I need to consider?


    I love your videos Ameer! Very well spoken and informative, you certainly have put alot of effort which is awesome. Just opened a Jaxx wallet to begin my long term Crypto holding, guided with your advice and my own research, thanks so much for the analysis. Your videos will help many find their way into crypto (good for us all) :)!!1EbJTZ5MGKkjdZ23GUwGnmVKbp5fUj1e3J - if you are feeling generous:)

  • André Rothweiler

    Never thought that Quagmire know so much about Bitcoin! amazing!


    but I have double protection on exchanges this is not safe?

  • dsoneji1606

    Hey man, really appreciate your videos and the content. What are your thoughts on Veritaseum and their ICO?

  • build black

    I am new to the crypto world I can't get a delivery date for the Ledger Nano S until September 4, 2017, that's after the FORK I will have to try the paper wallet thanks for the tip.Anyone wants to donate some BTC or Ether to me I would really appreciate it.BTC: 1H7Sr7jArebZBSuui43QafETey1UDEKCEPETH:0x8f96353a0Bb6216Be52cFe0DEc0Ce2A3351edF9A

  • Slopestyle 2022

    Thank you for doing this video.. have u posted this on Steemit?

  • Jude Henry

    The fork will come but rather than hesitating to buy, I buy mine monthly.Small amounts through P2P marketplaces like Paxful until I get to 1 whole BTC.Slowly but surely.Nothing good will come from worrying. Just buy and hope for the best ;D

  • Ameer Rosic

    Sorry about the audio, my mic decided to take a nap lol

  • SuperHeroLifestyle TV

    Hi Ameer, We have Antshares(NEO) cryptocurrencies. What would you say is the safest way to secure these type of cryptos? I believe at the moment they only have a PC wallet..

  • Rob VC

    like your advices bro, really decent!

  • Jim Ferris

    "Discover How I Get My Bitcoin For Less Than $80 USD Per Coin"...

  • David Wyness

    If your BTC is currently on an exchange would it be a good idea to sell it for another crypto currency before the fork and just buy it back after the fork? Assuming the currency you pick is stable it should save the BTC transaction fees of moving them off and back on the exchange, thoughts?

  • april8329

    If I store on paper wallet, will I still get two coins after the fork? which wallet will support both coins and allow me to import the paper wallet ?

  • Brugllione

    Is exodus safe to use incase of a fork?

  • Kou Z

    I don't know how to get private key for my bitcoin from ledger nano s. I know passwords. Do you think that's good enough?

  • juggerknot100

    i have no print how to i get Paper Wallet

  • anon gone

    MOST IMP QUESTION: what bank allows buying bitcoin without shutting you'd down??!!!! all of my friends accounts are being closed down because of buying and selling bitcoin!!!!!

  • rinnin

    Breadwallet are telling us in their blog that we don't need to do anything and the bitcoins are safely stored offline on our phones. Can you confirm or deny this? Thanks

  • Crypto Nick

    Great video. I have bought more in this crash than ever!

  • Martin Cox

    Your videos are an excellent source of information. Thanks for the effort you put into them. You break things down perfectly.

  • Maggic

    If you transfer your bitcoins to an usb flash drive and the exchanges go bellyup -- how will we get our money back?


    please guys I'm new can you help me out please I want some money in my bitcoin wallet I don't have any money to put in it that's why I am looking help please guys help me out pleasehere is my bitcoin address 16JbeBdSUZdJbn1ro9yAjM4YXR5Je8vMKk

  • Rich Silva

    Instead of holding BTC before during or after August 1st, I'm holding altcoins, particularly staking coins :)

  • Dervint

    I recommend downloading Exodus wallet to your PC.

  • Amir Hamed-Hussein

    Thanks man really good stuff. Are you on steemit? id like to share your blookgeeks article on steemit cause i think it will help many newbies like myself understand the different types of wallets

  • Bhatts Bdm

    Ameer is it advisable to convert my bitcoin in altcoin and keep it on poloniex exchange during fork.

  • Coinflix

    Converting into fiat or tether usd might be the best idea in my opinion. PS: The 50 billion market cap hasn't disappeared it's just laying somewhere waiting to buy your cheap coins, guys. #NeverPanic

  • KungFuChess

    Take a look at a silver chart.. that's going to be bitcoin

  • Ganjin88

    I tried getting a trezor but they gave me an email recently that I won't get mines until mid August. It sucked because they waited this long to tell me this. Ohh well, paper wallet here I come.

  • World Spa Network

    PLEASE STOP!!! Allow me to explain a few things that most people don't understand. Who are miners? Miners are ordinary folks like myself who own mining rigs and mine bitcoin. There are hundreds of thousands of miners worldwide. We all use the same software. SHA254. If you try and use a different software, you will not be able to connect to your pool. This creates harmony in the Bitcoin System. Voting is done within your pool. Think of it like a polling station. Your vote is based on your hashing power. That is the speed of your rig. I have a small hashing power of under 1000 TH/s. I vote on proposals all the time. Either in Favor, Against, Abstain and some times I vote with the majority in my pool if I do not understand the proposal or if I am unsure of the impact on the proposed change. No single miner can take over the voting process, no matter how big his mining operation is. This must be a collective democratic process, where the majority agree on a new proposal to effect any changes in the code. If a majority is not achieved, then the status quo will prevail. We cannot have rebels or factions within Bitcoin. We cannot have 2 types of Bitcoins within the same Network. I hope this explains how Bitcoin works and why all this talk about miners causing a revolt or splitting Bitcoin into two is simply untrue and misleading. Come August 1st, 2017, all miners will report to work as normal. Crank up your rig and continue mining using SHA254. Your Bitcoins are Safe, and transferring them to new wallets, be it online or offline is simply unnecessary and a sure way to make Bitcoin users panic and cause a sell-off, affecting the price.

  • CryptoJohn777

    Use my code to get %3 off of every purchase on genesis mining PkhMG1

  • ExtremeGravy

    Mr Rosic, is this fork going to affect other altcoins like Lumens or Golems in any of the wallets/exchanges you mentioned (affecting them beyond price volatility)? If so, should they also be taken offline?

  • Liam Carr

    I sold my Bitcoin and now have USDT on poloniex, is this safe to do?

  • Jens Heise

    How do you get a private key?

  • roland serban

    sir i have an steem on my bittrex . its okay to store there or i remove from exchanger> i have an altcoins on my bittrex .. can you give advice what im doing for my altcoins>

  • Javier Gimenez

    But in Wallet as Jaxx you have the private key of all your directions. What's the problem then?

  • MrDosonhai

    Can I store Bitcoin in Multibit? Is it considered hot wallet?

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