How To & Why Use PCI-E 1X - 16X USB Extension Riser Cables

A short video explaining the basics of how and why you should use PCI Express riser cables on your GPU mining rigs.

Hardware used in this video

PCI-E 1x -16x USB Riser Cable
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  • Ammar Alraisi

    i got a molex cable that directly connects to the power supply that supports up to 4 molex devices.. is this safe to use? it came with the power supply ..

  • Pauly Stax

    Actually use lighting to ILLUMINATE what you're demonstrating so you aren't in spooky shadow land. Good info.

  • edgar wahl

    The nrext is, How i can identify the graphics GPU with this. I have the LINUX Server with an X3650 M1 and the HP proliant DL 180 G6. I was able to make self Elektronic boards. I have the same risers that you using, but the 6 Pin Connector. I can using a 12 V 150 Ampere DC industrial DC Converter 240 / 12 V and also a / 5 V / 100 Amp Converter. Only what drivers you had to use

  • Tcll5850

    you left out the part about performance loss from x16 to x1 ~ in x16a PCIe x16 riser cable would be much better for the x16 slot.I'll give you credit though, and I won't dislike, because you do explain the purpose is for mining, which is less perfroamce dependant than gaming, to a degree.but you should really be using a board with 4 x16 slots, even if the last 3 are all wired for x8it's still much much better than you would get with x1, since you need the fastest possible access to the most CUDA cores you can access.

  • Michael Kwan

    Clear and concise. Thank you.

  • Marco Wiegand

    On x16 Slot is a x16-Riser better. Graphicscard or Graphiccard ?

  • Nurburgring00

    very good video man, really usefull. but would be nice to show the card being installed on the case.

  • peterz zylstra

    what the cables that if I was use for the PSU to the gpus( I am a first timer building my PC 1 into 4 GPUs......I need those steps...i have a separate PSU but not sure what cables are needed and what gets plugged in where...please more details...

  • Mati Poirier

    If i use this extension for mining the performance would be lower?

  • tomcio malina

    My question is, if my original PCIe x16 in motherboard is broken (not snapped) just doesn't detect any gpu. Can I use this riser to get the GPU working ?

  • Nunya Biznis

    Maybe a dumb question here: about that little USB PCIe x1 card you have in your hand at 5:24. I'm not a miner, but I bought one of those for $1 on ebay. I thought I would use it to plug in a USB flash thumb drive into my empty PCIe x1 slot so I could have an internal flash drive, but it's not working. My BIOS and Windows do not detect the card or the thumb drive plugged into it. Just trying to figure out of the little card is defective or if it just can't be used for this situation.

  • IMineBlocks

    Please Note:- You cannot connect the GPU Riser to your USB port. The usb cable is just used as an alternative to a ribbon cable, there is no usb interface. You cannot run the gpu riser from a usb port!

  • Levente Varga

    having sen this short tutorial,...this is my very first time signing up for any videos..ever!!!! Good straigt-to-the -point video, I hope there will be other great quality vids to be seen!

  • Clancy Benedict

    Finally a helpful video. Thank you so much!

  • David L

    but then where should you put your GPU coz it is not installed on the motherboard anymore, it will be outside the PC's case.

  • Chance Huey

    Quick question before I order these. I have B350 PC Mate mobo. Someone told me it can hold 8 gpus using PCIE adapters. So that little chip part that connects to the video card slot, can you put multiples in that slot? Witch then would mean I could put 8 because I could connect 4 of the connectors into one video card slot, and 4 in the other one. Am I correct?

  • Chris H

    So I cant help but be curious. If I am trying to run 2 GPU's either crossfire or sli on a mobo with one PCI x16 via a riser that has 2 PCI x16 slots. Wouldn't there be some type of bottleneck using only the one slot?

  • vakul bhatt

    Hi Sir,I have one query, there is 8 or 6 ping power connector on the GPU card, do we have to power that as well in this scenario or just the riser card power supply works well.Thanks & Regards

  • TaikliojiAkis

    @IMineBlocks hello, I have 008s riser version and I need connect to msi gtx 1060 6gb, what connector i must use better to connect gpu? Only Molex or sata or 8pin or all maybe need to connect?

  • Blender Rookie

    I have a question, I'm not into cryptocurrency mining so my question has nothing to do with that. I do use a program called blender which is a 3D Graphics program. It uses gpus to actually render images but the rendering is not typically done in real time. Does anyone know if using one of these risers will work in a program like blender.

  • Steve French

    Ive seen people saying that those sata adapters are not recommended for powering the riser. is this true?

  • Ben Nguyen

    So does the x1 channel have enough bandwidth to work with that x16 GPU card?Conversely, if you could theoretically fit 4 of the those 1x extenders into a single x16 slot, you would have four 16x GPU cards on one 16x slot.. so what am I missing?

  • Aryan Tiwari

    Can you connect a GPU to a laptop using this method, using mpcie adapter for the wifi card?

