Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ 13 GPU Mining Motherboard CryptoCurrency Unboxing

What's up Sons! Check out the asrock h110 pro btc+, it supports up to 13 gpus and possibly 14. Learn all about it in the unboxing.

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Current Build:
AMD R7 1800X:
Biostar X370GT7:
GSKILL Trident Z 2800MHz 32GB:
Corsair H110i GT:
Titan XP:
Corsair AX860i:
OCZ RD400 256GB:
Seagate 4TB:
Thermaltake Core P5:
El Gato Game Capture HD60:

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    Can't get video to show on mine... tried with and without onboard video... with and without MOLEX/SATA power to mobo and tried with and without RAM. CPU fan comes on and that is it. I have not tired to reset CMOS & Battery yet. Won't be able to get to that for a few days.

  • Dan Leavitt

    Great video. Thanks. I have this motherboard. I was mining with a different mobo but upgraded to this one. For some reason I can't get it to recognize my graphics cards. Any suggestions? You mentioned another video about the bios set up but I can't find that video. Thanks for your help.

  • ahmed ghalayini

    Please please please Bios setting

  • TJ Phippen

    once you plug more than 2-3 GPUs into this board it'll tell you to add additional molex power to the board(if you have a monitor plugged in) if not it just won't boot till you give it a little more juice :)

  • Casey Douglas

    to help fix the duel network card problem you could use a USB wifi connection.

  • French sloth V2

    I got a 6 card rig at 850 watts with 190 mh

  • Josh Nance

    I can confirm that it will only boot with both molex connectors hooked up. A reminder comes up if you have them unplugged and there is no way to bypass it. Both molex power in on mobo need to be hooked. Dumb. I really don't understand why as the risers and cards are both powered. If you find a way around this let me know. I don't want to have to buy another power supply. I'm out of connections and can only run 7 of the 8 1060s. Still setting up.

  • Josh Nance

    Up and running. No significant bios changes at all. 8 Zotac 6gb 1060s. Hash: 192Mh/sWattage at wall: 619Using one 1000 watt power supply with 2 splitters. Had to balance out the load which took a while and this particular one only has 8 pcie slots plus the 2 that come directly out of the supply itself with the mobo power 24 pin and mobo 8 pin.Will update with any problems and i'll be looking for your new video!I noticed the pcie could be set to Auto, Gen 1, or Gen 2. I left it to auto.

  • TJ Phippen

    I have 3 of these :)

  • Randhir Singh

    Hiii....Please help with my rig problem. I haveAsus B250 Gaming Motherboard updated BIOS to latest versionIntel G4400 ProcessorRAM Corsair 8GBSSD OCZ 120GBCorsair 1000w Power supply6X Sapphire RX570 4GB Nitro+My problem is I am not able to Run 6 gpu on board. when i enable above 4g decoding than on attaching 2nd gpu there is black screen no boot up. But when i disable above 4g decoding. I am able run 3 gpu when attaching to 4th gpu, system won't boot up stays on error msg. I tried it with ethos but same problem. What should i do.


    SOLVED: Improperly seated RAM. Tried in natural daylight... was able to see one side was slightly raised. It's a bit tighter than other motherboards I've used. Can't wait to fire this mobo up!

  • Brandon Mark

    For the life of me i can not get this board to even post with 14 gpu.. 13 gpu works perfect as soon as i add number 14.. Board wont even post..

  • Dale Meredith

    Hey Sons...anyone know if you can use the SATA power connection instead of the molex....or do i need to use all 3 (two molex/ one sata)?

  • Christopher Weathersby

    Can I use this for a gaming PC (only) or recommend I don't?

  • ady nita

    My h110 is not start. What is the problem?

  • Lando Vador

    Love you content info, but I would like to see better views of the product. Thanks.

  • Alexander Fries

    i sent you pics and videos from my Little Mine...48 cards + testbench and suprise...i wait of an Shipping from Asia:-)...another 50 regards from Germany

  • Chris Lillemoen

    Can u only run 8 amd cards, and the rest need to be Nvidia?

  • Robert Goddard

    ASUS Announces B250 Expert Mining Motherboard: 19 Expansions

  • Mr B

    The on board power button is nice. Do you know of a 6/8 card board that has that feature? Im doing one 13 card build but really want to cut down to a 6/8 card rig...thanks son!

  • ken ver

    If I have a total of 4 GPU do I need to connect the two molex in the mobo I don't even know the use of that I'm a newbie to mining rigs


    When i am installing O.S my KEYBOARD and mouse will suddenly get disable. Can u plz help me.

  • John A

    Stop mining. You are contributing on global warming.

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