Top 5 Best AMD B350 Motherboards

Asrock AB350M -
Asrock AB350M Pro4 -
Asus Prime B350-Plus -
Asrock AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac -
MSI B350 Krait Gaming -
MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon -
MSI B350M Mortar Arctic -

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Top 5 Best AMD B350 Motherboards

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  • Briguy1027

    I'm shopping for a motherboard -- comparing the Asus Prime vs the Gigabyte, since I was planning on getting an APU and using an old school DVI monitor, I am leaning towards the Gigabyte because it has an DVI output whereas the Asus does not.

  • fgamarni

    WIth this motherboard I cant get on board gpu working. Anyone has an idea how to turn on board GPU in bios ?

  • Sam Smith

    I would say B350 Fatal1ty as the best of the B350's full ATX. Have you tested this one?

  • Muhajirin

    ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 ?

  • YouGotNoJams

    Do any of you guys know if I still need to update the bios of the motherboard if I use the Ryzen 3 1200 and not the 2200g? Sorry, its my first build so I want to be sure because I nearly bought the 2200g but then realised you need the newest updated mobos or do it yourself which I can’t.

  • Ismail Lubis

    How about MSI B350 Gaming plus ? And i hear Asrock ab350/m pro 4 have crash issues ?

  • ScottishBawbag

    for people in uk i recommend are welcome in advance

  • Jaya Karnadi

    Is the MSI B350m Gaming Pro compatible Ryzen 3 2200G

  • dynocap

    Freakin' love my ASRock AB350 ITX! Got it back in September on sale. Such an awesome, tiny, cute little board... I would 100% recommend it to anyone who wants an ITX Ryzen build! Very solid on-board WiFi as well!

  • Hardware Unboxed

    One mistake in the video, the Asrock AB350M doesn't have a doubler, it's a 3 phase design with extra chokes. Sorry about the error, that said I'd still pick it as the best entry level board.

  • Richard Van Der Spuy

    Would the Asus Prime B350-Plus be a good match for the Ryzen 2600?

  • Jaws Xensroid

    MSI gaming Pro B350 Motherboard is a mild budget gaming PC in my Country lol

  • FinalCPU

    The ROG Strix ITX board is quite unique as it has 2 M.2 slots

  • Free Gaming

    Are these compatible and reliable for AMD Apu 2000 series? Or you'll give us a new list for this?

  • Jonathan Fun

    Sorry, not enough rgb

  • WarHammerPH

    Why is there no gigabyte here? WTF!?

  • Gelo Bongs

    Before stumbling upon this video, I was actually planning to buy a MSI B350M Bazooka. What are your thoughts on this one guys?

  • CookieOS

    Would really not recommend the Asrock AB350m Pro4 after the latest update (4.70). Constant freezes and crashes only after a few weeks of good use, now I have to go buy a new motherboard. Any recommendations?

  • Tyraient Gaming

    I wana make a build , but I don't know if I should wait for the 2nd gen cpu or get the 1600, rx 580 8gb , corsair 16gb ddr4 ram at a clock speed of 3200 , my build is fully 60% for video editing and rendering 40% for gaming and streaming games on mixer, whats the best b350 board to get I wana overclock to 4.0ghz on both 2nd gen cpu and 1st gen when I conclude on getting either, I'm really confused please help me ??

  • Paras rathee

    does b350 mortar artic support ryzen 2400g out of the box without bios update please tell me

  • Athlon 64 X2

    Nice vid, getting ASRock Pro4 B350 for $70 on sale


    ok I have a MSI b350 tomahawk motherboard and I wanna make a computer just to use to stream with layout I have an elgato HD 60 and playing from my xbox one I don't wanna play any games on the pc just stream from what do I need I know a ryzen CPU but which one? do I need a gtx how new and how old can I go? what ram do I need size wise so I need a ssd or just harddrive what power supply I would need ??? I don't have a budget just what's just enough to do the job thanks for any help

  • TimBilliet

    can i overclock ryzen 5 1600 when it's in this motherboard?

  • sarthak kanade

    How's the MSI- B350 gaming pro carbon?

  • sebakessler

    Mmm i had the Asus Prime B350 Plus but looks better the Asus Tuf b350m Plus Gaming. And a bit cheaper.

  • Johnny Black

    So no microatx?Hmmph. :/

  • Joeri Dijkstra

    I expected the MSI B350 PC MATE, It has USB C, RAID, 3200MHz ram support, M.2 slot and has crossfire support

  • That Garibaldi Boi

    21 subs left. Keep up the good work

  • Sabarish Waran

    I heard the B350M Mortar arctic supports crossfire...from the official website ...Also heard that 1 slot is PCI-E X 16 and the other is slower PCI-E X 8 will it hinder the performance when compared with a X-370 crossfire... Could you check the performance on both and do a video or make a post or atleast reply to this comment...Thank you

  • Praveen Upadhyay

    Recommend a cpu+Mobo only under 200 DOLLERS which can game without graphics card and last long? I will take graphics card after 1year after collecting some money.

  • GoDzSufian

    gigabyte b350 gaming 3 is also a very good mobo, still better than asrock mobos.

  • kifla

    I dont know about other asrocks ab350 boards but ab350 pro4 and ab350m pro4 have a huge voltage drop. Just google it, mine drops from 1.35v to 1.26v at load and there will be no LLC(emailed them)

  • T. Ryder

    Folks, do not buy the "Asrock AB350M Pro4". I got it and it really sucks. Google "Asrock AB350M Pro4 freezes" or "stutter".

  • Azam -45

    Aren’t all B350 overlock able ??.Then the differences in value and manufacturers are not big deal, right??.

  • Meatball sub

    i got the strix b350

  • TheAngryAArdvark

    Prime B350 + me likey, Love your channel, precise concise advice.

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