Inside a Google data center

Joe Kava, VP of Google's Data Center Operations, gives a tour inside a Google data center, and shares details about the security, sustainability and the core architecture of Google's infrastructure.
  • King Studio

    Does here are just all space exist on internet? Omg

  • James Butera

    So this is why you don't see kids outside playing anymore on perfect summer days... I'm totally serious, my wife and I see it all the time, no one's out. NO ONE they're all inside jerking off to porn.. Bye are jerking it, and girls are rubbing their snatches like crazy to porn. thanks Google

  • Jeffery Simpson


  • Paul A

    Nasim Najafi Aghdam hunting ground!

  • SovietZephyr

    #orwellwasright #1984

  • adam haklı beyler

    Nerde ileri teknoloji kablosuz teknoloji,a.q heryer kablo dolu

  • amz z

    He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither!

  • bugondo blaise

    These guys are to SMART

  • RAY hill

    Bing data centre is probably just a tin can with a microphone in a empty room

  • Rob Nolastname

    That's just one "NODE"... Must take 1 node just for IP management...

  • Josman Muhammad Josman Mohamad



    Is Hillary Clinton's Emails still on the servers and can they all be found if they wanted to?



  • juka kaka

    googinvest.comsale this

  • Andy Feng


  • Colm McKeating

    was i the only person amused of the fact they cruise about on scooters

  • EarlybirdInvestment

    Layman terms huh? So smart huh? Blah

  • Logan Phillips

    Wonder how many terabytes in total for those servers have

  • Nicoman008

    I wonder how thin the ceiling is.... it just consist of a few mm of metal

  • American GI 1967

    As of June 16th 2018……GOOGLE is a Marxist Hate America Burn the Flag, Spit on GI’s , Left-Wing Panty Wearing BETA Male, Communist JackASS’s Heterosexual Hating Queer Corporation who can Kiss My Lilly White Male ASS!.

  • johnnyjrotten59

    run by children, dogs and cats.

  • sQDawn

    Imagine if the cables are not managed

  • sky walker

    Lol, best thing about this place was that scooter you can use inside the data centre. I would love to work there just for that scooter.

  • Aydemphia

    "da-ah-cennewh" didnt catch the first word until i realised he said "datacenter"

  • Jesse Stevens

    My new mission, destroy servers with Debian art on it

  • John Smith

    The Devil's cauldron.....

  • amazingdude l

    Google?*cocks shotgun*

  • Hosito1454

    I want to work there

  • hartono dyx

    They all look like 🤖... Google is world government... 🤔

  • fckt3hp0l1c3

    where are the series of tubes???

  • lingling zhang

    u can have a dog with u when u work?

  • FrouznXD of House Friendzone

    Imagine if someone dropped a bomb on that building from a plane :D What would they do then? I don't think they have a forcefield in the air :D

  • Frogman Smith

    Boy, now if they'd just quit working with the FBI in giving them any info they want!

  • Garundi P. McGrundy

    Yeah, where do you keep the censors and the surveillance operators? How bout' the negros in the basement pedaling the gyro-master-electrical generators? How much are you paying the pedaling negros?

  • King Studio

    Why you are destroying hard disks before they go to trash... just clean up them then sell them = moneys

  • The Hacking Project

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  • MrSotko CryptoCurrency

    where is the small room where you allow the NSA to steal all your data with their superior equipment and shadey 2.5 trillion dollar just curious...for a friend.

  • ƒunky

    A very good workplace, fun and relaxing. You get to use a scooter to move around, and even get to bring your pet dog to work... Wow!

  • ستوديوهات علہٰاويٰ الہٰشعراويٰ

    Hello Question Why so many topics Facebook is banned in Iraq

  • Huskygaming

    but can it run roblox??

  • Octavio Gutierrez

    I would love to work for one of these data center, this would be my dream job!!!!!!!   Super nice video \   love google .thanks for the informative video.

  • Daniel Alexandre

    Just thinking that it all started in a garage.... :D

  • Jackson Scott

    Lol that was a terrible explanation of security

  • Hethos Deus

    closed loop liquid cooled datacenter

  • Gerard Riera

    this guy will be replaced by a machine eventually

  • Dura King

    Everything you have started has to be ended.

  • palkelbajo

    I wanna know how much electricity bills is

  • Pawel Switalski

    4:03 apple at google ;)

  • ItsZpicy

    Watch Dogs 2 prepared me for this moment. This shit be like Ctos

  • fallingbed

    Then there’s me who can’t organize wires for my pc

  • Buddy Mckay

    But can it run Crysis?

  • Wayne Blake


  • Sp4ce Cereal

    That’s some advanced Water cooling

  • Neon Ninja

    I occupy 40% of the data center with just my porn searches.

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