Avalon 6 Bitcoin Mining Hardware Setup

Setting up the hardware platform to mine bitcoins using an Avalon 6 with a 1,200 watt power supply and a Raspberry Pi controller
  • Caesar 1

    Please do a video with the software setup

  • Christopher Kieszek

    Am I able to connect the Avalon 6 through a standard 110V wall outlet?

  • abea

    can i mine different cryptcoins ? or it is only for bitcoins ?

  • Sebastian Enea

    does anyone know a legit site where I can you avalon 6? It is pretty expensive on Amazon and the other websites that I've found look like a fraud.


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  • Cache404

    I would consider using a different power supply. Something with a single 12V rail will perform better for mining.

  • joseph akakpo

    i watched your video and is was alsome, but i have a question does it mean that if am to order for this machine is that all i need to min 2ndly how possible to can i have it if i place an order how many days will it take for me to recieve it.



  • Donald Kohler

    This guy is not a Hardware Guru, where did they find him? Each 6 pin connector needs it's own cord for a total of four cords for the power draw.

  • Sayeem Nasir

    any one help me to setup whole thing! my skype: semAidan

  • Allen Johnson

    i dont believe how can i get bitcoins for free

  • brandon b

    what type of miner would be a good cheap one that is quite to put in my dorm room?

  • halil ibrahim işlek

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  • Ronald Jummie

    Geat video! Do you have more videos? Thanks

  • nguyen thanhtu 12

    how about SP20 Jackson setup

  • William Su

    Does the avalon 6 come with warrenty? And is it quiet enough to use in a small dorm room and still sleep?

  • Eli Rostina Gea

    Free mining bitcoin https://bitminer.io/840133

  • andytoutfou

    Hi there, small question what made you decide to go for an avalon 6 instead of an antminer S7?

  • 1 bitcoin ahajj

    17UR59A64FjVAMHALvPwE9xBryTPEKSrsbSend. 00001 btc


    Pls do the other thing with software and how to use and connect

  • Heinz Schumacher

    I need a watercooled Miner/Powersuply to heat my House with no Noise!


    Does anyone know What version of raspberry pic is he using on Avalon 6 and does it matter?

  • Brian Whitney

    Good job! Could you possibly create a software video?

  • TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity

    juu kind of skipped rioght over a crucial part, the jumping! u dixdntr SHOW at ALL what to jump!! which pinsa do i jam the paperclip into??? green wire??? u showed urself using the other sisde wtf very bad'CLEARLY SHOW WHICH WIRES TO JUMP dont just breeze over that wtf

  • Chang Sheng Store

    Visit bitmining.chang-s.com to purchase bitcoin mining equipments!

  • peter skrzyniarz

    Its a good miner. But the company is the issue. One page says 3 month warranty. another page says 2 year warranty. i bought 2 avalont 721 and one went out after 2 months. i contacted them about the warrant 3/15/2017. they asked for more info and i got back to them the same day. its now 3/21/2017 and i emailed them 2 more times and then requested an RMA (per their site info) and i have not heard back from them. I dont think they honor their warranty. stay away!!!

  • Cryptoboss

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  • catcat

    Is it the same setup for the avalon 7?


    hello I hope someone gives me answer litecoin mining like bitcoin mining and how can I find the different and which machine is the best for mining litecoin ?

  • J Tanashi

    Part 2? Software setup???

  • Harsh Gajankar

    How many bitcoins did you earn?? I mean is it profitable??? Thanx

  • ken444444

    To be honest, the whole video makes it look like you've never done this before. This video might be helpful for...my dad.

  • Chantel kennedy

    Hi. Where did you get the 4 pin to micro usb converter?

  • mr derp

    5:41 are you serious? Did you just plug it in with the power strip ON. Thats day 1 shit fam....Dont do that.....

  • High Pilots Company

    show the software i want to make my own miner

  • lonnie adamson

    bitcoin miner you didn't finish the video my friend how much would the mining hardware cost?

  • MiraiSports

    Can you give us a tutorial on how to setup the firmware on the ras pi? Wheres part 2?

  • Sylvie Eymin

    What is your rentablity in Bitcoin a day per miner Avalon 6, please?Thanks

  • Pidols

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  • ChumpyChicken2

    He didn’t get a modular power supply. Miners are morons.

  • Asian Raptor

    What is your total profit per month

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