Review on some RX570 graphic cards for mining .

Review on some RX570 graphic cards for mining

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Review on some RX570 graphic cards for mining
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  • Nyikos Csaba

    Hy there.I have an question. For simply mining is enough an 1000 W Powersupply and the 8 pin cable connect to card. Its ok. For dual mining should be have an 1300 W powersupply and connecting both ,8 and 6 pin cables too, or in that case enough again the 8 pin? Thanks . Great video !

  • Miguel Castro

    HelloI would like to consult you, I have a rig with 5 sapphire rx 570 4 GB, 4 I generate 29 mhs with OC but 1 of them starts in 27 mhs until falling to 16 mhs, I do not understand what is due since the OC is the same as the The temperature is similar to the other cards.Has this happened to you?regards

  • Luka Sikic

    Review on XFX RX570? They are becoming popular, since they are very available on the market

  • Kodi Pagan Shqiptare

    my card afox amd 580 4gb 24 ,to 25 mh/s i try wont go 30 m/'s

  • Naresh S

    could you please explain about DAG Size & 4GB Cards, i recently bought RX570 4GB cards, are they no longer use in 2019?

  • 123ImpExInc

    Dear Sir...I Am A Beginner And I Had gone Through Few YouTube Videos And Made A 6 GPU Mining RIG With 6 MSI Radeon RX 570 - 8GB Each And My Mother Board Is MSI Z270-A Pro And Intel Celeron Processor...Every Thing Went Well To Buid But Now When I Add Uptill 4 Graphic Of Each 8GB Card Its Looks Good And When I Try To Add 5th or 6th The Drivers Give Yellow Sign In Few Display Adapter Drivers If I Try To Run With 4 x 1 MSI Radeon RX 570 - 8GB...Each It Shows Each GPU Memory Card 8GB But Using Only 4GB Each...Can you Please Help Me To Fix the Problem...Best Regards...Andy

  • Paul Johnson

    Thanks Guntis - Ive just bought one and this helps a lot for the set up - especially knowing it only needs 8pin and not + 6 pin for power.

  • Fata Fuchka

    Hi,I have bought a sapphire nitro+ rx 570 8GB (Samsung Memory)Modded with SRBPolaris...coppied strap 1625 to upper (to 1750 and 2000)...PolarisBiosEditor cant read my rom...after that i tried to overclock memory clock and underclock core clock and undervolt...If I overclock the memory above 2000 MHz system fails...I underclocked core to 1100 MHz...Undervolted to 150 mV...and i could only get 23 MHs in Ethereum mining...I've tried some other clock speed and volts...none of those worked...Need help with this...Let me know if anyone know which straps to edit and what is the preferred core and memory clock and volt...Thanks in advance...

  • Victor Dellevoet

    Hi currently speaking i can buy the Asus rx570-04g-gaming msi rx570 gaming and sapphire rx570 8gd5 for around the same price which is the best on return/power costs

  • raiey

    fuck yall greedy ass miners

  • Denys Fiialko

    Yes,please show how you overclocked them.Maximum I am getting is 24mh/s.Cant go any further


    Hi guys iwas wondering if a 1000W power supply enough for 6 570 cards?

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