AntMiner L3+ Setup Guide and Profit Comparison by CryptoCrane

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In this guide, I walk through the relatively simple setup required for the AntMiner L3+ miner from Bitmain. Moving on, I proceed to analyze power consumption and noise levels. Finally, I show a comparison between mining litecoins directly, selling your scrypt hashing power, or mining altcoins and then converting them to your currency of choice.

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Tools used:
Advanced IP Scanner:

Pools discussed:
Litecoin mining:
Selling you hashing power:
Auto profit-switching alt-coins:

FAQs not addressed in the video:

Q: What other coins can the L3+ mine?
A: The AntMiner L3+ is a Scrypt miner and can mine any coin that uses Scrypt as the underlying algorithm. For a relatively complete list of Scrypt coins, check out They're another auto-profit switching Scrypt pool and have a great list of coins that are worth mining.

Q: Should the miner rattle when moved?
A: Yes, the hashing boards are not tightly secured and rattling should be expected. This is not a problem and the hashing boards are extremely durable. They have around 1mm of clearance to move back and forth.

Q: Doesn't have uptime issues?
A: Yes, they're not the most reliable in terms of uptime - which is why you should always configure backup pools.

Q: What is the correct way to power down the AntMiner?
A: Just pull the PSU's power cable from the wall and wait for the PSU's fans to stop spinning (indicating that the internal capacitors have discharged completely). Never attach or disconnect a PCIe power connector from the miner while the PSU is plugged into the wall.

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  • Things_in_General_kw

    Hello sir. How can I mine dgb with the l3+?

  • C and J Partners

    Followed the setup and started mining, and entered my Litecoin Wallet to receive into my coinbase account. However, although the threshold has been more than met, no transfers to my coinbase account has taken place. Any clues what to do?

  • B.Jones

    Excellent review and start up instructions. Thanks! 🙌

  • James Todd

    curious Ant miner is connect via ethernet to routing switch. Internet is sent from my router to switch then distributed. I know the IP address for switch. How do I get into miner software? Must I connect it directly to Router, do setup, then connect to switch?

  • Rich Buddy

    Hi sir had a good question for you. So I ended up needing to repair 4 hash boards. Any tips on who to go to? I got a commerce Los Angeles contact Win Link Electronics from bitmain website but nobody answers or returns my messages at that 626 area code number. Do you know them? Keep calling them or you got better number? Im guessing you used them. Thanks sir. maybe instead of calling I should try to create a repair ticket? just wanna make sure i use the best repair place the FIRST time.

  • Nik Kaushik

    Hi Ross, can you please suggest me a power backup (UPS) for L3+, in case of power cuts or fluctuations, and the power cable you used to power up the APW3++ Thankyou ...

  • Rees Scruggs

    great video. quick question just got mine yesterday, dondloaded ip scanner an shows dead line? any idea what to do? thanks

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