New Simple Mining OS Walkthrough

This was more of a run down than a review, as the last video sturd the pot. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it :)

Donations are much appreciated as they help me allocate more time to helping you!!

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Any questions just post them below I'll try to get to them.
  • laurenparkerva

    Trying to add second rig. I’m getting message “there is no screen attached to matching miner”. What does this mean and what is a fix? Using simple mining and windows.

  • Airbrushkid

    how do you overclock, turn fans speed up? I tried the overclock button link in the rig setting on simples website but it does nothing.

  • phatal808

    What if my 6 1080 ti's don't show up as multiple temperatures and speeds? I just see the highest temp and fan speed. If I hover over the temp it has pop up with the 6 temps and fan speeds. How do I get a view like yours? PS- I have these 1080 ti's in a tent like yours. Works great!

  • Trollvor - The CS:GO Idiot

    Whats your thoughts on running Nicehash on a farm og 10 rigs?

  • cydk731

    I don't have a dash board. How do I get one since they updated???

  • delvis11

    I've been using simpleminer off and on and I can't figure out how I'm getting paid. Where can I check how much coins I've mined and when they get sent to my wallet. What is the frequency of the payouts? Can't find anything on this.

  • Vue Vue

    Is Simple Mining for Linux or Windows?

  • Hamid Seyedi

    I have a great opinionIf you mine 0.1 ether per day or 3 ubiqs Just mine ether and convert that to ubiq same day and you will have 10 ubiqs why would you mine ether?

  • ds4081

    I love your videos, do you have any hints / links that could help setup a ETH-DCR miner using simplemining? I just bought 16 x RX580's and want to tweak them properly.

  • Adam Roach

    Why can't I get OCs to work on my 1070s using simplemining?

  • Rodrigo Oliva

    u can do undervolt in there? or must be in bios mod of each gpu? Thx!

  • prem prince

    can we do dual mining using smos?

  • Laszlo Selymes

    I use simpleminer RX 470 RIG i want say stabil and not need maintance so great . Ok have some problems but okay

  • Zuzana Rohacova

    In the video you say that the Bitcoin address is useless more research before making a video would be great and a full walk through explanation of dual mining and applicable addresses and configs for each coin and miner available in the OS would be way better than this video which shows nearly nothing in 10 mins...And the bitcoin address can be used with nicehash.Thanks for the effort.

  • CyberSkulls

    I'd have to agree about fixing the basic stuff before useless features are added. I would like to see the massive slow downs fixed which were introduced with the control panel update/refresh. It annoys the hell outta me that when clicking on the console button a lot of the times it will bring up the wrong console and you have to close it and click on it again. The disconnects from the website shouldn't happen. If it were free, then fine. But since he is charging us now, I expect to not have these issues.. ever..

  • laurenparkerva

    When new versions of claymore comes out, should I switch to the newest version of the one your mining on says “not recommended” anymore ? Do I need to restart the rigs if so?

  • CLS63 z

    what is the best software for mining?

  • Nadim Awan2

    my mining rig is not detecting the SSD. So I am looking at installing an OS onto a memory stick. How many free days do you get on SMOS to test?

  • Doom Slayer

    eh i have 2 rigs and its easy to run without paying someone.

  • Alexander Bien

    If i have to wait >20 seconds for the payment gateway to show up - im outta there. It's 2017 - nobody waits more than 3 seconds for anything. :(

  • Mark Vester

    I have watched several SMOS setup tutorials but I cant figure out how to adjust the config file for my settings. Can you point me in the right direction? Love your work.


    My simplemining crash after i use for a few hour, switch back to win7 64bit. more userfriendly and stable with same clock speed.

  • N3On

    I need some help. I cant decide if i want 2 lower wattage psus or one high wattage psu. Im going to have 5 gtx 1070s and i might add more later.

  • Tomisaburo R. Mizugawa

    The groups are IMHO the best thing they've added - if you have several rigs with different cards and only some of them do dual mining, you couldn't run them all in the same account, as they wouldn't work properly with the same config string.However a bigger problem seems to be looming now - Claymore stated at the release notes for the latest version of his miner that there will be no more Linux versions beyond 12, which means no Vega etc. - so this might be the end for SMOS, unless someone properly updates sgminer or some such ...

  • Venki Krish

    Hi, I'm  new to mining I just started using Simplemining OS for my first rig. But my rig is getting restarted in few mins once I power it. Can you help me? I'm using USB to boot 16GB 3.0, RX580 8gb 6 GPU, Asrock H110 BTC pro motherboard.

  • Max Ou

    I have a Rig with 6 x Asus GTX 1060 Dual 6GB. The new version of Simplemining just can't overclock, and I have saved the configuration but it has nothing changed. Do you know what's going on?

  • Bumblebee Studios

    hey thanks for the video. Do they support AMD mixed with NVIDIA cards in the new update? thanks in advance

  • mining vzla

    can you show us , how to do overclocking on a rx 570 AMD, if you can do it straight up on simplemining, would be great, thankss.

  • Derick Mcdanndy

    Can you please make a detailed video as to how to set up the wallet option and choose claymore thanks

  • Airbrushkid

    You mention that your rigs disconnect from simpemining. Did you ever think that he does that on purpose? It is one way to try to get people to buy his SimpleRigResetter!

  • Bill Gentry

    I just registered with SMOS last night and for whatever reason, I cannot modify any settings for OC'ing. My fan min won't move from 30, power watt = 6, target temp 75c...any time I try to change a setting I get, "error power limit". I'm just starting with a small rig (3 x 1070's), but I have 8 x 1080's for my next one. My core speeds only get to about 800mhz and my memory 3800. I've upgraded the motherboard bios, but couldn't figure out how to do gpu bios via linux. Any advice on these issues would be appreciated.

  • Frank Owen

    Can I ask for your opinion? do you think flypool is better rather than other pools such as suprnova?

  • le0leven

    Hey Angry Chicken, I really apreciate all your videos and dedication.I'm about to get my hands on 5 msi rx 580 and I wanted to ask you if you still think they are a good investment (as per cards than can perform for quite a few time).

  • richard lie

    hay i want to ask.1. if i use the simplemining with BTC wallet will it support it? i mining eth btw. will it auto convert or i still get ETH for payment2. if I use nicehash pool will it pay me with btc like nicehash or its still pay me with ETH (if i was mining ETH)3. and how i can see my profit each day or month?4. can simplemining support 13 GPU AMD on the same MB?5. which one i should download? there is 2 option on the RX OS, RX OS or RX OSDAGFIX?can someone help me? @Angry Chicken


    Thanks for the vids. My equipment is arriving this weekend so I'm looking forward to getting it set up and running. It's a small start but then the vendor put a limit on the cards I could get. I have gone over the setup of the hardware and software in my simple mind for a long time now and the only question I think I have is understanding the connection process with a pool. I believe I will come to appreciate simple OS for less hardware, OS and miner in one with easy monitoring. Am I understanding correctly that the bat file is already built into the software and all I have to do is cut and paste the script from the pool into the miner setup? It then just runs when the rig starts up? If I got it right, this thing should be a cake walk. Just gotta add some extra circuits to my service.

  • Crypto Kiefff

    Simplemining os is great. I think one of the best ways to run a mining operation at home. Ubuntu with ssh would work just as well also, but simplemining os makes it all super easy. Glad they did this update, I was pleased waking up the other day figuring out what the update actually was.

  • Nvidia 45acp

    How can I tell if I entered my address right and I will get paid?

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