Colohub Data Center Tour -- Bitcoin Hosting -- Bitcoin Mining Farm

Hi All! This is our video tour! voice over explanation to come soon!

Visit for Bitcoin miner hosting or for datacenter hosting

Here at Colohub in Bettendorf Iowa we have several key features that make hosting Bitcoin equipment with us ideal for anysize miner!

Those features include- 208Volt Power Feeds to Miners, Evaporation Cooling your miners extra cool! Fiber Optic Internet with a 40Gigabit Backbone feeding the building. Remote Access to Miners, Secure Facility With Armed Gaurds, No Setup Fees!
  • Gadget world

    I am creating Bitcoin mining company any interested people contact me WhatsApp +91 8469533487Email

  • Mike Wang

    Uses a Dji Phantom to film a bitcoin farm... lol made my day

  • Karlis Saulesleja

    I ordered from www.hulkmining.comand they also offer hosting at a good price

  • LudoA

    Isn't this HashFlare mining data center? confused

  • D_ Ray

  • Sevil Natas

    I do not believe the use of traditional data center architecture is efficient enough for crypto mining. A large, air conditioned room with shelves of antminers is insanely wasteful. A hot aisle/cold aisle design, at very least, is required. Anything less is throwing money away. Fresh air systems are even better.In addition, based on what we saw in this video, my suspicion is that the view of the room with shelves of antminers is not empty because they have plenty more room to offer potential clients. I would be willing to bet that room is almost full based upon air con and power. It has been my experience that traditional data center design can handle very few machines, running at 100% (which crypto miners do 24/7) per square foot. I once rented a full rack in a data center and quickly found that I could only use 1/3 of the rack before being out of the power allotted per rack and that was with traditional web servers, not balls out crypto mining rigs.

  • Cooper_TheGeekery

    Hey it's miningrigs on instagram

  • Jonathan Schwartz

    I'm just coming across the colocation/data center concept for my Antminers. What is your pricing in Iowa? Do I pay for the cost of electricity on top of renting the space? What type of PSU/PDU setup would you recommend for 4 Antminer S9's and 4 Antminer L3+'s? Thanks in advance.

  • Paul Serban

    A stongly recommend HashFLare. The miners are on limited stock right now, so hurry up. You can use this code: for a discount.

  • Khans Football

  • Hostgee Inc

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