Nanopool & MyEtherWallet quick setup guide

A brief run through of how to get started mining
  • Perchein

    I want to change my minimum payout so I have to use my passwordbut when I use it, i get notification about not using "/"What should I do?

  • Eliseo AFP

    nanopool ? Remember: to add your account to the database you should find at least one share ???

  • Vikas Gupta

    Thanks for your easy to understand tutorial.....

  • About Fortnite

    sir can you tell me once ive mined enough , then what to do? like how do I get paid for mining. I've almost mined 1 zcash. please tell

  • Hostis Gaming

    Setup you config doesnt work, i click on it nothing happens

  • vv maniac

    every time i start, the cmd start and then automatically off. am i miss something?

  • magdy reffat

    can i payout from nanopool to yobit

  • Dannier Navia

    what password are they reffering to when i want to change my minimum payout

  • What ever your name is

    will nanopool pay to my wallet automatically or not

  • R daddy

    Can you set up a different wallet for my rig? I'm not sure how to change it as it was set-up from the person who sold it to me...

  • elfilistrin

    HI, the option 3.- Generate your config for choose AMD / Nvidia does not appear in Monero


    Microphone whine is so annoying..."eeeee". Static.But solid tutorial though

  • Murat Belek

    hi ı start nanapool but ı have problems. cuda error-cannot allocate big buffer for dag. check readme.txt for possible solutions and gpu 0 , cuda error -11 - cannot write b uffer for dag pls help me ı cant start mining

  • Full House

    hi what is your email address ?

  • Bruce Chandler

    Once you're up and running do you need to update the mining software.

  • stef t

    Thanks for all the info, helped me a lot!!

  • wajahat ali

    can i use my blockchain eth wallet adrees with nanopool mining?

  • Luke AOD

    To change the payout interval enter your password. What am I missing? Where is that password suppose to have come from?

  • R daddy

    I will tip you ETH for the help

  • Ounce

    When do they payout?

  • MrSeydak1

    Do I need to download a DAG file, blockchain (or any other files) before mining or is that all handled through Nanopool?

  • Tyler Robinson

    What is that god forsaken high pitch sound in you video? I couldn't get all the way through it because of it.

  • Vlad Mihaylov

    Hi thereI am strugguling with a little problem hereeverything goes okey but when its time to mine it can't dettect my nvidia Plz Help

  • billy kibaki __ the jamaican

    hi can I use one wallet address is I have 2 rigs ?

  • David

    Is it possible to get any sort of payout in btc through nano pool?

  • Craftin The Super Sniper [Mk - 13]

    NANO MINER" A Cryptocurrency Miner For Nano " Step : Sign Up / Login Binance 👉 FUND > DEPOSIT > Select Coin> NANO > Copy Nano Deposit Adress Click 👉 Nano Wallet Adress > Click START MINING * Payouts Limited to Once Every 24hour

  • Fareeha Jasim

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