How To Protect And Profit From Upcoming Bitcoin BIP 148 Fork with Trace Mayer of Bitcoin Knowledge

Jeff interviews crypto-expert, Trace Mayer, in a TDV subscriber first release interview, topics include: BTC segwit adoption, user activated BIP148 softfork to force segwit, BIP 148 coming ready or not, bitcoin scalability, the risks of forking the blockchain, community power, the true value of miners, securing your bitcoin through the upcoming fork, big BTC losses through poor security technique, don't mix politics with investment, high transaction fees could be about to change, an examination of certain 'altcoins', and a hot tip on an altcoin with huge upside potential yet to take off.

Trace Mayer's Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast website:

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A beginner's guide to BIP 148 and a user activated softfork:

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  • phartsdust

    Mania is here denizens. Trace is a cheerleader for the mania. This is a hockey stick which you might have to pull out of your butt.

  • Rash Bihari Ray

    should i transfer my btc to paper wallet and wait for this aug 1 pass?

  • Reffo News

    "Oy vey, there's a storm coming, goy. You can lose your BTC. Give me your BTC for safekeeping, goy"

  • KLWN.

    is this BIP148 Fork only Bitcoin related or are other AltCoins affected too, like ETH or LTC ?

  • adrian peirson

    Does this mean that we as individuals could start running nodes to give us greater numbers. And should that be something we the users ought to be pushing. We users would have greater numbers.

  • endtimenews

    Cryptos are an easier market to rig and control, given their smaller circulation compared to stocks circulation or outstanding shares. For a few big traders could simply tag-team buy Bitcoin or whatever Crypto up to their certain price point up. This creates a buying frenzy by others; then, they quickly dump them to make a fast profit. Then, they repeat their rigging and manipulation, which is easier to do with the Cryptos having the smallest circulation. Deceived people believe Cryptos are not manipulated and rigged; such are so wrong, as they never stopped to think about what they blindly believe, without first analyzing it, per above. Also, pumpers like this pump to dump their ICO/Crypto holdings to listeners on YouTube and elsewhere.

  • Crypto Rosin

    If your confused, Read this! also has great dates!

  • Daniel Pohl

    Amazing quality content! Thank you for all your hard work.

  • samljer

    The nerds are laughing and fighting over the protocolbut its shit like this that will prevent a digital coin from every being a primary currency.I dont care what anyone says, as long as there can be a fork, people will have trust issues.The company my friends uncle worked for, has now stopped taking it altogether and claims they never will again.and looking around online, not isolated incident.good job nerd assholes.(not talking to the guys in the video by the way, but to the idiots causing this split)

  • denim Alexia

    please donate a few satoshis at 1Kq2nHDj6qG35QdMjxADkFDJn4CpJEr6Ue

  • christian eifert

    3%Rabatt :BI9hAx

  • Dominic Biron

    Glad I discovered your channel. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

  • Jarne Liagre

    Did anyone understand the name of the site with the 90 step guide of handling you private keys properly? It is mentioned at 1:00:51. I just don't know how to spell it :p

  • Bradley Tobias

    I really enjoy your analogies. Trace Mayer obviously is a seasoned veteran and you can tell simply on his explanations and analogies. To date, best video I've heard so far. This guy speaks corporate talk. Thank you both for the video.

  • Christian

    so if i use normal wallets like exodus or electrum, im safe for any fork?

  • Ricky Brown

    thus, a hardwallet. probably out of stock at the moment

  • StarCash Global Digital Currency

    Great broadcast Jeff, thanks.

  • Joshua Petty

    this blog post will help you understand the recent bitcoin hardfork :)

  • Yusri Hanif

    what fork is he talking about?

  • Bkz81

    Put everything into dogecoin! lol


    Bit coin is a trade on - speculations much better than , present day Banking system but both are fooling Humanity . only method is to change to "Moral" means of business, in support of "Man kind ".Business means , exchange of ones needs , for acceptable profit.Trade means - selling for low amount , to impress people , but actually to "KILL" , those who are in service to people by doing business . Then after killing , suck out all that were let to lose , as a " Monopoly. ( BRITISH METHOD ).

  • Kevin Persad

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  • Chris Maxwell

    Worst case scenario: We have a permanent Fork which is no different than one company splitting into two companies in which you have stock in both. It is not necessarily a bad thing, it could be a good thing. Often one of the smartest things a company can do is create its own competition or specialize to fill different needs. Our understanding of Forking (harm verses benefit) may change over time. It is possible that forking becomes the norm and a more desired outcome.

  • Robbie Velasquez

    So what do I do to take advantage of this fork if I am just starting out now. I have no bitcoins or altcoins. Should I wait till after the fork and pick a side, how are prices going to be? Is it easier to jump in during the storm for profit or wait till after the calm and be in the same boat?

  • Anyeel Dulal

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  • Dan Mac

    What's with his teeth??

  • John d

    Hardfork = Hackers Paradise

  • Adam Goldstein

    At 11:48 I think he mispoke. Changing from 1mb to 2mb is a soft fork just like a changing 1mb to 500 mb. A hardfork is getting rid of a rule all together, not altering it. Please correct me if I am wrong

  • Tara Peery

    Trading cryptocurrencies without a strategy is gambling. FIRST MILLION ROAD always provide me right time signal to buy or sell. It's a great program for newbie trader. Also there is good option for trading.

  • Tuventure

  • Louis Paquette

    Keys? Hard forks? Soft forks? This is all greek to me and will keep the average person away from cyber-currency. I was beginning to think BTC was a superior currency to gold and silver. But with all this talk of how the "fork" will render all our current BTC worthless is a big turn off.

  • Richard Todia

    Emergency!!! All criticism of Segwit being censored bigtime. Watching great technical presentation on youtube yesterday... the video was removed before I could even finish watching it. Forces are trying to destroy Bitcoin and cryptos. We will see attack... crash... lost faith... possibly even a call for serious "regulation"... all bad is on the horizon. The extent of the censorship is very telling. Must counter is with grassroots effort = warn people = comment, comment, comment.

  • Anand Sivadasan

    Do we need secure private keys for bitcoin or also the altcoins during the hardfork?

  • Jason Crossfield

    PIVX rewards all users with PoS rather than DASH PoW which only rewards the masternode holders (hence the initial fork of PIVX from DASH). Its like holding your money in a bank that gives no interest (DASH) over one that gives you interest (PIVX). Along with other increased privacy integration, dynamic block sizing, community governance all on the road map, it has many advantages over DASH that will come to light eventually.

  • Alwin Maxwell

    Bitcoin is obsolete due to low scalability and fees.IOTA is the future - unlimited scalability and no fees at all.

  • James Hernandez

    The fork will come but rather than hesitating to buy, I buy mine monthly.Small amounts through P2P marketplaces like Paxful until I get to 1 whole BTC.Slowly but surely.Nothing good will come from worrying. Just buy and hope for the best ;D

  • Paul Hallelujah

    Looking for developers for new #bitcoin #fork #bitcoinAlpha (link:

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