Beginners Guide to Motherboards

There are a LOT of specs when it comes to Motherboards and often this can lead to confusion when it comes to picking the right Motherboard. Hopefully this video will help.

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  • Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu

    :) So as was expected Jayz recommends to build a PC around a CPU and not a motherboard as some are recommending if don't have money enough, arguing to buy a state of the art mobo and slapping on it a cheaper CPU, then a greater CPU after some savings.

  • Alpaca Juice

    10:52 : 13 yr olds : laughing their asses off

  • ilia Gofman

    Almost dropped it lol. 5 years ago I've had a mobo Asus p5n t deluxe. Tried reapplying TIM on it, but it's heatsink was glued down and a part of the die broke off whilst I was lifting it up. So I had to upgrade early after that, but that solved the issues of glitches, that Asus mobo had from the start when I bought it new. Since then I still have the replacement MSI 970 gaming mobo, which is cheap, OCd and works consistently well. I just need to figure out why task manager says my ram only runs at 667Mhz when bios says it runs at 1866Mhz?

  • JockFFA

    can anyone help me i need a motherboard for around £110 thanks

  • Billy Gray

    ZPU-Zebra Processing Unit

  • Andrew Romero

    lol motherboard boner... ha

  • hetspook666

    Plz do this video again, its probebly completely different now.

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