AMD RYZEN Overclocking GUIDE

Overclocking a RYZEN CPU is easy with the use of AMD's Ryzen Master Software!

Ryzen Master Software:
Cinebench R15:

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Ryzen 5 1400:
Ryzen 5 1500X:
Ryzen 5 1600:
Ryzen 5 1600X:
Ryzen 7 1700:
Ryzen 7 1700X:
Ryzen 7 1800X:

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  • AmazingShots

    Do i put it in 4mhz and 1.33125v?

  • 0091dude

    Is there a way to make the overclock permanent using ryzen master,mine resets after reboot

  • Enteng Santaygillo

    does the profiles apply on startup??

  • M Oczakow

    Aida64 is useless for stability testing of a CPU, as whatever passes in its "durability stress test" fails within 2min of running Corona1.3 everytime, Prime95 is ok, but since its old it needs 4 instances to properly & fully stress the CPU.


    Can you make a video on how to overclock your GPU?

  • Paolo Campanella

    I learnt alot thanks!

  • Get Rekt

    Made a 11 minute video that could’ve been 5


    this guy is missing 0 in hes sub count

  • Fallen Shaw

    I still remember the old beast amd fx 8350. It would be still around if it had hyper threads. Honestly would be considered one of its best releases of all time. Think someone got it to 7.1 ghz

  • Louie M

    thanks for the video. this was easy to overclock my ryzen 5 1600 did push i but just enough. I seen this video before but I had to come back to it since it straight forward and easy to understand the changes. Great JOB!!!!!

  • Joseph GEIS

    Thanks now I dare to overclock my 1300 X

  • slavino

    Can't i just copy your test 7 results...( I have the exact same processor )

  • AmazingShots

    Is this ok???? i have the same cpu

  • Sam phielix

    If i click apply it says that i have to enable HPET, do you know how to do that?

  • Ale

    lol...i went into the bios and just cranked the CPU clock speed from 3.2 to 3.6Ghz and that's it! Nothing else, it works like a charm, had absolutely no issues with it (tested games and benchmarks) and it's been like this for 2-3 months. I have a max of 60C degrees with a Noctua NH L9i in a small form factor case with a GIGABYTE GA-AB350N-Gaming WIFI.I have a Ryzen 1600 :)

  • Will Harris

    Do i leave the bios along when using ryzen master?

  • Weeman 3147

    thx, im gonna go overclock my vibrator now

  • Alan Naidon

    I'm using a Ryzen 7 1700.And when I tried to run 3.9Ghz at a voltage of 1.33125 and it CRASHED.isn't R7 supposed to handle it easy as your R5 made 4.0Ghz with this voltage?

  • Yash Budhiraja

    FYI Don't have Ryzen Master on during all of the Cinebench runs. It takes up around 7-10% CPU, heavily skewing the test results. I was extremely confused why I was getting lower scores with higher clocks.

  • G. J. Flores

    Anybody try oc with a320m s2h ? I see options to oc but i dont understand values " 200*8c / 8 =3500 "

  • adyks

    great video... it clears up my misconception that I would need to overclock the RAM as well

  • Ameer Kriel

    Can I clock a ryzen 3 2200G on a A320M PRO-VD PLUS MB?

  • Jack Hoj

    Thank you for explaining in detail because I totally wasn’t looking forward to overclocking before I watched this video.

  • Fourthson100

    Simple, straight to the point tutorial. Very good. You further prove what i say quite often. Brits are the best youtubers! Lol!

  • sepa rated

    Thank you man for such an explanation. Just step by step without any " water words"

  • Sebastian SAC

    I ran 1 test at 3.7 and a second bc i forgot to monitor the temps and it went black screen.

  • TornadoBruce

    I got 4 ghz on my ryzen 3 1200 is that good?

  • Specify

    So now theres one thing left. I saw a video where the Stock Cooler of the R7 1700 was tested. And when it was overclocked to i think 3.8. Ghz the CPU was at arround 80 degrees. So the guy in the video increased the fanspeed of the cooler and after that everything went fine. So how do you do that?

  • HarmonicaPL

    There's a risk with using a Ryzen Master. I've tried to OC my Ryzen 5 1600. I've set the clock to 3800 MHz and voltage to 1,35V. Than applying and restart - the PC failed to post, The fan just ran and ambient leds where lit, but monitor showed that there's nothing plugged in and nothing else happened. Only clearing CMOS with bridging the jumper allowed my to go to UEFI and boot. But with UEFI/BIOS OC I've then set 3800 MHz and 1,35V and it booted flawlessly. That's weird, because Ryzen Master is supposed to help beggining overclockers with OC and not to freak them out.

  • The Visionary

    🚨I have my Ryzen 5 1600 at 3.9 GHz at 1.35 V but why does it say base speed 3.2 GHz in task manager? 🚨

  • Coronette

    Why dont you show the fucking cb score?

  • JDJR

    so when I overclocked my r6 1600 to 3.7 GHz and pressed apply it seemed to work. However, after the reboot when I opened my Ryzen master on the C tab one core was running at 3700 while the others kept fluctuating and some even were in the 1000. If anyone is good with this stuff can you tell me if this is normal? Thanks!

  • Blazing Clash

    P95 is waaaaaaay overkill for stress testing, just go with AIDA 64 unless you plan running blender for 24 hours straight...

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