How to setup B250 Asus motherboard for cryptocurrency mining

This video show how to prepare Asus B250 motherboard for mining. Which settings to disable and which to enable
  • phillipe vilela

    how many gpus does this MB support?

  • Pantelis Kokkalis

    Thanks for the hints, most interested to upgrade the bios.

  • Spooder Squirrel

    I have a problem with this board when I unplug the HDMI cable from GPU/Mobo. I'm trying to useVnc to see the desktop on my mining rig and I don't know if I can set it up on this mobo. My asrock 13gpu h110 works with my Vnc. Anyone know how if it is possible with B250 in bios?

  • ankur jain

    Till date know one run 19 gpu on this motherboard so this is a failed or incomplete product released by Asus. This is a bust of the bust product launched by Asus. Asus very disappointed

  • Female Species Never Cares Honest Love

    My dream is to fill all those 19 slots with 1080 tis Hope developers code the drivers Wish god flourish me with funds 🙏

  • merlinluc

    Hi, is there an opportunity to set the bios to autostart computer after power loss when power returns?

  • Gooby Gubbi

    hopefully the crypto currency market crashes you scum

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