ASRock AB350 B350 Pro4 AM4 Motherboard BIOS Overview- Sorry I'm Sick :/

I apologize ahead of time for my voice and video prep, been sick with a sore throat :/

This is a overview of the BIOS v1.50 for the ASRock AB350 Pro4 motherboard for the Ryzen platform

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  • SinFul

    Русские, вы со мной?)

  • alt411

    Thank you for the nice overview of the Bios...everything else is all good but one thing I just want to point out is offense but pls stop saying umm ever few hard feelings, keep up the good work.

  • British Gamer

    I need help the mobo won’t recognise my hard drive (SATA) pls tell me how to


    can't you make a video just on the build and how you did it because I see you sprayed stuff

  • Greasy

    hey can I ask how you got the bios version v1.5? I can't find it on the website

  • ctex info

    After the update, the screen turns black and no image appears. How can I recover the BIOS

  • Kre8tive

    Keep us updated on the ram you used, and the ram coming later. I think this board will work for what I want to do and availability of this board has been relatively good. Thanks for all of your videos about this!!!

  • Pleytos

    Why didn't you show all options? AMD CBS an AMD PBS? Could you maybe show or tell me if you see anything about an ECC option? Is it there? Because Asrocks website promises ECC support. Thank you!

  • Ezequiel Caste

    is this compatible with the ab350M version?

  • best-call-of-duty

    Can u do a video on how to overclock my CPU motherboard version version P3.00

  • Jay Pacamarra

    Why do we need to flash bios? How do you do it?

  • Paul Martinez

    How did u install windows?

  • Gadget Gallery

    Can I use it with a R7 1700??? And OC it with the stock cooler??? And are there any problems??? MSI B350M gaming pro is better or this??? Please help...

  • asdf fdsa

    When I connect a Wi-Fi adapter via usb the pc will not read it. anyone know why?

  • Absoleet

    What sort of temps did you get on the VRMs? Does it run hot at stock with 8 cores on the vrms?


    Hey man! Great vid and this was really helpful, was planning on this motherboard for my brother's send away gift. By the way, you can use Audacity to remove the background noise to make the Audio more clearer for your vids, a lot of people would love that :) Just subbed !

  • w00tkid

    Who bought this and then returned it and bought a better one?

  • Thomas Campbell

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  • matt orr

    Hey I have a question for you. I just got this mobo and I can't figure out how to flash it. There's no flash option in bios and asrock says press f6 and that doesn't work either :/

  • Nico Blier

    Can you disable the front usb 3.0 ports from the BIOS?

  • aunumero73

    Hi Guy ! How to check AHCI mode is active ? Tnx

  • Nutrollio Nutz

    I'm about to buy this in 2018, will it work out of the box with a Ryzen 5 1600 without a bios update? TY.

  • Volodymyr Maksymiv

    Hey guys!I tried to flash via windows and that was my miss. Now, It doesn't work. Can anybody say how to repair bios on that motherboard? there is bios_ph connector how I can use it?

  • Sara Novak

    Hello, could you help me enable my M.2 driver on this board?

  • dg103

    PLEASE HELP. I'm having problems with the motherboard hdmi port. I am trying to use multiple monitors using the graphics card and motherboard hdmi ports. But for some reason I don't get a display from the motherboards port. I though I would need to enable the on board graphics in the BIOS but was not able to find/figure it out. Plz help

  • Tostada Jones

    my ram only shows 2100 something in bios but its 3000 do i need to update it so it can use the actual speed?

  • yuriy yakimov

    I have a Asrock Ab350 fatality k4 gaming, which the bios is kinda the same than b350 pro4The thing is can you do a deep-deep video about Tweakings the bios? Mostly the options that appear in the Advanced Section?LIKE:Avanced/AMD/CBSDDR4 Settings:Zen Common OptionsDF Common OptionsUMC Common Options NBIO Common OptionsFCH Common OptionsPromontory Common Options , etc,etc. That would put you maybe in first place, because no one has made a deep video of how to tweaks those settings in AMD advance CBS because even if most of that settings are put in AUTO, when you disable or enable it makes a huge, huge difference when playing or just by using your pc n.n

  • Thomas Campbell

    does anyone know how to place the color coded front side of this motherboard connections from the mid tower color of the HDD, power reset because the mid tower did not have a booklet for this so I can add these wires from the mid tower to the motherboard thanks if you can help me out here.

  • Danny Salleh

    Why i cannot use mouse and keyboard on firat time boot up with this mobo

  • Barron Joshua Volante

    you just made me more confused

  • Kevin Anderson

    I have the same board running on P1.40 and I can't find where to adjust the cpu voltage. Do I have to update the board to P1.50?

