ASRock Feature - Easy RAID Installer

ASRock will teach you how to use our Easy RAID installer. It can copy the RAID driver from a support CD to your USB storage device with just one simple click in UEFI setup.
Currently X79 Extreme11, Z77 Extreme11 and all of FM2 Motherboards support this function. We will let more Intel and AMD models support this function in the future.
  • djtitiparodies parodiste

    comment on fait pour le remettre a zero ordi "en usine" j'ai pas trouver je suis sur windows 7

  • E GameR 360

    how to repair "press f1 to continue " asrock h61m motherbord please

  • Jessie L.S.N.

    came for support, got entertainment, +1that nugget about not setting raid first was particularly helpful (solved my problem)would be nice to know if there is a preferred format for the usb, which is what I originally thought my problem was

  • bad

    Where do you find the raid drivers for 990fx??

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