$650 64-Core Quad Socket Gaming Workstation!

Retired server hardware is always in ample supply, so why not reduce e-waste and build a MONSTER budget workstation?

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  • SirFairPlay

    Not too far behind those shitty Threadripper/Ryzen scores though!

  • LegendaryVegeta

    6:01 let me store this as my answer to anyone who says csgo can run on a potatoe XDhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAuOmJVZeQI

  • Vorzang Studios

    why did u block me on hangouts????!?!?!?!?!?!

  • anikanbounty97

    im pretty sur emy evga 1k watt plat psu can do it

  • Stefan Weidenaar

    Power bill $5000 ahah

  • Szymon Warunek

    You could advice others to chose AMD Ryzen Theadripper which is 16 core and is brand new

  • DowskiVision MagicalOracle

    Should have tested how she does as a mining rig. Looks like it was put together by a BP engineer though....

  • Cherry

    what could go wro BOOM

  • Basweshwar Thakkarwad

    4:04 Austin Evans did that in scrapyard wars

  • DK Hacks

    can it run crysis 3? 😂

  • Jose Francisco Medeiros

    Good video, but you must have not worked with servers much, you always update to the latest firmware first. :-). How much for the spare Server board, Supermicro is down the street in San Jose near Fry's Electronics. That Supermicro 4 cpu system should make a cool Vmware V Sphere server, but a good use Dell 6950 server would have been cheaper.

  • The Points Reckoning Picture Show

    What's the reliability of this older server equipment? Was thinking of picking up a 6'ish year old HP Prolient server to run FreeNAS

  • Yohanes Gultom

    How about testing it to handle typical server workloads (eg. serving website for multiple users concurrently)? Who knows it can be a great alternative for emerging SaaS startup 😀

  • Eli_Plays

    Opterons are terrible.

  • Andre Woods

    what could go wro...

  • geonerd

    If you truly need a lot of memory or integer performance, and don't feel like selling one of your kidneys just yet, a system like this can still make a lot of sense. I built a 2 socket, 24 core, G34 setup for chess analysis. With CPU, Mobo, 32GB RAM, and PS, it cost a little over $200. It runs stockfish, etc., at the speed of an 8c/16t Ryzen for a fraction of the price of that CPU alone. :)

  • Just Me

    LinusCan you guide me to build a powerful ITX pc that is easily portablethat does not sacrifice on performancei8700k <insert your parts>Or if anyone else. message me. lambwsj@gmail.com

  • BlueScope819

    What about video encoding for a twitch stream? Have a proper gaming rig to run the game, then use that beast for encoding.

  • el rancio 60 es bacan

    I am 13 and I'm building my first pc

  • mkmkmk

    Honking huge I can’t stop laughing

  • JD recycling

    Didnt need to splice up a PSU, There are adapters you can buy for cheap for this situation.

  • rRobert Smith

    Between the excessive power use and the crap resale value, you would HAVE TO purchase a ryzen game station, with another hurtle being the fancy BIOS footwork and a custom designed godzilla "open" case.

  • Ziko Pastoft

    How about a HP Z800 workstation with two intel Xeon E5645, 48 gb of DDR3 ram and a GTX 980 TI? A 3D mark score of 14396?

  • Tim's Tips

    I have two similar machines and they work great for what they were built for, being a server. For easy database calls, PHP and web requests that thing would do very well with multiple concurrent users. I would choose single thread performance as a priority for everything else though.

  • LordLupina

    In some games my gt1030 ist better than this...

  • WellBeSerious12

    Now check your power bill from this thing...

  • g4yktzgjx6

    My guess is that the games are not utilizing all the cores. Since the motherboard supports PCIe2.0 you shouldn't see that much of a bottleneck. If you instead focused in gaming and just bought a single AMD 6328. 8 core 3.2ghz it should perform adequately at gaming. So basically it depends on what you want the build to do. Should it be a blenderfarm or a gaming rig.At least that is my guess.

  • TheDrakenZ

    crazy coincidence. I literally paused ferris buellers day off to watch this video.

  • MadIIMike

    I don't quite get why they're always buying the parts seperately rather than a complete phased out server... oÔToday I snatched 2 Dell T5400 for 40€ each, they support dual quad core CPU (Xeon 5400 series) and use cheap DDR2 FB-Dimm memory. With the 8 slots, even the inexpensive 2gb modules get it to 16gb. And they actually have 2x 16x Gen2 PCIe slots and 2x 6 Pin PCIe power connectors on the factory PSU (850w, high efficiency... meaning it's not gonna blow up if you make use of it).Oh yeah: They're about the size of a typical ATX PC.For reference: 2x x5450 Xeons would roughly perform like a FX-8130 or FX-8300 or a Ryzen 3 1300X in most cases, altough I'd expect the R3 to be superior in Games due to the higher IPC, something the FX were quite bad at.In General, I think you shouldn't go much below 3ghz when using server hardware.I'd also say it's reasonable to assume people digging up old server hardware aren't in the market for anything above a 1060 6GB/RX580.

  • Jean Roch

    You never say "what could go wrong ?" : that's how you invoke Murphy.

  • kellypaws

    'Anthony and I.' Sir, I salute you embracing proper english. So nice to hear.

  • FoxAndRoses

    Do you still have that board? Lol

  • bob jones

    it would mine XMR pretty well, around 2800H

  • Shawn Wiggins

    I wonder if this would be a good plex nachine?

  • Aditya Kale

    1:54 They actually search for "Honkin huge motherboard"!! LOL!

  • Red Rabbit Slayers

    should have overclocked it

  • The CheapPC

    So what if i do gaming and Blender? Just get a gaming pc huh?

  • Epic Salt

    It's Bueller's Day Off

  • homen123456

    a question I know this was done formerly more I want to know could put two cpus processor soldiers in the same place or under it or take out and cut from another motherboard the place to put in the processor and put back on the other motherboard and then connect two processor at the same time on the same

  • toby1248

    Put 256GB of RAM in this thing and it would CRUSH AfterEffects


    Linus please add russian voice.would be cool. )

  • el rancio 60 es bacan

    I offer 50 bucks, no seriously I really need one of them

  • Horizon Games

    W H A T C A N G O W R O N G ?

  • Michael

    The GPU itself is $650

  • Ronnoc Rellim

    But can it run crysis?

  • Recycle Bin

    stop breathing helium

  • Krystian Lewandowski

    I understand using the same benchmarking software gives comparable results but could you please test such setup using GCC/LLVM and/or Linux kernel or AOSP build times? Is it worth it as a build machine (so I don't need beefy desktop or maybe I could even just stick to a laptop with high speed ethernet)?

  • Ronnoc Rellim

    But can it run crysis?

  • me not u

    in some old skool games u used to have a server computer that didnt require high gfx. would this cpu work there?

  • Sans

    lol if i had the money i would buy it and build a badass server. :-) also with rgb!

  • mkmkmk

    U shud of added a value for money $650 build on the graph

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