ASRock AB350 B350 Pro4 BIOS Updates and How To + Twitch Prime Giveaway!

We cover recent BIOS updates to ASRock's AM4 motherboard line, and show you how to flash and update the BIOS. At the end of the video we have a Twitch Prime Loot Giveaway!!!

Twitch Prime Loot Giveaway is for:
-NBA 2K17 In-Game Loot
-RuneScape access with epic extras!
-SWTOR Eternal Throne ultimate pack
Like, Subscribe, and be the first to comment below as to which one of these codes you would like to win!

List to all AM4 Motherboard BIOS update links:
Update for this motherboard:
Ryzen Master Software:

Camera: Sony a6000
Render PC: AMD 1700, GTX 1060, 16GB DDR4

  • montral0

    Hi, you try bios 3.30?

  • Dan See

    When i try to instant flash i get ab error saying 'no image file found'

  • PC Rx

    UPDATE: BIOS 3.00 AGESA was recently released, and after the last horrible BIOS that reduced my max ram speed from 2667 to 2133 on my 3000mhz LPX set, I was today able to reach an all time high of 2800mhz with normal timings with no tinkering. Keep the improvements coming ASRock!


    Is you have a regular ab350m and your bios is lower than 3.2 you need to download 3.2 because it is a bridge bios to download a newer bios

  • Seref Kurnaz

    Hello i have question today I get my ab350 and today I update for ryzen 2 2200g first install 3.4 after reset system doesn't open and reboot after 20 second working I need your help

  • Tanner Clark

    thanks for the help bro! new sub here.. you deserve more

  • BlazingApple

    How's the motherbaord so far?

  • Shaderade

    Using a $80 mobo with a $300 cpu?

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