What Is BitCoin Mining? and Should You Mine?

A somewhat in depth look at what BitCoin mining actually is:
More Information on Bitcoin Mining and we are building up to getting your own BitCoin miners setup so you can start mining!

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List of BitCoin Pools: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Comparison_of_mining_pools

My pool: http://full.sc/1tmZveB


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  • soateNATOR

    someone pleasseeeeeee tell me what will happens when there are no more bitcoins to mine??? How are these "bitcoin transactions" going to continue to take place when there is no incentive to mine bitcoins thus no-one(no-device) completing the algorithms to complete the transactions.

  • Kaogap Parallelogram

    Superb!! The mining.

  • Pink Gumball

    It's like your PC is on cloud and gamers use your CPU/Graphic card and pay to play games.

  • Javier Salcedo

    sha256 Do have collisions. Infinite number of inputs, finite number of outputs (2^160)

  • Jason Lee Dee

    But when you have free electric and your gaming rig is sat unused, is it worth bitcoin mining?

  • Apple_Fury

    do you plug ASIC's into your computers USB port?

  • Sebastian Florin

    Hi. please make a video about how to work with Bitcoin now in 2016 and striping a newcomer know Bitcoin mining. Explain step by step how to mount a minefield equipment. .Thank you in advance!

  • LilWhiteChris

    Just to let you all know as of this second iv decided to make my own currency, i call it ‘retarded’ if anyone’s interested im selling 1 unit for £10,000 be quick there’s only 20Million units available inbox me if interested!

  • Milo Carteret

    So Bitcoin mining is the process of finding secure algorithms that would prevent the new Bitcoin from being stolen?

  • Harshit Doshi

    how much do u earn from mining in a month

  • Michael Gibson

    After donald trump nukes the world this will be the new currency

  • Softserve 16

    How much would a XFX Radeon RX 480 Gtr 8gb make in about a week?

  • jesseascriven

    Great video! Thank you.

  • Seeta Satpathy

    If electricity is free... GO FOR IT!!! Most miners spend months trying to decide if they should mine with the power cost. If your power is free, try it out. It deducts a large cost from the overall production cost. The whole thing works is like a job. Your miner secures the bitcoin network everytime it mines, little by little. And based on how much your miner works and how much power it has, you get paid in bitcoin. ASIC Miners are your best bet. Power in these miners is measured by hashes per second. The lowest is Mega Hash then Giga Hash and lastly Tera Hash. Based on the power, a certain percent of the bitcoin is calculated by your mi

  • Debanshu Roy

    will the last coin ever be mined, probably the jap inventor will know

  • Connor Baker

    i get a 35 mhash/s on my laptop with an intel gpu. i have an asic usb miner that gets 333mhash/s but i can't figure how to set it up.

  • Cindy LIU

    I've never used bitcoin so easy to use I do not know now Bitcoin transaction is simple to learn success can earn dollars myself

  • enes Cakir

    I don't get it, a tiny chip is making calculations and we earn money for it? But why?

  • Pheeraphon Kabbun

    I didnt understand anything 😂😂😂👌🏻

  • Royal Borne

    His whole explanation of mining bitcoin sounds discouraging to me. In terms of getting the necessary high computing power of your desktop and you can't even use your regular laptop. Thanks for the explanation, that helps

  • Jean-Pierre fds

    Hello, my name is John and I need some help and advises. I have created a wallet in order to receive payments in bitcoins. I was supposed to receive 45 euros from someone who owed me this money (I have been doing some work for him on the internet). So I gave him this adress : 3LMhf8x5o86DGSiF11kJbdvobm2sTPK4ZSI never received my money - and I really need it since I need to eat - and he said me that there must have been a problem in the transfer but that he had paid. Could someone that know a little about bitcoin tell me if a problem like this is possible? And I was supposed to give him this bitcoin adress in order to get my money? I do not understand anything when it comes to new technologies.

  • Eveolution

    yea... but what is the point of it all? why solve the hashes? whats the point? who are you solving the blocks for? these are the questions people want answers to.

  • VaselineYeater

    should i use my CPU(i7-6700k 4.0 GHz) or my GPU(Nvidia GTX 980 4GB)

  • CzochiaBoll

    so i buy this asic thingy (just by the way how much does it cost) plug it in my computer, join a pool. and once we find the block(dont know what the fuck is that) we split the 25 bitcoins. am i right?

  • ThanksMia

    Asic miner= cheating

  • 唐拉拉

    I've never used bitcoin so easy to use I do not know now Bitcoin transaction is simple to learn success can earn dollars myself

  • AuGeR

    This is my graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB. Is this good. (Mac) will I make any money? even if its a small amount that would be fine.

  • taha 03

    can i mining Ethereum weth this devise

  • youssef Bennani

    with all the oil that isil burned they were supposed to mine about 5 days to get enough money to buy a neptonium ball from north korea

  • Noobish

    gpus dont run hot if you have a custom card...

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