Best ETHEREUM Pool Mining | Nanopool vs Ethermine.......

Newbie to check, comparison is not easy........time, experience...And this video, is all I want to share from my actual results
  • synth505

    Getting too many stales on ethermine. Trying dwarfpool now... liking it much better. Hashing power too high for a 6 gpu rig on both nanopool and ethermine. Blocks get mined too quickly.

  • Joe McCormick

    im sorry but this was painfully tiring to watch...

  • WorldWideRob

    Probably the most beautiful tech video I've ever seen.

  • Canal Sensura

    se quissse escutar musica , colocaria num clip , por favor mais faça mais isso, seja profissional

  • Paul Mita

    10% stales is not to much !?

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