ASRock RGB LED B350 X370 AM4 Ryzen Software Functionality

A quick look at ASRock's RGB LED motherboard software for the Wraith Spire cooler and other RGB LED strips and products.
  • zoudain

    Would you be able to control other RGB utilities (PSU, case fan) with this as well?

  • Karlsson

    does this work for an asrock b85m motherboard

  • Johniton Ramjit

    Will the software work on the asrock b350 pro 4 atx motherboard????

  • A. K.

    Nice vid but i was concidering buying phanteks rgb combo led strip which doesnt come without the hue+. Can asrock rgb header control both strips?

  • Ethan

    download link??? pls

  • James Linden

    I have the Pro4 board with 2400g, will the rgb strip header control a 5050 multicolor led strip? Thanks! Liked and Subbed.

  • Thomas Wellington

    Thanks for showing this off. What brand of strips are you using? Which brands are compatible with the software?

  • The Danger

    Hey man, i have geil evo x rgb ram, can i control the led through my asrock ab350 mobo too?

  • Stanley Scalf

    This software SUUUUUUCKS as many update versions as they have put out and I STILL GET FFFFFFFFF bug and "Access violation at address 00419B8F in module 'AsrRgbLed.exe'. Read of address 00000000."

  • M Argus Chopin Gyver

    Hello. Can that asrock rgb led software can control rgb on corsair vengeance rgb ram ?

  • Christian Herdy

    Why it said " This utility is not for this platform" i'm using wraith spire fan but why it doesn't work?

  • Darko Pandza

    can you control RGB LED fans with that second conector or is it only for RGB strips??????

  • Max Lu

    does it work for msi?

  • IncertusetNescio

    Thanks for telling me what the software was actually called (should have been super obvious, but the others sure aren't). Got it and now want more LEDs. :D

  • Kevin Naufal

    i have ryzen 7 2700 with wraith spire rgb but the color dont change accurately do you have suggestion for that?

  • Kcube989

    Is it possible to use the RGB Fan header for other RGB fans other than the AMD cooler? And maybe use something like an ID-Cooling RGB splitter to connect multiple RGB fans?

  • Syakir Zurpan

    Hi I wanna ask about AMD FAN LED Header. is it works as same function as RGB HEADER? . Can I attach RGB Fan or LED Strip to it?

  • saul glez

    The software work in the ab350m pro 4 the mini atx versión??? :)

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