  • Alex Gayon

    Hi i want that mobo but don't see any video that showing to OC any ryzen with stock voltage to 3.7Ghz. I See someone do it with MSI b350 pro VDH it's so simple he just put on multiplier 37 hit enter and then save, So easy. Can you show us also with the Very Simple OC that everyone can attain without having trouble with crazy stuff volt adjusting. Anyway i'm so interested on that because the ashrock is more feature than MSI so many people will learn on it and take the advantage of OC.

  • Aktiv Grotesk

    i have this mobo with ryzen 5 1600 and g.skill ddr4 3200. i overclock it to 3.8 and my ram to 2933 (because the default is 2133). my psu is corsair vs450, is it safe or fine for what i did? thank you! :)

  • William Gabbert

    3.1 means nothing ..unless 3.1 gen2. However a pcie add in card is only a few dollars ..when you need it down the line.But what do they think we want USB 2.0 for?

  • Matt McGregor

    New 2.2 version was released two days ago; if anyone is checking back. This mostly changed the way in which some values (clocks and multipliers) are entered; drop downs removed. 1.5 was actually a broken version :)The 3.1 controller is there, yes, because it is part of the chipset. However, non of the ports are wired to it, so no USB 3.1! Another oddity ... technically, B350 also does not support CF since most boards support the second x16 length x4 wired slot (PCIe slot 4) as PCIe 2.0 off the chipset. This board, however, shares CPU lanes for SSD with the m.2 slot 1 and PCIe slot 4. Only one can be used, so If both are used, slot 4 is disabled. This allows slightly gimped CF (x16/x4) since slot 4 run PCIe 3.0 @x4. This is a weird board, which is why I like it. I over clocks well for a limited price and power phases. It just works, but does have memory support limitations.

  • rblyle382

    where is the setting for virtualization?

  • Adrian Ronald Sehat

    wow you skipped manual cpu frequency and voltage change.. does this board have manual multiplier control?

  • goten259

    I wish it would let me clock my 3000mhz ram to its stock frequency... Do u think they'll enable frequencys passed 2667 in a future bios?

  • Sachari

    Gonna pair this with my 1600x in about a month :). Nice overview!

  • Pow Bam Zing

    Great videos man! Have you thought about perhaps getting OBS for recording your screen tutorials and shots? Works a heck of a lot better than pointing a camera. :)

  • Matt McGregor

    As more information ... SpeedFan works great on this board. Only 2 of the 4 fan ports are voltage contolable. All respond to PWM. There are also BIOS presets and customization for all fans as well. There is a M (micro) version of this board ; AB350M Pro4. Don't confuse if you wanted one or the other. There is only one USB 3.0 internal connector and two 2.0 connectors. The board has two LED 4 pin connectors. No white fifth pin. Only 12v+R+G+B. Only has one set of drilled holes for CPU mounting, so it supports the old clip on AMD mount or the new AM4 mount. Heatsinks on both left and top VRMs are very tall. The top sink, depending on case installation, can impede fans mounted to a top mounted radiator. You need a lot of clearance. Two cases failed for me because of this; well one of cases had a reasonable front mount solution that I had to use instead. Four of the SATA ports (horizontal plugs) are raidable and two additional (vertical plugs) are on a different controller and not available to raid. I have not yet done performance benchmarks on each to see if there are differences. Two m.2 ports are present, but one is NVMe x4 (CPU direct lanes) and one is chipset bound and shares bandwidth with SATA ports; if might disable a SATA port if installed. As mentioned in other comment, PICe 4 x16 length slot shares its x4 CPU direct lane bandwidth with the NVMe SSD slot. If SSD is inserted, the 4th PCIe slot is disabled. But, this does allow PCIe 3.0 and crossfire through that PCIe slot; x16/x4 which actually does work and provides up to about 85% gains.

  • patria dewantara

    thxs for your review bro, I considering to buy right now 😀

  • Adrian Koniarz

    can you over clock on this?

  • Georg

    Hi there,is it possible to turn off your fans until a certain temperature is exceeded?

  • histatimaniples

    Where are you from? Your pronunciation of words is off...

  • w00tkid

    My BIOS doesn't show the option to change the DRAM frequency - I have the same exact mobo

  • Thomas Campbell

    Hay dude go buy anyone that got a cold buy colloidial silver at ultrasilver dot com this stuff works !!!

  • Frog Ray

    ummm ummm   we didn't hear ummm enough ummm


    Apparently I dont have the " AMD PBS" folder at 15:32 . Please Help!! I cannot change my display!

  • Seth Kidd

    can you help me when i wentto the uefi tools section the flash utility isn't there anyone know jow to fix it?

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