Fireball upgrade- Ryzen R5-1600, Asrock B350 Gaming K4 and overclocking

"Fireball upgrade- Ryzen R5-1600, Asrock B350 Gaming K4 and overclocking" no description available.
  • Shaikh Ahmed

    How good is this motherboard in performance wise, is super fast compare to other boards in over all? loved to read your reply soon and smile.

  • Senzay

    Have you got any freeze? (framedrop) when you using the pc?

  • TheGangsterOG

    Hi, can someone help me pls?I just bought this mb with this processor and went I go to the bios, it let me change the clock speeds but It doesn't allow me me to change voltages.

  • theenhancer

    I've got almost the same setup as you, ASRock AB350 Gaming K4, Ryzen 5 1600, and my graphics card is even a MSI GTX(1060 6GB). I managed to get my 1600 to 3.9Ghz, but in order to do it is set for "1.45v", but I've noticed that under load it actually only runs at 1.408v. I've read a review where they noted something similar, this board seems to undervolt for some reason, although my ram stays at the listed voltage. My ram is G. Skill Flare X 2400 15-15-15-15-39, but I managed to get it to 3200Mhz with loose timings of 20-20-20-20-48 and 1.35v. If you wanted to compare notes some time I've recorded some benchmarks. Have you tried the new AGESA drivers they recently released?

  • Alexandr

    Do you need to by some rgb shit to get this red light in box or it is some stock motherboard featrure? I am newbie....

  • Linh Eight

    what happen with ryen 7-1700 and Asrock B350 Gaming K4

  • Said Muhamad Husni

    im using bristol bridge a8 9600, there were no cpu frequency menu

  • Itz Icy

    Does this motherboard work with ryzen 5 1500x?

  • Mathieu bellavance

    hey casheed. I'm currently building a pc with this motherboard, does yours only require 6 standoffs? I have about an inch and a half overhanging on the far right and since this is my first build I wasn't sure if that was okay or not

  • Randall Lawkin

    you make music on the side I see reaper

  • Dark5tar111

    With the new update, the board now has 2 Voltage parameters. One is called CPU Voltage(v) under CPU Frequency, and another called CPU Vcore Voltage, Fixed Voltage(v). Can you please advise which values should be set to for each one?

  • Salty Sea Turtle

    Dude im lost on how to do the first Bios update for this MOBO. ive got the R5 1600 and asrock ab350 gaming K4. all running on the original bios.Please help

  • yuriy yakimov

    have the same board than you same cpuHave you configured the PSTATES of cpu? like disabling everything, also set the fans to 100 pwn, and high performance the fans to avoid any high temperature? that can help n.n By the way does anybody else feels sluggish or choppy the BIOS interface? mouse seems to be so sluggishSorry for my English

  • LuckiestLuck

    any ram issues?im looking into this mobo and having hard time finding good ram, flareX is too expensive

  • TheLTGamer

    I don't have the XMP profile option in my bios and it is the same board.

  • Rolando Loeb

    so no need to upgrade bios to use a ryzen 5

  • Mathieu bellavance

    which sata should I connect my ssd to? I seen somewhere that you wanna connect to the ones that are ran by the chipset and not a 3rd party application? any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

  • Abir Ahamed

    which GPU is he using?

  • Marco Suplado

    What's the full specs on your system? I'm planning to build mine too very soon. Pls reply. Thanks!

  • Gameskool

    Great vid, at least i know to where i can safely crank this thing, not going for the 4.0/4.1 many do because i want it to last a few years. At least i got the temps covered, i bought a Coolermaster AIO ,the lite one for 49€. Thanks again.

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