Fastest Asic Litecoin Miner - $150 per day profit

Overclocking mode
Voltage 828 mV
Speed 1224 Mhz

Go to to purchase your asic and use promo code: VAZ5 to get your 5% OFF
  • Phatec

    Why not just buy 2x 1080 ti in a cheap rig for $2000 USD? Our can run each card at 2000 MHz, And a lot higher h/s.

  • Indian Affairs

    anyone can show fake in that browser by right click and inspect element and editing it

  • Jason Matthews

    Glad you're still in the game. You should post more videos.

  • metehan öz

    so when your order it you get 2 units with 280mh/s each?


    is this Good n possible ?

  • XLouisGamerX

    The highest you can go with this is around 15$ a day....stop lying

  • king binary

    Guys I swear I just got free $3156_real money from this_amazing website>>>> Try once.

  • SKY

    How many lite coins you mine a day? Also the lite coins you mine can you transfer them to your Coinbase account or anything to transfer into money?

  • Kanon Chan

    $150 per day is extreme bullshit, you probably a affiliate with the product.better use extreme bullshit number as click bait title.

  • jjsrt8

    damn things louder than my ex gf

  • sil2222

    A big LIE this miner does max 300 mhs $15 to $20 a day. This video is BS. I wish it was $150.00

  • The Admiral

    how would I mine for RIPPLE?

  • MazdeN

    zoomhash is not available service ?

  • Abraham Amado

    You keep the litecoin in your litecoin wallet? Where does the coin go or you just find it for someone else to use ?

  • William Su

    how do they have 14nm but only 280mh/s???

  • John Doe

    excelent fire hazzard kudosand you be going deaf in 6 months three too go jeez m8

  • zagashow

    Russia electricity 10 times cheaper then USA and Cold Climate which NO need extra cost keep system cool . Just need 100 of those may be 200 then will be In business . %80 Bitcoin mining has been at china there Computer cheap energy I do not think that cheap as Russia .

  • Mahmut Hürkan Çelikkanat

    Zuhahaha funny lies. :)

  • Francisco R

    Is that with one miner or both?

  • Uky Rabbany

    Can you help me. I need coin litecoin. This is my litecoet wallet addressLgZa6qe1vKktkGo8hiqHc1Pj8YZkj2j71J

  • Rain Bitcoins

    How do you figure 150 bucks a day??? Not even close, more like 15 bucks a day

  • Came 4 the Cookies

    Want litecoin but don't want to invest? Cloud mine free litecoin today!https://ltcminer. io/371787

  • aquaphazed


  • CoinQuests

    $13/day profit now with current difficulty.

  • Bills

    $150 a day is for litecoin as bitcoin difficulty is high and not worth mining even with a S9

  • Dragzilla 66

    This doesn't exist for litecoin, only bitcoin it does!

  • Ian Rasmussen


  • Roberto Costantini for the bonus here ;)

  • BTCHispano Investments

    Como te va a dar 150$ dia si el antminer l3+ de 500 mhs da 35$.

  • Adam Henry

    WHAT?!?!?! CAN'T HEAR U!!! STOP THE JET ENGINE! P.S this video is BS.

  • Kevin Houng

    At 250 MHs each, how many litecoin did you yield per day (from 5/10 - 5/18) ?

  • An On

    how i can buy antminer l3+ ? i want buy one of this but i cant trust to any Shopping website and have warrenty . you know trustable website for buy?

  • Peter J Malandrinos

    Can you send me a link for these

  • John Will

    why small miners post then end up missing in a few months do they waste there energy and time and money mining?

  • Peter J Malandrinos

    Question the very first day when I buy these and set them up why be making $150 the moment I turn them on or will take a couple days for that number to start strikin

  • Shaik Shaik

    Hi Vaz Avakyan,Is it safe to to depot the USD to the BitMain bank account , they gave me the below bank name , but when check the bank locations in china dromnSC bank website I did not see it Can you please help me to verify if you have deposited the same account Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited Shenzhen Branch21F, TESBURY CENTRE, 28 Queen's Road East,Wan Chai, Hong Kong000000501511168204BITMAIN TECHNOLOGIES LIMIT

  • willd3rbeast

    forget a decimal place?

  • Necrion

    Cant hear wtf you're saying dawg

  • Rodolfo Montoya

    Este cuate hizo mal sus calculos deberias de verificarlos porque no sacas 150 diarios en.dolares

  • RainbowKid

    Good to see you back

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