Overview on Simplemining OS, Hashrates and Profitability of my 3 Mining Rigs Mining Zcash

Been sick the past 5 days so I figured what better way to kill time than to make another video. Again, apologies for the horseness in my voice as I recorded this while having the flu.

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  • Aries Nollan

    do you sell rig mining set sir dave?

  • Errol Pua

    Hi Dave, did you ever encounter issues with xorg.conf file on SMOS? Currently have a 9 nvidia cards setup and getting this error "cudagetdevicecount returned error 10 -> invalid device oridinal, No NVIDIA CUDA GPUs found". It's running fine on 4 cards though. Greatly appreciate if you can comment. More power to your channel!

  • Parikshit Bhujbal

    Cool Setup Dave!Can you help me with something please, i want to build a 19x gpu mining rig on the Asus b250 mobo with the p106-100 mining cards (all 19 of them).Will SMOS run 19x p106's?

  • Alberto Reyes

    hi i have 4 miners and want to set different wallets , how do you do that?

  • Jb Atilano

    nice video bro! if you dont mind, can i ask where did you get your huge fan cooler/exhaust?

  • Ruben Carlo Dimasacat

    Sir i havea gaming rig of 1060 6gb with g4600, with thermaltake 650w psu. If i add another 1060? Does my psu can handle it? For mining sir.

  • Ehsan Ag

    Isn't zclassic better to mine?

  • NewHorizon

    Good video. Learning a lot. Please keep up the great content! Thanks for helping a newbie.

  • Jason Hoss

    Have you ever had gpu has fallen off the bus errors? Just wondering I can't get my miner to run more than a couple hours without it crashing.

  • Samreen Ayesha

    hii i have 121050ti setup i am using simplemining os on my dashboard it is showing that only 10 gpu are mine 2 are not but all are running how to check which 2 one are not mining plz help me with this as i am new in this

  • Ivan Ruliff

    Hi.. nice video.. im from indonesia.. is there anyway i can contact you directly?

  • Shashivarun S M

    Hey Dave, thanks for sharing all info. We are facing one problem though, our RX580 rig is not getting listed on the simplemining.net, supposedly some issue related to IP address, DNS etc. Any ideas about this problem ??....thanks for the help man....

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