NVIDIA GTS 250 1GB - How well does it hold up in 2017?

Bench System Specs:

Intel 2600K @ 4.0Ghz
Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3
8GB Gskill 1600Mz DDR3

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All gameplay footage was recorded with an external capture device at 1080p/30fps.
  • Josh M

    I dont have a lot of money to get a graphic card, and i think this would be good enough for the games i play, i mostly play csgo btw

  • LanIost

    30fps with Skyrim on minimum? That's.. just not true. One of my fans died in my R9 270 so I popped back in my old GTS 250. I can easily get 60fps in Skyrim WITH the texture pack upgrade as long as I make sure the object and actor faders are pretty low. I think that is probably more due to my i3 than the card though. Even in this you show your card no lower than like 48fps, for like one sec. and the rest of the time its in the mid-50s. edit: oh, i guess you said medium settings not minimum.

  • Yeah Right

    it hold s up great imo.. given the age and the fact you can get this wonderful card for 20 bucks average secondhand but in good condition.. the only downside is it's limited to dx10.. but non the less it's such a great video card

  • Manuel Esaa

    1st time that i finally see someone trying gpu's with path of exile!

  • Nathan Brindle

    Haha, cool I have the 512mb Forsa version in a box as spare for my 775 rig.


    What About a 9800 GT?

  • Draven The Glorious Executioner

    I think i just found my new favourite channel for pc talk / benchmarksWell dam u deserve more subs

  • Crimson Ghost

    I have a 2gig variant of this card.

  • AkkuPixel

    I have gts 250 now im upgrading to gtx 760

  • Alergic Energic

    Skyrim worked to me at 40 fps + in high graphics ( some disabled fings)

  • Nudgy

    how good would minecraft and xsplit recording be?

  • Obie327

    I had an EVGA 250 1 gig that overclocked over 800 mhz. Most refined fastest version and it had a max amount ram for its time. My neighbor across the street still uses it bolted to P45 chipset and Intel core two duo E8600 and 4 gigs of ddr2 ram. Those were some fun times ten years back.

  • Pi2z

    I'm buying this, from what I see here it's much better than intel graphics and i found one for only 30$

  • some trash

    Would it work on a Dell Vostro 220s? I bought one for 12 dollars today.EDIT: It is the 1gb version.

  • Black Hazard

    Dude You're so underrated

  • 〇从G_ι下'ѕ_尺Y乙ЄNヅ

    Gts 250 no dx11 feik :)

  • Objectified Cross

    DX 10.1 is a non-issue though. Since no Nvidia cards supported it. Most developers didn't bother. So it was basically a thing exclusive to ATI.

  • Dominic Amadeus

    When I first seriously started getting into pc gaming, I was given a full pc with a core2duo and a gts 250, however, it was only the 512mb deep green version :( still, I've come a long way thanks to that start.

  • Xander Loatman

    Will the Skyrim still work with the special edition?

  • BigNigSwig

    There was such a twang when you said "55 Nanometer gpu"

  • Ellen Baker

    gts2502.5ghz quad core3gb ramI can run l4d2 very well1080p 60fps high optionIf fps drops: 50-45fps

  • Juicy Fanta

    I have two gts 250(512mb) would it run gta 5?

  • RalphJason Chichoco

    hi, need help man, just wanna ask if an upgrade in ram will run gta v, i currently have i3, gts250 and just 2gb ram, i am wondering if a 8gb ram will do the job so i could atleast some latest games like witcher 3???

  • Hazelrey

    i like how you pair this with the 2600k, great video!

  • CyborgTechie

    Fuck these cards I’ve gone through 4 in my life. The die all fast and you can even flash it to a 9800gtx+ and get WAAYYYY better performance. The gts 250 was really just a downclocked sad excuse to release terribly built gpus

  • F2F Tech

    I misspoke at 5:05 - You can un-link and OC the Shaders in Afterburner with some series of graphics cards. Also, this card can handle GTA 5 at 720p very well. I meant to say 1080p, which hovers around 30fps. This was my first look back video, and it kinda sucks. Will redo it at some point.

  • Random Name

    I have GTS 250, I want to play Overwatch but it doesn't let me. I know my video card is old but is there a way to bypass it and play Overwatch? Maybe overclock it? I don't know how it works. I meet the requirements to play the game, the only thing that doesn't let me play it is because the video card is too old but it does meet the requirements to play the game.

  • Johnathan Waeton

    I have the identical card you showed in the video I got from my brother, but it sadly stopped working before I got to use it, since it was in storage for years before I got a hold of it. I hope to get it fixed one day tbh, just to get to use it.


    I'd rather buy a GT 730 GDDR5 over this

  • Koeras

    Not a bad card if you ask me. You can find it for 10 bucks on ebay.

  • Atomic Dounut

    how do u get so many fps in path of exile, i get like 35 fps on 1080p on 100% gpu usage so its not cpu problem

  • some trash

    Overwatch knocked off Paladins!

  • Tristan Zipp

    I used to have one of these, the 1GB version. Surprised how well it still performs today tbh. My setup was with an i5 650 and 2GB RAM. I had that machine for a while, I wanted to upgrade to a GTX 660 in 2012 but never got around to it. Kept the PC until I sold it and built a new one in 2016, with a GTX 1080 this time, which I believe is like a 2000% performance increase, upgrade of the century lol. Would've been nice if I'd kept it to test it out a little more nowadays.

  • Swift - Silver

    $149 for that isnt half bad, id pay about $15 for it in modern day

  • EastAngliaUK

    I was given 2 PCs today for free they do not boot but one had a PALIT NVIDIA GEFORCE GTS 250 GREEN 1GB in which is very nice. plus the other parts I can use such as HDD & case. also got 2 free 19 inch screens which go great no marks on them at all. my card even has HDMI to.

  • Drake God's Plan

    Can I run Fortnite on everything to the lowestSpecs:Intel Core 3.00Ghz, 1333 FSB - 6MB Cache - E84004GB Dual-Channel Memory 320GB SATA Hard DriveNvidia Geforce GTS 250 1GB DVI/VGA & HDMI Graphics CardCard ReaderWindows 10, 64 bit

  • Kara Mamba

    ive had AMD Radeon X1650 series now i have GeForce GTS 250 and im happy :)

  • Kerem Yıldız

    Nvidia geforce gts 250 4gb ramıntel core i3 3220 3.30ghzwindows 7 ultımate gta 5 how many fps?

  • Apokkz.io ™

    I buy one XFX GTS 250 1GB he gonna run like this?

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