  • CooperDuper3000

    if i want to use my gpu for gaming purpose not for mining, is it possible to use this riser cards to be able to mount my gpu on a dirrefent place like outside my pc case or would this slow my framerate down, or does it work at all like for normal gpu usage? and if so, is there a way to mount my graficscard some how in a different way then directly putting it into the 16x full size pcie slot on my mainboard? Thank you in advance, great video by the way. =)

  • Spykerhond

    the bloody 1 x sockets sit very loose during operation , dont you know of some plug sheeth or cable grippers to stop riser boards from moving sideways in the slot during operation ?

  • Tech Master-All Tech You Need

    Can i connect riser into my pci e 16x??

  • David L

    yes, he was right, graphics cards come bigger and bigger and they will just cover up the slot next to the PCIE X 16.

  • Albert Xhaferi

    Hello mate i have a problem with one gpu, when i restart after turning on mining rig with 5x gpu, gpu4 freeze all mining rig. I changed usb cable and worked but again after restarring it freezes mining rig again.Can you help me where is the problem?Best regards

  • Cybercity007 Gaming Channel

    Nice explanation dude great work !


    sir can i use a pcie 1x to 16x riser for gaming in my pc with gt 710 ddr5 2gb graphics card ??? If yes so is there any performance losses ???

  • Prasanga Fernando

    I have a GTX 1050 Ti. Need to connect with risers. It needs additional 6 pin power supply as well. So how can I connect it with the risers? Do I need to supply power for both graphics card and riser as well? Or is supplying power to the riser is enough? Cos' It has overclock feature and I use it for mining. Please help me to solve this issue.

  • Network IT

    awesome video. I tried for months to figure out how to install a riser and didn't find a solution, and then I found your video. I helped a lot . Thank you. Keep making videos like this

  • ๖ۣۜ KENNEXS

    Great review pretty much pro

  • Yiu Chung Wong

    Sorry for being a noob but does it draw power from the motherboard or external power?

  • Jomaster The Second

    Would this work for gaming??

  • TheRealJiff

    Great video. Clear and to the point.

  • AntaRESynth

    can you connect the riser at the pci bus? If the card doesnt have 6/8 pin connector and draws power directly from m/b, can you connect 6 molex to the psu?

  • Mackubex

    So for example, my PCI Express slot is kinda faulty and it's not reading my graphics card. Can I use this PCI-E riser and connect it to the 1x slot and it should now read my graphics card & work?

  • philip dias

    Can this be used with other cards than videocards?

  • peterz zylstra

    can i add a second PSU 1200 to 1600W to the risers to aviod a shortage, can i just hope that the current PC PSU can handle 2-4 more gpus

  • Attila Vidacs

    Aren't the molex ones the worst to use?

  • OdyBeRidin

    Hey thanks for the tutorial. I have a 1080 ti in my gaming rig and Im mining with Nicehash, I have another 1080 ti card on the way and I want to add it to this rig. Can I just plug it in to the motherboard with the riser kit, how do i configure my PC to use both cards, also Im using EVGA PrecisionXoc for monitoring, Would I use the same PrecisionXoc program for both cards(I want to be able to control them independantly) or can I download it again for the new card, sorry im new to this, thanks for the rely!

  • DarrenandGemma Climie-Newman

    Before anyone goes and uses the SATA Cable to power the Risers, or more than 2 risers from a Molex PSU cables, have a read of this... you have been warned!!!

  • Renzmore Galvan

    Can this be use in your laptop?

  • Tay TYLERIENMAM Station

    how do i Mount it in the bracket?

  • Roman Matěna

    dou you have any experience with connecting b250 mining expert and server psu? how to do it?

  • Falsea

    So, can i not use this riser as a way of adding a usb 3 port to my pc? I just bought it cheap, £1 from the market, with all cables, and the guy really did not know either what it's function was and neither of us are "MINORS"", we just assumed it to be a card that allows us to use it as a USB 3 port on our pc, where there isn't one. I thought i could somehow connect it to a USB 2 port on the inside of the pc, as a way of allowing the same USB 2 port to be used as a USB 3 port. But can't i still use it as such?

  • Talin Egle

    Can you use a pci e riser and with a graphics card inside and while running a graphics card in the mother board to boost gaming performance? Btw this is not for mining only for gaming

  • Paul Rhodes


  • cookytrix

    i have hooked up one on a small slot and my pc is not recognizing it. is there a driver or something im missing? i have a gpu on the 16x also and it is recognized. my first time so i dont know what to expect.edit: i reinstalled nvidia drivers and seems ok now... oops.

  • sham shab

    Will it work for laptops? ,, i want use it for an external grafik card

  • Alzakiel

    With the rubber under it. Can i just plug-it and make the extra GPU sit next to the pc on my desk safely ? (Since im just trying to add some extra power from an old card even if it will probably not give much more and don't have many GPU to make it worth buying something to support them in the air)

  • Vlusion

    Mabey I missed it. But can I put multiple PCI-express connectors in a row on one PCI-E Main slot on a motherboard?

  • Juice

    Question: So when I do this I should NOT plug in the six pin power supply cable from my battery into my gpu? I just destroyed 12 Graphics cards...Help.

  • Jacob Regamey

    How do you add extra power if 8x isnt powerful enough?

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