What Ryzen Motherboard Should You Buy?

How do you even know what motherboard you should buy for AMD's new Ryzen platform with so many options on the market? Here's a few tips to help you pick the perfect motherboard for your new Ryzen CPU.

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***Amazon Links***
Asus Micro-ATX B350: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06WRWZNJC?ie=UTF8&tag=hoosierhardware-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B06WRWZNJC
Asus Prime B350: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06X416NJ1?ie=UTF8&tag=hoosierhardware-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B06X416NJ1
Asus Prime X370-Pro: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06WD4N297?ie=UTF8&tag=hoosierhardware-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B06WD4N297
Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero X370: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06W2L6GBX?ie=UTF8&tag=hoosierhardware-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B06W2L6GBX
MSI B350 Tomahawk: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06WVFFXXL?ie=UTF8&tag=hoosierhardware-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B06WVFFXXL
MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06WGS4FJL?ie=UTF8&tag=hoosierhardware-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B06WGS4FJL

Ryzen CPUs:
1700: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06WP5YCX6?ie=UTF8&tag=hoosierhardware-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B06WP5YCX6
1700X: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06X3W9NGG?ie=UTF8&tag=hoosierhardware-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B06X3W9NGG
1800X: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06W9JXK4G?ie=UTF8&tag=hoosierhardware-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B06W9JXK4G

    Então, o que é melhor, o MSI X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM Amd Ryzen X370 Ddr4 Vr Ready Hdmi Usb 3 Atx Gaming Motherboard or ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 M.2 USB 3.1 ATX X370 Motherboard with onboard 802.11AC WIFI and AURA Sync RGB Lighting??????? Along with a ryzen 7 1800x and a gtx 1080ti oc

  • Tirso Cangayo

    Msi B350 gaming plus vs. Asus rog strix B350-f. Need an answer

  • NEON

    why is your head so big but your upper body is so small ? XD

  • FellTheSky

    Thank you, now im even more confused than before watching this video

  • Terry1212

    I bought the MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon and it doesn't have P-state overclocking. Crap. =(

  • AgainstTheCurrent Forever

    im gonna build my pc soon im a beginner and from Canada which sucks coz 1000 buildnin the US most likely cost me 2000 . so im wondering if anyone anyoneeeeee have something to offer please reply i need your help so bad :( i wan't a pc that will last :)

  • Kigama

    MSI PC Mate B350 vs. Asus Prime Plus B350? Which one to choose?

  • softice

    Something I do not understand, a normal clocked 1800x goes up to 4.1 ghz with xfr, thus if you overclock a 1700x this is your target to be on par with the 1800x. How beneficial is it to clock the 1800x to 4.0 ghz while not having the boost functions of the cpu? Wouldn't you try to exceed the maximum clockspeed of the 1800x - 4.1 ghz- to benefit from it?

  • wolfie35p

    I'm building my first gaming pc, using ryzen5 1600 and asus prime b35p plus, that is going into corsair spec alpha case, it comes with 3 fans, but the motherboard only has 4 fan heads, and I want to add another 2 fans, which will make 5 in the case, how can i make all 5 fans work with 4 fan headers on the motherboard? please help, thanks in advance.

  • Matthew Gregory

    When is ASUS coming out with new boards?

  • NecroVoid

    What about the Asus - prime b350 plus atx mobo? could that one be used pretty good?

  • Dazzle Gamer

    Should i buy I'll Gigabyte GA-AB350-GAMING 3 ?

  • Marshall Mania

    What should go with Ryzen 5 2400G?

  • Miguel Angel Vazquez

    4 months later and still not a lot of options.

  • HABS Inc.

    Don't go with the micro atx board because it will get hotter and lesser expandability .. ABSURD!! and FUNNY!! Those that want a mini itx are ......... Sorry those that want a mini itx board!! lol

  • MovieTics

    Damn your voice. Painful, whinging, making me wanna be vomiting. Ugh. GTFO

  • Kemzical

    Planning on building a ryzen 5 system with 1070 for christmas

  • Gixxer983

    ASUS STRIX B350-F Gaming is the best deal.

  • firewireo

    All these asshole reviewers sitting in their mom's basement are doing, is just read the specs off some online page. Well we can do that too you fucking prick, what we need is a real life experience with these boards. For example, when you're looking at the ASROCK x370 Fatal1ty reviews on newegg, you will see some people talking about bios update bugs, same with MSI boards, or Gigabyte not running ram at 3200 and so on. These kinda of issues are what we need information about, not some stupid pen and pencil comparison.

  • KWAZA Games

    wtf dat head size! :O

  • Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside

    b350 runs at 16x and 4x

  • Kalpesh Prithyani

    MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon vs Asus ROG STRIX x370? Any suggestions please.

  • Disciplined Thinker

    In conclusion this guy doesn't know which motherboard you should buy and you should watch another video.

  • Mark Zhdanovsky

    bla bla bla for nothing, i think you already know, what he is going to say, if you are user who knows little-bit of everything. So go to 7:46 directly.

  • Thaitanium

    What board to buy? Watch my video. I'll tell you to go do your research and choose the board that you like!! Whoo hooo!! Very fukin helpful video......

  • DrewPlaysBass

    The ASUS Prime X370-Pro has very mixed reviews on Newegg. Brings up a lot of concerns with longevity, problems getting reasonable RAM speeds, etc. Have you encountered any of these issues, or have you had a good experience?

  • Grand1Admiral

    Gonna get an ASRock Killer board, wifi built in, will care what it looks like in the future

  • shantonab Sen

    Hey does buying micro atx b350 motherboard for gaming will be a problem?

  • EagleCrawlTV

    WAIT WTF Is it me or his head looks enormous compared to his chest


    does the MSI - B350 PC MATE ATX motherboard have inbuilt wifi?

  • Gianni Rondalli


  • Bobby Morelli

    the asus prime pro has a better vrm then the crosshair so like dont even sweat it for overclocking man

  • Sierra Delta

    I’m having hard time deciding between the MSI B350M Mortar and the Asus TUF B350M-PLUS Gaming. Which one would be better in terms of overclocking capability and PCB durability? I plan on using a Ryzen 5 1600 with the stock cooler.

  • Jonas Hackenhaar

    Ótima placa, mas ela não da o bipe de inicialização, é normal?

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