10TH/s Bitcoin Miner SMART Miner 2.0 SE Rack Mount

SMART Miner 2.0 SE is a Special Edition of SMART Miner 2.0 – a renewed and modified version of SMART Miner. Just like SMART Miner 2.0, Special Edition demonstrates complete stability of operation, but has an increased performance (10TH/s).

Most importantly, we used 20nm ASIC chips and our cutting edge engineering designs and research information in the sphere of Bitcoin mining and effective energy saving to create this 4U Rack Mount miner. Due to this, by our specialists’ calculations Bitcoins mining will be most effective and beneficial even with mining difficulty within 1 year after the expected date of miners release (3 quarter of 2014).

Plug-and-Mine. It doesn’t matter if your a pro or a newbie in mining Bitcoins – start mining Bitcoins in just 5 minutes. SMART Miner 2.0 SE has a built-in controller and is shipped with pre-installed operating system and software. It is easy to maintain and need only some minor setup.

  • atlanticl

    Do you guys accept Paypal?

  • Zafer Durgut

    What is the average weight of the machine?

  • Ashot Machitarian

    Which pool does work the best with this miner ?

  • spononlinehd

    Hy my question is, you ship to Hungary??

  • rickeyponder

    i have been trying to get more info on their hosting

  • Hari haran

    http://aryadutaminer.com/buy-the-smart-miner-20-se-rack-mount-10ths-bitcoin-miner-on-sale.htmlhow they are selling this cheep then your site if it is a scam you can protect real buyers https://www.minerslab.com/product/smart-miner-2-se-10ths-rack-mount-bitcoin-miner/

  • Isabela Mazdeh

    is it bitcoin or litecoin? because im only interested in bitcoin..

  • matias figueroa

    Hi guys i have a question, you do shipments to Chile, that is included in the final price? thanks

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